ARGCS Syracuse Tournament Report

A week before the Circuit Series in Syracuse, I went to the one in Edison and played a super ignorant build of Nekroz. I mained three copies of Solemn Scolding and two copies of Secret Village of the Spellcasters. Essentially, I wasn’t trying to duel…at all. I won my round one mirror match where I opened both games with the Djinn lock and Scolding, but the tournament didn’t quite stay that way. In round two, I played against what had to be my worst matchup—Nekroz Shaddolls—and I got 2-0ed fairly easily. I played my second least favorable matchup in round Read more

ARG Edison will go down in the history books as the return of Burning Abyss—and for good reason. Not only did 6 of the 16 players who topped the event use it, but the finals also featured a BA mirror match. I’d like to say congratulations to Matthew Monahan for winning the event, and to Calvin Tahan for joining the second place club. The interesting thing about the finals, or all six of the BA decks that topped, was how unique the decklists were from one another. While Matt opted for a direct counter to the nastiest deck in the Read more

Congratulations to TJ “King of DN” Kinsley who reigned supreme with Nekroz in a finals mirror match at the 150th YCS this past weekend. Among the decks that topped the event were Qliphorts, Burning Abyss, and Ritual Beasts. Surprisingly, or not surprisingly depending on who you speak to, Shaddolls did not secure a single spot in the Top32. The deck was well represented amongst the roughly 1800 players who attended, but for some reason it didn’t quite make the cut. In the weeks leading up to YCS Columbus, I had a good amount of testing against Shaddolls since many players Read more

Hello, duelists. With ARG Richmond in the history books, I’d like to take some time to assess the current state of the meta. A whopping 11 out of 16 players in the top cut used Nekroz, while 4 used Shaddolls, and 1 used Qliphorts. Without a doubt, Nekroz are the deck to beat, so the only question that remains is how are players building their decks? If you looked at the Top16 decklists from that event, you will have noticed some trends amongst the blue gang. I will give my insight on each and tell you what to expect at Read more

I feel as though we can never discuss side deck theory enough. When you think about it, understanding the side deck is an integral part of being a good player because you naturally play more games with it than without it. And without realizing it, many players have built their main decks to do things that their side decks are supposed to take care of. In my last article, I spoke about understanding combo decks and what you should not do when constructing one. This article will elaborate on the concept of trusting in your side deck, which will aid Read more

People often wonder why certain cards are not played in any given deck. Sometimes, the answer is simple; however, it can be quite complex when specifically talking about combo decks. In the past few years, there have been several sound theories regarding the matter, but it can never be reiterated enough. Here’s a quick article to help you understand how combo decks are built and how they operate. First, let us define what makes a deck a “combo deck.” Any deck where all of its plays require two or more card interactions is a combo deck. Easy examples from the Read more

Sit up straight, fold your hands and direct your attention to the front of the room! The Sylvan Learning Center has reopened, and class is now in session. If you were once a botanist, or if you’re part of the new enrollment, then this lesson is for you. I’m sure everyone here has become well acquainted with the new banlist, which means you know that Lonefire Blossom went back to three. And while that certainly helps, we should not overlook the new additions given to Plants in the latest Gold Series set. I have been messing around with this build Read more

Banned Snatch Steal It was fun while it lasted, but let’s be honest—this card was degenerate. As soon as it came off the list, you would see ARG live coverage of people savaging each other back and forth with their copies of Snatch Steal. I played in an iPad tournament back in January, and I lost a game to an opponent who was completely top decking because he was able to take my Majesty’s Fiend. When he took it, my lifepoints were at 8000 and I had a total of five cards. That means I was +5 on him in Read more

Necloths—an archetype that has single-handedly sent the Yu-Gi-Oh community into an uproar with its insane consistency, absurd scarcity, and soaring price tag. Duelists everywhere have been doing whatever it takes to get their hands on the boys in blue, including selling kidneys, spending entire tax refunds, and even pawning engagement rings. If you were lucky enough to pick it up before things got out of hand, then congratulations to you on becoming a self-made millionaire; if not, then I suggest you stock up on ramen noodles and Easy Mac, because that’s all you’ll be eating if you want to afford Read more

If you tuned in to YCS Charleston earlier this month, you will know that Satellarknights had a stronger showing than Shaddolls in the Top32. The last time the light-based warrior deck was considered “top tier” was at ARG Atlantic City, which is when it first came out. Ever since then, it has struggled with a meta consisting of triple Super Polymerization, and then the absurdities of Burning Abyss shortly after. However, a few duelists were able to take full advantage of Secrets of Eternity and the release of Satellarknight Constellar Diamond. One such duelist was Stephen Dabreo, who took his Read more