Billy Brake 3rd Place YCS San Mateo - Trigon Dragons Explained

Hello Yugioh Community! I am back from YCS San Mateo where I finished in 3rd placed yet again! I did not get that elusive third title, but this was my 9th time making it to the top 4 or better out of my 16 major event tops. At least once I get into single elimination portion of the event I manage to do pretty well and one day hopefully this will result in a few more wins! I took a version of Trigon-Dragon Rulers almost all the way to the top this past weekend, being eliminated just short by the Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! The first ever ARG Circuit Series took place this past weekend in Ft. Worth, Texas and I want to give a big congratulation to Patrick Hoban for taking it down. He has just been on fire lately, is he ever going to be able to be stopped? Sadly, I was not able to take home the first place prize, but I still managed to make the top 16 cut losing out to my teammate Frazier Smith in the first round of the top cut Sunday morning. Frazier and the eventual winner Hoban ended up being my only Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! The first ever ARG Circuit Series event is only about a week away taking place in my very own backyard in Fort Worth, Texas! In preparation for this awesome tournament I have been testing out many different decks trying to find the one that I enjoy using the most while giving me the best chance of taking the title home as the first ever ARG Circuit Series champion. Since this is such an exciting time I wanted to do something special in this upcoming week to kick off the start of something potentially huge for this game. Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! The North American World Championship Qualifier, NAWCQ for short, is now only a couple of weeks away! This is arguably the most important tournament of the year if you live in the USA or Canada, but its results are even highly anticipated by the rest of the world.  Since this event is so important you can bet duelist from all over these two countries have been working hard to make sure they have an edge on the competition and hopefully yield positive results. A way to prepare mentally for an event of this magnitude is to break Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! Ever since the release of the ever powerful [ccProd]Rescue Rabbit[/ccProd], it seems there has always been an explosive and powerful deck that is designed to stop your opponent from being able to do anything. It started with Macro-Rabbit, but now that the game has evolved we now have Evilswarms who also utilize our furry little friend. Evilswarms utilize [ccProd]Evilswarm Ophion[/ccProd] to make it to where the arguably most popular deck right now, Dragon Rulers, can do nothing. This week I wanted to try and assist all of the Dragon Ruler duelists out there on different ways to defeat Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy has been released and the game of Yugioh that we all know has been completely changed. Over the past few months Mermails have been dominating the competitive scene, but now their unrivaled power has been challenged. We are now entering the last month and a half until the biggest tournament of the year for North America, the North American World Championship Qualifier, or Nationals as many duelists tend to call it. We now have most of the card pool that will be legal for this event so it is important to assess Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! This weekend is going to be quite an important one for this game that we all love to play; it is the sneak preview for Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy! This set is definitely a game changer thanks to all of the powerful cards that are about to be released. Today, I want to take a look at some of my favorite cards, which may not be the best, but certainly have a decent amount of potential to be viable. Keep in mind, just because a card won’t see play immediately, doesn’t mean that somewhere down the Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! With the release of the new set Lord of The Tachyon Galaxy only a few weeks away, that means it is time to look at how this set will impact everyone’s favorite deck: Mermails! While a lot of the hype about the new set is mainly focused on the new Spellcaster support and the brand new Elemental Dragons, there are actually a few cards that have caught my eye that I feel can make the already most dominate deck we have seen in this game in awhile even stronger! It may seem unfair if this top tier Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! The release of Hidden Arsenal 7 is just around the corner and I have bombarded with the same question for the past month, “How are Mermails going to deal with Evilswarms when they are released?” and I am proud to announce I will finally answer this question today! As of right now Mermails have proven to be the most popular and dominating deck in the Yugi-Meta, but most duelist feel that the tides are going to turn once Evilswam Ophion comes around. While I may not cover all of the bases, I will do my best to Read more

Hello Yugioh Community! If you have been playing Yugioh recently then chances are you have been up against the ever popular Mermail deck. While it has been my deck of choice ever since the sneak preview of Abyss Rising the deck just isn’t for everyone, whether it may be too complicated to play correctly round after round or maybe the overall cost of the deck is way too high, the result is the same: You just don’t want to use Mermails. Since it is the most popular and arguably the best deck of the format however, if you aren’t running Read more