Qliphorts Are The Monsters Under Your Bed and in Your Closet

  Hello everyone! I’m back this week following the conclusion of ARGCS St. Louis with a topic that hits very close to home. Ever since they were released, Qliphorts have revolutionized the game and utilized the powerful Pendulum game mechanic, which has proved to be quite the successful strategy for them. Qliphorts also have the ability to play some of the best floodgates in the game and these floods hardly hinder the Qliphort strategy. Cards like Skill Drain, Vanity’s Emptiness, Lose One Turn, and Reqliate have all allowed Qliphort to “autowin” a vast majority of their matches. In addition, all Read more

I’m like hey, what’s up, hello; Just got done Top 8ing YCS Ohio! This week I’m going to discuss everything that went into my Top 8 at YCS Ohio, as well as the overall tournament experience with as much detail as I can recall. In a similar format to my preceding tournament report, I will explain why I chose the cards that I featured in my deck list and why I believed they were the best card choices for the event.   “Oh my god, not another Nekroz deck list! Why can’t people just play something else?” As much as Read more

Hello everyone! I’m back this week to report on how my regional experience was at the Garden City regionals in Michigan this past weekend. I played Nekroz because I felt like it would give me the best chance to do well at the event, and I also wanted to test some ideas that I had for the 150th YCS this coming weekend. Before I get into the overall event and all that happened, I will display my deck list and elaborate on my card choices. The Deck   Monsters (25) 1 Bull Blader 1 Djinn Releaser of Rituals 3 Manju Read more

Hello everyone! I’m back this week to discuss one of my favorite ways to play Yugioh, which I hope will spark some new found interest in the area at events! Have you ever found yourself looking through your collection and found the likes of Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Elemental Hero Flame Wingman, or even the fabled Dark Magician? Well you’re not alone, because everyone has seen these old-school cards and wished they could put them to use at least once in their dueling career! If you’ve ever watched a live action Yugioh series, then you probably have a favorite character that Read more

Remember being in elementary school when something was super cool one week, but then lame the next? The kids that stayed ahead of the rest always knew what was going to be the next hot topic, which automatically created a batch of kids that would follow the “cool” kids’ example. There will always be people who are leaders, and people who are followers. Which are you? “Woah! what are you guys playing?” “Oh you know, just playing some Four Square with the squad” “Wow, can I join in!?” “Sorry, maybe next time!” Each week for the past few months there Read more

Hello duelists! Following the competition of YCS Bochum there was a lot of controversy surrounding the event, but that’s not why I’m here today! Before I get into my topic, I’d first like to congratulate Luca Chetoni on a very well deserved win! I’d like to take a closer look at the cards the top players were side decking for this event to help those who are preparing for ARGCS Richmond better prepare their decks. It’s imperative that your side deck is the best that it can be, because you want to be prepared for the popular decks in the Read more

  Hello everyone, what a crazy week it has been! The new set World Super Stars was released and the hype for the new Star Seraphs monsters was quite real! I mean the old Star Seraph monsters were already so broken too. How could you not want to play Star Seraph Scout, or Star Seraph Sword? Those cards were insane! Not really though, actually not at all. Star Seraph Scepter and Star Seraph Sovereignty are the Seraphs people are the most excited about, and for good reason! This six-card engine can be splashed into various decks like Satellarknights and Shaddolls, Read more

Following the conclusion of YCS Chicago we saw Nekroz once again take the most top spots and even the same two players face off in the final! I’d like to congratulate Steven De Lara on winning the event, and my good friends Edward Lee, Jovad Cruz, Don Wilinski, Dirk Wagner, Jordan Bermudez, and Cameron Neal on topping the event! In preparation for this event Jeff messaged me about playing Shaddolls instead of Nekroz, which was very intriguing to say the least. I personally love Shaddolls more than almost any other deck (outside of Frog Monarchs), which made it a very Read more

  Two weekends ago at ARG Metro Series Detroit, Jeff Jones piloted Fire Fist to a second place finish. A couple days before the event Jeff told me he was going to be using Fire Fist, and I thought he was absolutely crazy! Nekroz was something we both swore by as the best deck, but Jeff was quite adamant about this Fire Fist deck. Once I got to Michigan a few days before the event, Jeff challenged me to a game of duel monsters, where he used his Fire Fist deck and I played my Nekroz deck. The first game Read more

  Back in 2008 Tele-Dad reigned as the outright best deck deemed Tier 0. Taking up more than half of the top spots in almost every event it participated in, Tele-DaD is one of the most powerful decks in the game’s history! After a multitude of ban lists shook the game, many duelists have abandoned the idea of Tele-DaD, because it was heavily restricted on the lists. Due to the lack of events the past two weeks I’ve been at my locals for what seems like an eternity. While there I noticed my friend Austin Piontek performing quite well with Read more