Joe Bogli: Testing Side Deck Cards

What’s going on everyone? I hope you all had a fantastic weekend in the yugi-world or even just in your everyday world. With that being said, lets start by going into the “regional recaps” you could say over the past few weekends. Without using exact details and exact information, its safe to say that Dragon Ruler/Elemental Dragons have been taking the majority of the top spots across the country since its release date and being legal in tournament play. We all know what the deck does, what the decks main focus is, what cards we will be maining/siding for that Read more

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a nice sneak preview weekend if you could not attend YCS New Jersey. I know a bunch of my friends who could not attend the YCS had some good pulls at the sneak preview. Lucky for them I guess right? With the format essentially changing drastically with the release of Tachyon, YCS New Jersey was the last event before the official release date of the new set and the last event we could see/play in a “normal” format you could say. Most players that I was talking to you before the event, were deciding on Read more

Hello once again everyone. YCS New Jersey is a short few days away and I hope to see everyone in attendance there! With the rarities of cards from Tachyon confirmed in pictures showed over the web, do you think the Elemtental Dragons or Spellbooks will be the most sought after cards to get your hands on? Granted the Elemental Dragons are a lower rarity, I still feel they wont be that easy to get your hands on. I figured it would only be appropriate to talk about a different type of dragon deck that I know fellow member Paul Clarke has talked about before. Read more

How important is your extra deck choices you make before a tournament? In most videos I see on youtube or just from people casually talking, you commonly here “I played this card, but I never used it, I think I’ll cut it from the deck” or “This card was useless, I summoned it maybe once the whole tournament and it hardly did anything”. Why make this happen to yourself during a tournament? Every spot matters! From the second you decide your first extra deck card up until your last, you should put into consideration of all the various matchups you Read more

With YCS New Jersey a few weeks or so away and the release of the new Hidden Arsenal shortly on the horizon, I felt it only be appropriate to talk about how to handle the newly feared Evilswarm deck. I wrote an article about the general understanding of this deck titled “Plunge into Darkness” and gave a minor decklist of something I was playing at that current time on Dueling Network to get familiar with the deck and how it functions. The easiest way to learn and pilot a deck is to actually playtest and know the strengths/weakness of each Read more

With all the evilswarm talk around the yugi world, there are talks about certain cards on how to stop that deck. But what about after evilswarn? We have Elemental Dragons and Spellbooks to look forward too. Not to mention Fire Fist getting more support and all the decks still in the meta right now. Wind ups, Mermails, and even Gishki FTK are still relevant decks to be wreckened with. Who could even forget the powerful Dino Rabbit? Each of those decks has one little thing in common. They all can be slowed down at some point during game state just Read more

Whats up everyone? Starting things off, how about a special congrats to ARG members Frazier Smith, Jeff Jones and Mike Steinman for their respective performances in this past weekends special YCS event. The event showcased some of the games most prevalent players in the current to one of my favorite players from the past. During my weekend at home in Windsor Locks, Connecticut reading up on the coverage on the website, I saw one of my old time favorite players back in the action. Theerasak Poonsambat. Or also known by a single letter in the yugioh community as “T”. Read more

Hello once again. With the first constructed YCS shortly away, I would like to wish everyone going the best of luck. I will not be attending the event like I mentioned in my previous article so I hope to see everyone I can at the Philadelphia Regional on April 13th then YCS New Jersey when that time comes! With all the Evilswarm talk going around, I figured it would be appropriate to build a deck to its counter attribute. And what is the opposite of darkness? Light of course! With my article a while back about Evilswarms called “Plunge Into Read more

Hey there everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend keeping up with the coverage from Cordero on the Alter Reality Games fan page about all the stuff going down at YCS Austin this past weekend. I would personally like to thank Cordero for doing such an amazing job like he always does. He keeps everyone who is not attending the YCS in touch with every single litte thing that is going on which is amazing. I know if I was not attending the event, I would be checking out for the updates from him whenever I could. A congrats Read more

Joe Bogli: Looking Back

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Whats going on everyone? YCS Austin is less then a week away! Are you ready? I hope to see everyone there! From this point forward, the beginning of the week right before a YCS in the U.S occurs, I would be doing a “looking back” article going into some details on a deck that topped the previous event, some minor changes I would make if I were to play the deck, and give some insight on how I think the deck can do at the upcoming YCS. I think it is important to show different decks other then the normal Read more