What It Means to be a Lifelong Gamer

Exactly a year ago from the time I’m writing this, I was in Seattle, Washington. The third Kaijudo Summer Championship was upon us all, and Kaijudo players from across the continent were gathered in one room to decide who would take home the trophy. In the end, weeks of testing paid off for me, and I went 8-1 in the Swiss portion of booster draft and constructed, my only loss being a scoop in the final round. After that, I had a great 3-0 run in the top eight and won the most important tournament I had ever won while Read more

Hello again, duelists! I know it’s been a while since my last article, but there was a bit of a downtime between the KMC season and the Championship during which I didn’t really have much to write about. Most of my time doing Kaijudo-related activities consisted of drafting, looking over Quest for the Gauntlet, and testing to figure out what I would run for that very event. Despite an x-2 performance in PA, season three of KMCs had been very good to me, and I was looking to continue that streak if possible. In addition, I wanted to redeem myself Read more

We all know that being prepared for an event is key to doing well, and playtesting is the number one way to get an adequate amount of preparation. Whether it’s constructed or limited, you’re going to want to know the ins and outs of the meta and what works; even as I type this, I’m reading conversations on the Kaijudo Dojo Facebook page between players who are looking forward to playtesting a lot of booster drafts for the Summer Championship using the upcoming Quest for the Gauntlet set. When it comes to playtesting, the common belief is that more is Read more

How’s it going, everybody? I’m back with yet another tournament report! The Alter-Reality Games Circuit Series made its way to Richmond, VA last weekend, and the Kaijudo event it brought was my last competitive Kaijudo event of the KMC season! Since Richmond is only roughly an hour and a half from my house, I basically had to go, and Theo Wadley gave me a ride along with Carl Miciotto (who was judging the event) and Steve Boram. Though not a KMC itself, with over $1,000 in prizes, there was still a lot on the line. Going into the event, I Read more

Well, my KMC season is officially over! After three very solid performances in PA, NC, and VA (1st, 1st, 4th), I traveled with Carl Miciotto, Gordon Hunt, and Steve Boram to Akron, Ohio to participate in the KMC held by Alter Reality Games. The venue was much farther from us than any other KMC of the season, but Jim graciously helped us out with the hotel and Gorby still needed his invite to the Summer Championship. Since he had the weekend off of work, it seemed only right to make the trip. I definitely wanted to do very well despite Read more

As you all probably know already, May 30th is bringing a lot of changes to the Kaijudo world. Quest for the Gauntlet, the 170-card core set in the “Gauntlet” block, is releasing, and with it are coming set rotations. Anything released before Clash of the Duel Masters will be illegal for use in Standard – unless, of course, a card saw a reprint after that time. Couple that with the introduction of competitive Sealed and Booster Drafts with 14-card packs, and it’s clear that we’re in for quite a ride. Since all of that is roughly a month and a Read more

As you all know, I try to get a tournament report up after every weekend that I attend a Kaijudo Master Challenge. Well, I was able to attend not only one, but two KMCs on the weekend of the 22nd and 23rd! My apologies for getting this report of the weekend up so late; I was waiting to have all the matches and profiles up on YouTube so I could link to them. The plan was as follows: our teammate Spencer Swan would come down from Washington D.C., where he goes to school, on Friday, and he, Carl Miciotto, Gordon Read more

This past weekend was my first chance to play in a Kaijudo Master Challenge in season three. Preparing to travel up to New Holland, PA with Carl Miciotto, Spencer Swan, and Theodore Wadley to meet up with teammates Dave Pendergrass and Corey Gaudreau, I knew the KMC was going to be difficult. Northeastern KMCs have been typically matched by very few locations in terms of attendance and overall player skill. My decision to play a tempo deck of some sort came rather early in the brainstorming process with my team, though I only settled on the final build two days Read more

How’s it going, everybody? I know it’s been a few weeks since my last article, but before I jump right into this one, I have to give a quick plug to a series of videos I’ve started on the ARG YouTube channel. The Kaijudo Duel Series, which I’ve started putting up in the last couple weeks, will feature a five game series between two high-tier decks in the meta, with the players offering insight on their hands, thought process behind plays, decks, and overall matchup. For an example, check out the latest installment below! The topic of today’s article goes Read more

Welcome back, everybody! Before I dive into this week’s topic on a certain deck that’s been performing well for many Kaijudo players in recent weeks, I want to talk about some news. For anyone who isn’t aware, Wizards of the Coast has just taken a huge step in the right direction for the competitive Kaijudo scene by announcing set rotations and the addition of a “Standard” format. Similar to Magic: the Gathering, this format will only allow cards from the last two “set blocks” to be used. There will also be an “Open” format which allows cards from every set Read more