A Few Hidden Gems in World Superstars

The World Superstars is almost upon us, and a lot of people have quickly decided that the set isn’t worth it due to the lack of Elder God Noden.  I would like to point out that this set holds a lot more weight than most people are giving it credit for.  While most of the cards I showcase are not going to single-handedly win a World Championship Qualifier, they are at least cards you should keep an eye out for or are what I think are the gems in this set.  I would also point out that almost everyone is Read more

Hello duelists and Yu-Gi-Oh fans alike! Let’s start off with an introduction, shall we?  My name is Michael Sylvester and I’ve been playing this game since its summer release back in 1999, about four or five months prior to its English release.  I started to judge large scale tournaments in 2007; however, I only started to play competitively in 2008 with one of the very early drafts of Little City. Before I get to the meat of this article, I’d like to thank the staff at Alter Reality Games for this opportunity as well as Billy Brake and Joe Giorlando Read more