Diversity at it’s Finest

Hey guys it’s Nicole here with another article.  This time I want to talk about the current format.  In my opinion our current format is a diverse one.  If you were to ask me what the playable decks were I would be able to give you multiple options.  These options include: Agents, Dark Worlds, Wind-up’s, Heroes, Geargia, Inzektors, Six Samurai, Rescue Rabbit, and Chaos Dragons. They all do different things and that is what makes them a viable choice. Agents- Agents are a very strong deck this format. They have many strong plays from venus into gachi and call of Read more

Hey guys I’m back with an article on the different Dino Rabbit builds. In our recent meta you have seen many Dino Rabbit players choosing to main deck Macro Cosmos. Although the two different builds, Macro Rabbit and Dino Rabbit, are both very good but in recent testing I feel that in our current meta with Chaos Dragons and Inzektors running rampant maining the Macro Cosmos really help in your strong and very important Game 1 win against Chaos Dragons, which will most likely be your most troubled match playing dino rabbit. The first thing I decided was maining 2 Read more

Hey guys I am back with the new article focused on helping you prepare yourself for major event like a YCS (Yugioh Championship Series). After going to many events I have began to learn, alongside fellow friends the best way to prepare yourself for you exciting upcoming weekend. You will need to be prepared for long days of gaming with many other people. When planning your trip you should begin with planes and hotels and work yourself up to the big day. The first thing I do when scheduling a plane and hotel is find out who else is coming. Read more

Hi, I am Nicole Tipple. I won dragon duel Toronto with lightsworns. I switched to Wind-up Inzector for the current YCS at Atlanta and got 5th in Dragon Duel because of no top as an x-1. On that note after seeing our current ban list with Lumina back at 2 I decided to start testing Lightsworns for next format. But instead of building it as normal I decided to try Tour Guide from the Underworld. After testing the deck countless times against top tier decks like Wind-up, Inzector, Dino rabbit, and even T.G with its impressive performance at YCS Atlanta. Read more