Top 16: Anthony Eckroth vs Mario Ramos

Welcome back Alter Reality Gamers! We have a powerhouse match for you here played between Anthony Eckroth’s Evilswarms and Mario Ramos’s Mermails! Ophion is definitely a contender in this matchup, being able to lock Mermails out of their high level monsters almost entirely. The Mermail deck has evolved into something more than Rank 7 spam though and seems to focus on Rank 3 and Rank 4s more. Will this be enough to surmount the powerful onslaught of Evilswarms? Let’s find out! A handshake starts the duel. Game 1 Mario has elected to go first and starts out by setting a Read more

Here we go in this Round 8 Feature Match. First we have Dalton Bousman playing his signature Fire Fist deck. His opponent Travis is a local and is playing Spellbooks. Let’s get this show on the road. Travis will get started by drawing to 6 cards before playing Upstart Goblin before playing Spellbook Magician of Prophecy searching for Spellbook of Secrets. Secrets then snagged Spellbook of the Master from his deck. Master copied his Secrets, revealing Spellbook of Eternity to search for Spellbook of Fate. Finally he set 3 and passed his turn. Dalton 9000, Travis 8000 Dalton starts with Read more

The age old battle of Fire vs Water continues today at ARGCS Las Vegas as Denny Yu’s Mermails face off against Aaron Furman’s Fire Fist! Will Denny’s Water put out Aaron’s Fire? Or will Aaron burn so hot he turns Denny into steam? Let’s find out!   Game 1 Denny shuffles up and elects to go first after winning the dice roll. Drawing to 6 cards in hand he begins by playing Upstart Goblin, giving Aaron 1000 free life points. He follows up with a second Upstart before setting 4 cards and ending his turn. Denny 8000, Aaron 10000 Aaron Read more

­­­This is going to be a short match folks! Here in Round 4 of ARGCS Las Vegas we have Anthony Eckroth’s Evilswarm deck facing off against Joel Valenzuela’s Gishki Hieratic deck. The Hieratic loop is extremely powerful when it is able to go off, but Ophion can single-handedly end games just by being summoned to the field. Anthony won the dice roll 6 to 4 so let’s get into it! Game 1 Anthony began by drawing for his turn before using Upstart Goblin, giving +1000 lifepoints to Joel before playing Evilswarm Castor and using its condition to summon Evilswarm Mandragora. Read more

Hello Alter Reality Gamers! Thank you for joining us today for the ARG Circuit Series as we make our first ever stop on the West Coast(ish)! There is an action packed weekend ahead of us, with a livestreamed and written feature match each round. We are cherry picking the best matches we can today to ensure the absolute best experience for you guys and will be having a number of guest commentators throughout the day on the stream. We are only two weeks away from a new Forbidden and Limited list, but that doesn’t change the furor with which the Read more

Game 1 Justin won the Die roll with 10 vs 6 and will be starting off the game! He opened with Dark Hole, Forbidden Lance, Mystical Space Typhoon, Constellar Pollux, Constellar Algiedi and Torrential Tribute. He began his turn by summoning Pollux and then using the extra normal summon to bring out Algiedi. He overlaid the 2 into Constellar Omega before setting 3 and passing. Kevin drew to 6 cards and then normal summoned Card Trooper in attack mode and used its effect to mill 2 Redox, Dragon Ruler of Boulders and a Dragon Ravine to the grave. He then Read more

Hello vonce again Alter Veality Gamers! I have been possessed vy ze powerful spirit of an ancient Vampire! And with that painful intro out of the way, your friendly neighborhood Head of Press Staff is back to talk about one of his favorite types of monsters! Zombies have always been my favorite Monster-type and I have found a way to successfully play them in every single format since I have been back in this game. For the first time in a long time, Zombies have finally got some new, fleshed out support in the Shadow Specters set! In fact, Zombies Read more

Here we are, Alter Reality Gamers! Top 8 of the 3rd ARG Circuit Series event and we have Andrew Paller and Alejandro Ahearn facing off against each other in a heated Dragon Ruler mirror match. Alejandro has brought Dragunities to the top tables for this entire event and he aims to continue that trend by destroying Andrew. Andrew however won’t stand for any of that and plans to fight back, tooth and nail, against the onslaughts of Dragunity Dux and Dragunity Phalanx. Round 1 Alejandro won the dice roll and decided on setting 3 cards to his backrow before ending Read more

Hey there Alter Reality Gamers! Your friendly neighborhood Head of Press Staff here with an article completely unrelated to our Circuit Series events! Today I am going to talk about one of the new decks I have started playing and have attained surprising success with at a local level. I have recently started playing Chaos Dragons, and before you hit the back button let me also add that I don’t play a LightSworn or Milling engine at all. It takes powerful, yet underused cards like Dragon Shrine and the new White Dragon Wyverburster and Black Dragon Collapserpent to create a Read more

Hello Alter Reality Gamers! Your friendly neighborhood Head of Coverage staff is back to bring you a wrap up for the recent ARGCS Columbus event! This was the second ARG Circuit Series event that we have ever had and I don’t think it could have gone much smoother. As with anything there were of course some slops to go along with the props, and I will get into those later, but for right now let’s talk shop about how the event itself was! The main event itself actually had a slightly smaller turnout than Fort Worth did, coming in at Read more