Top Tech for Battlin' Boxers

Hey YuGiOh Community! Chad here once again with yet another article about the Battlin’ Boxer archetype. Over the last month or so, I’ve given you an introduction to the Battlin’ Boxers and I’ve covered all of the new support announced for the Battlin’ Boxers up to Shadow Specters. My topic of this article, as you can see by the tittle, is different tech cards you can put into the deck right now since we don’t have shadow specters yet. To be honest, even if we had the new support I think I really wouldn’t even use the new stuff. Anyways, Read more

Hey Yugioh Community! Chad here, again with another Battlin’ Boxer article. Last time, I covered what the archetype is meant to do and how they do it, and at the end, I briefly mentioned that they were getting more support in the upcoming set Shadow Specters. Well, that’s the topic for this article….the  new support. Anyways, let’s just begin with the effect monsters. First up, to the left, is Battlin’ Boxer Leverage Gardna. Because his text is in Japanese, here is this guys stats and effect: Level 3 Fire Warrior/Effect 100 Attack and 1400 defense During either player’s turn: You Read more

Hey duelists! Chad here, you might not remember me, but I wrote a few articles about cardfight vanguard, well this time I’m writing about one of my favorite new archetypes in yugioh – the battlin’ boxers.  The Battlin’ Boxers, or Burning Knucklers as they are called in the ocg, are a new archetype that premiered in Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy, and are probably one of the most overlooked archetypes of the set. Now you might be wondering why they are so overlooked.The answer is quite simple – the majority of the archetype is common with the xyz monsters being Read more

What’s up, Card fighters? You may not remember me, but many name is Chad. I wrote an article for the contest a month or so ago. Today I wanted to discuss a new deck I picked up fairly recently, the Great Nature clan. Now as many people know (or don’t know), there are a few different variants such as The Guardian of Truth, Lox variant which focuses on the ride chain. Also, there is the Leo-Pald variant which focuses on getting out School Hunter, Leo-Pald as fast as possible and using his skill and limit break. So without further adieu, let’s begin with the variant that Read more

What’s up Cardfighters? I’m Chad and this will be my first article. I’ve been playing Cardfight Vanguard for about 6 months now and I have to say, my favorite clan thus far into the game is the Nova Grapplers by far. Now, I’m not here to debate how good or bad a clan is, but what I am here to talk about is the importance of stand triggers in a Nova Grappler deck and what the deck is meant to do. Before I begin to discuss this, Let me show you my deck List. Keep in mind the fact that the deck revolves around the Beast Deity Read more