Feature Match Round 8: Daniel Cunningham (Artifact Satellerknights) vs Frazier Smith (60 Card Control)

Here in the final round we have Daniel Cunningham piloting Artifact Satellarknights against Frazier Smith’s 60 Card Control. Both decks would be considered fringe strategies compared to the array of Qliphorts and Pure Burning Abyss builds floating around today, so it should be an interesting matchup. Let’s get to it! Game 1 Frazier took first, and he started off with Kuribandit, and two back rows. He activated Kuribandit and sent Scarm, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Shaddoll Beast, Chaos Sorcerer and Sinister Shadow Games. He opted to add Shadow Games. In the end phase Scarm added Graff and he drew a card Read more

Game 1 Deon started things off by special summoning Rubic from his hand, then activated Foolish Burial to send Graff, which special summoned Scarm. He then special summoned Calcab from his hand and overlaid it with Scarm for Dante. He detached Scarm, sending Cir, MST and Compulse.  Cir special summoned Graff from the graveyard and he overlaid it with Rubic for Dante. He set 2 cards to his back row and added Tour Guide in the end phase. Mitchell started his turn off by using 2 Upstart Goblins. Mitchell then followed it up with Raigeki, which triggered the 2 Dantes, Read more

Here in round 6 we have a mirror match between Qliphorts yet again. It seems that this deck is living up to the hype, so let’s get to it. Game 1 Jerome started things off the way most Qliphort decks do, using Summoner’s Art to search Scout, to then add Saqlifice. He ended his turn after summoning Carrier, setting 3 and equipping the Saqlifice. Kenneth made the exact same play with the exception of setting 4 instead of 3. Jerome followed up searching Disk via Scout. He then tributed the Carrier for Disk and Kenneth activated Madolche Nights. The Carrier Read more

Here in round 5 we have a glimpse at a match between 2 decks that will most likely define the format. We have the well known Patrick Hoban piloting Burning Abyss, going up against Matthew Nistico piloting Qliphorts, who we saw earlier today. Matt is 4-0 and Pat is 3-0-1. Game 1 Matt started things off by summoning Carrier and equipping it with Saqlifice, setting 2 to the back row and passed. Hoban started things off with Upstart Goblin, then special summoning Rubic from his hand, then special summoning Calcab. He overlaid the 2 for Dante and detached Rubic to Read more

Here in round 4 we have Peter Cheng playing Satellarknights vs Jerome Porter, who is piloting Qliphorts. Game 1 Jerome started things off with a Summoner’s Art to search Qliphort Scout. He put it in a pendulum zone and paid 800 to search Qliphort Helix. He followed it up by playing Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon in the other pendulum zone and he pendulum summoned Helix, set 2 back row and searched out Performapal Trampolynx in the end phase with Odd Eyes. Peter started things off with 2 Reinforcement of the Army, searching Vega and Deneb. He summoned Vega and attempted Read more

Here in round 3 we’ve got Steven Debreo facing off with Jake Phinney, and it looks like we’ll get our first taste of the format’s acclaimed 2 best decks. Game 1 Jake won the die roll and started things off with Summoner’s Art, searching Qliphort Scout. He paid 800 and used the Scout to search Saqlifice, then normal summoned Qliphort Carrier, and equipped it with the Saqlifice. He then played Odd Eyes Pendulum Dragon in the other pendulum zone, set a card and used Odd Eyes to search Performapal Trampolynx. Stephen simply set 2 cards to his back row and Read more

Here in round 2 we have Kyle Rowheder from Raleigh, North Carolina facing off with Kenneth Booth from Maryland. Both players are piloting Shaddolls today, so we’ll get yet another mirror match.   Game 1 Kenneth went first and opened with Soul Charge, Super Polymerization, Shaddoll Beast, Shaddoll Dragon and Shaddoll Core. He set two back row and passed back to Kyle, who activated two Upstart Goblins, then set a card to each zone to end his turn. Kenneth and Kyle spent both their turns setting a monster and passing. Kenneth drew Shaddoll Fusion for turn and flipped Shaddoll Core, Read more

To start things off for us today we’ve got Courtney Waller who hails from Virginia, facing off with Matthew Nistico from New Jersey. Both players are piloting the highly hyped Qliphorts, so we’ll get a taste of what the mirror match is like for this juggernaut of a deck. Matthew started things off with a Summoner’s Art, Mystical Space Typhoon, 2 Qliphort Carrier and a Qliphort Scout. He activated the Summoner’s Art to search a Qliphort Scout. He played the Scout in the left pendulum zone and payed 800 to search Saqlifice. He followed it up by playing one of Read more

Unlike most tournaments, there is an incentive to show up on day 2 even if you didn’t do well on day 1. ARG offers players an opportunity to play in a 1k the following day, where you’ll not only have the opportunity to win money, but also points that you can use at the 20k Circuit Championship later this year. The prize payout for the 1k in a Day is as follows: 1st Place: $400 Prize Credit*** + 40 Circuit Championship Points 2nd Place: $200 Prize Credit***+ 35 Circuit Championship Points 3rd-4th Place: $100 Prize Credit*** + 30 Circuit Championship Points 5th-8th Place: $50 Prize Read more

Corey started the match off by summoning Evilswarm Castor, then using its additional summon to summon Evilswarm Thunderbird. He overlaid the two for Evilswarm Ophion and detached Thunderbird to add Infestation Pandemic. He ended the turn by setting 3 to the backrow. Brandon set one monster and 5 backrow and in the end phase Corey flipped Infestation Infection, returning Heliotrope to add Kerykeion. Corey drew Heliotrope for turn and activated Ophion’s effect to search another Pandemic. He then used Infection to return Heliotrope to add another Castor. He normal summoned Castor and used its additional summon on Evilswarm Kerykeion. Kerykeion Read more