Most Game-Breaking Cards

Most Game-Breaking Cards

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In a cardfight, the game flow is the same for the first five or so turn, focus on getting to Grade 3 and chipping away at your opponent’s damages. After that point though, is the moment when you have to utulize the special characteristics of the deck to work your way to victory. However, there are a few cards floating around that are borderline “broken” status simply because they possess an unique skill that can change the flow of the game. Here’s a list of what I consider to be the most overwheling cards in the TCG to defeat, including the upcoming cards Read more

“Twin drive check. Get, critical trigger. That is probably one of the most common way that the people in the Cardfight Vanguard season win their matches. And it’s not just the show. Many people who play the game more often lose to critical triggers rather to stand trigger, the second offensive trigger in the game. In fact, the stand trigger often gets the boot as people stack their deck with any number between 8 to 16 critical triggers for game. And why wouldn’t you play a trigger that increases damages dealt? It allows you to be that much closer to Read more

For those that are new to the Cardfight Vanguard world, the game might seem a little confusing to understand. But once you play a few games and get a grasp on the rules it is a lot of fun. First thing though is to be able to build a deck that suits your need. In many Trading Card Games, deck building is a very important part in determine how the game will result. Understanding strategies and selecing cards to suit that strategy can make a different between victory and defeat; that’s why there are tech choices that people use in Read more

“[Choose a <clan> from your hand and discard it] When this unit is placed on the GC, you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one  of your <clan>, and that unit cannot be hit until the end of that battle.” Perfect Guard, Null Guard, Perfect Defense. This type of card has various names, yet serves the same purpose for everyone’s deck. The wall that cannot be broken no matter how much power your attack has. The Grade 1 that has 0 shield. A staple for every deck that wishes to be competitive. The Null Guard, as I shall Read more

There are more and more people joining Cardfight Vanguard as the game slowly gets more popular, and with that there are many people who are new to the game. Maybe they have watched a few episodes of the series and decided it looks fun. Maybe they say you having fun and wanted to play it too. Bottom line is that there will always be people who do not understand the rules. One of the biggest complaint that participants of the Cardfight Vanguard United States Regional Tournaments had was judges and their rulings. The way that Bushiroad had people be judges was Read more

Royal Paladin, one of the first clans to come out, is a deck full of knights, elves and giants. The focus on the deck is toolboxing for field support and gaining advantages from that support. Used by Aichi Sendou, the clan became a large favorite among the players, especially with the initial support that the clan had. Aichi’s avatar is Blaster Blade, a rare Grade 2 that has the ability to retire a rearguard at a cost of 2 as a vanguard or rearguard. To Aichi this card represents someone he hopes to be: brave and strong with many friends Read more

For those that have play more than a few games of Cardfight Vanguard, being “trigger-sacked” is the second most popular reason why people say that they lose their game, next to being unable to ride from G0 to G3 smoothly. The most common frustration is being “double-triggered”, or when your opponents manages to give their vanguard +10k power as well as additional effects when you have the overwhelming advantage. But is that truly just luck that allows a moment like that? In a deck for Cardfight Vanguard, there can only be 50 cards, and 16 of them are triggers, the Read more

Cardfight Vanguard is a TCG that has been around for more than a year now, and people are questioning what is the meta of the game. If you were to ask the average Cardfighter what is the meta of the game, the most likely answer would be Gold Paladin. And that answer would make sense to people. Championed at the start of season 2 by Aichi Sendou and Suzagormari Ren, the Gold Paladin clan has many diverse ways of playing the deck even compare to decks that were release prior to Gold Paladin, such as Pale Moon and Dark Irregular. Read more