Is Nekroz Still the Best Choice?

September is almost over and the new season of competitive play has fired up these past few weeks! With the hiatus of the Circuit Series, I’ve been playing more and more of Konami’s format at regionals in Indianapolis and Chicago. With YCS Dallas quickly approaching, I wanted to begin testing the Nekroz deck I had planned to take to the event. With Norden finally legal in the TCG, I had developed a Nekroz deck based around Norden that slaughtered the mirror match and easily beat Qliphort, which was a deck I personally struggled against. Aside from being strong against the Read more

At long last Season Three of the well-known ARG Circuit Series is finally here! The ARG Circuit Series goes hand in hand with the brand new ARG Format, which has been in place since this past July. ARG Format has seen many shifts in cards that have allowed players to use decks that would have otherwise been obsolete. The latest update to this new format came this past Labor Day, where we saw the following changes take place: Banned Raigeki Apoqliphort Towers   Restricted to 1 Nekroz of Unicore Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier   Restricted to 2 Compulsory Read more

Hello everyone! This week we welcome a new YCS champion, Gabriel Orosan-Weine, as well as another win for Burning Abyss! Gabe piloted Burning Abyss to an impressive victory in a field of very accomplished and historical duelists, which is undeniably represented by the incredible 142 tops and 10 wins among the top 32 competitors! Most of the top cut was made up of Nekroz per usual with Burning Abyss being the second most represented deck (8 spots). Despite having less of a representation in top 32, 75% of the top 4 was made up of Burning Abyss, which is quite Read more

  Greetings duelists! This week I’m going to discuss the importance of Information in Yugioh and why it’s become increasingly powerful these past few years. Generally speaking, if you want to top an event or win the whole thing, your deck needs to have some sort of edge that makes it an outlier in the scatterplot of decks. This “edge” is usually attained through the use of tech cards, which are cards that aren’t popular but will create an advantage against certain match-ups (Sometimes all match-ups, but not usually). Finding the right tech card is not simple because the best Read more

Hey! What’s Up? Hello! This week I saw it very fitting to discuss some of the brand new cards that were just released in the new Clash of Rebellions (CORE) set. It has been quite a fast summer with plenty of events to participate in, but there simply has not been any significant set release. As much as I would have liked to say Dragons of Legend 2 (DRLG2) was a good set, it really wasn’t. One might think that a sequel to the original Dragons of Legend Set would contains cards with equal or greater power than that of Read more

  Hello everyone, I’m back this week to talk about why Nekroz has won the past two ARG Circuit Series events under the new ARG Ban List as well as explain how the deck has changed! After seeing the changes that the ARG list made I was very reluctant to continue playing Nekroz and actually began looking into Burning Abyss. I devised a Burning Abyss variant that was very similar to the Big BA deck that had a big showing at YCS Charleston this past Spring. I played quite a few games with the deck until I realized that playing Read more

  Hello everyone, I’m back this week to discuss the brand new ARG format! More importantly, I’d like to discuss a very interesting deck that I believe could be a strong contender going into this new format. A few months ago Frazier posted an article that proposed a new Sylvan deck. Incorporating cards from the new Premium Gold Series set; the Sylvan deck regained some much-needed consistency through Rose Paladin and Rose Lover. Despite these new additions, Sylvans were unable to put up a fight against Nekroz or any of the other decks, which made most players very reluctant to Read more

Hello everyone! I’m back from Nationals feeling completely disappointed in myself, but I am ready to work hard and improve my game for the upcoming Yugioh season. While I was at Nationals I spoke with my good friend Scott Page on Thursday night about what decks we both expected to see at this event. As we listed decks, Scott mentioned Ritual Beasts would be popular, as they are on Dueling Network. I was reluctant to believe this notion, but I remained open minded and sure enough multiple Ritual Beast decks topped this event. Not only that, a decent amount of Read more

The North American World Championship Qualifier is this weekend and thousands of players across the country are readily preparing their decks for a shot at the prestigious title of National Champion. Last year we saw Korey Mcduffie claim first place piloting his Hand Artifact Traptrix deck, but who will take home the title this year? Winning a National Championship is no easy task; just ask anyone who has managed to accomplish this feat. It’s all about the hard work you put in and how much you care about winning. It’s also important to realize that almost every major accomplishment cannot Read more

This week I’d like to discuss the revival of Burning Abyss; the last YCS in Columbus was a perfect exhibit of this new trend as well as the past two Circuit Series events! YCS Columbus saw six Burning Abyss decks place in the top cut and all of them were using a large variety of trap cards, which gave them a higher chance of victory against the majority of decks in the field. The final of the last ARG Circuit Series in Edison was purely Burning Abyss, which was particularly strange because the majority of the top cut was Nekroz Read more