I remember back when I was a kid I would wake every Saturday to watch the Mighty Morhpin Power Rangers and as I would practically glue my face onto that TV as the Rangers would fight the monster of the week and defeat it.  I don’t know what it was that made the show so appealing to me but I and just about every other kid my age would watch the Rangers as they fought every week to protect our planet from complete domination from the forces of evil.  Even now as grown-up, I still enjoy sitting down and Read more

Hello again, reader of ARG articles.  I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving and for those of you that went out on Black Friday, I hope you emerged victorious in the great struggle for bargain deals.  I am very excited to be in the Top 8 for the Deck Doctor contest. Before I begin discussing about the deck, I would like to thank the people at ARG who took the time to read all of the Deck Doctor articles and manage to find a way to filter out contestants to the Top 8.  To all of those other contestants, Read more

Hello, fellow readers of ARG articles. My name is Kevin Mathew, and I am here to display my view of deck editing decks.  I have only recently playing competitively, but I have played this game for years now and have created several, shall I say “odd” decks, over the years that have somehow worked. Though my specialty are weird decks that are unique to the individual and place several strict policies on myself out of sheer stubbornness, I am well aware of what is current in the meta and why certain cards are used in place of others. I encourage Read more