Analyzing Galileo's 1st place CAWCQ Decklist

Hello Duelists! The North American World Championship Qualifier is only a few days away, and we have a pretty big advantage as we get to see the results from the Central American World Championship Qualifier. Probably the most interesting thing from the CAWCQ was the winner’s deck. Before I start I would like to congratulate Galileo Mauricio De Obaldia Soza on winning the event! Here is his list:   Thank you to United Gosus for providing his list.   There were a couple of unique things that I would like to discuss; first: The Return of Solemn Scolding Solemn Scolding first Read more

Hello Duelists, the results from ARGCS St. Louis and ARGCS Edison are in, and as always Nekroz have taken the most spots in top cut at both events. I was going to look at some of the Qliphort lists that topped Edison and talk about them today butttttttt, no Qliphort decks made the top cut of Edison. So I went and looked at the results from St. Louis and I really liked Robert Mushkatblat’s Qliphort deck list. Here is his list: 3 Qliphort Stealth 3 Qliphort Carrier 3 Qliphort Helix 2 Qliphort Scout 1 Qliphort Disk 1 Qliphort Monolith 2 Read more

Hello Duelists! Crossed Souls recently hit stores and it brought us one of the most powerful cards seen in awhile: Lose 1 Turn. With Lose 1 Turns’ release I decided to give Qliphort another chance. I ended up taking the deck to my Regionals (but I don’t really plan on revealing the deck I’m planning to use at Nationals). I ended up going 10-0 but the most important thing that I took from that day was I learned some of the problems with Qliphort and how certain matchups are affected. Now, I don’t yet have the solution to all these Read more

Hello Duelists! I’m sure all of you have been to a tournament at one point, and if you’ve been to a tournament you’ve noticed that there’s probably somebody judging that tournament. In this week’s article I’ll be talking about how to talk to judges and knowing how to explain your situation to them by understanding their point of view. The floor judge This is your basic judge. The experience level of these judges vary; some have been judging for a while and some are just starting out. For you as a player this isn’t very good because you have no Read more

Hello Duelists! Maximizing the value of the cards in our deck is one of the keys to winning, but how exactly do we maximize the value of our cards? This week I’ll be discussing how to maximize the value of one of the most played cards this format: Mind Crush. Mind Crush is one of the strongest trap cards available in the current meta as it has at least some application against every commonly used deck (Nekroz, Burning Abyss, Shaddoll, Ritual Beast, Satellarknight, Qliphort, etc). Depending on which deck you’re using, there will be different times that you want to Read more

Hello Duelists! This week I’ll be discussing things to be aware of when building your deck. There are many factors that affect what deck we ultimately choose to play, but more importantly, the cards we choose to include in them. Deciding on what deck to use is usually the easy part, because the best deck can just do more than all the other decks or do something better than the other decks. Building that deck to be better than everyone else’s is the hard part. When building your deck the first thing you have to figure out is what the Read more

Hello Duelists! This past weekend World Superstars was released and it gave us some pretty amazing cards, or so I thought. The Star Seraphs were probably the most anticipated cards to be released this weekend, and after attending a 9 round Regionals (which I would end up winning – so I had plenty of time to look around at the top tables and see how the Seraphs actually played out) I have noticed that they actually have a lot of problems. Only 2 Star Seraphs are generally used in most decks, Star Seraph Scepter and Star Seraph Sovereignty. If you’re Read more

Hello Duelists! At YCS Chicago 3 Shaddoll decks managed to make it into the top 32, but none of them (as far as I know) had the intension of winning by not letting their opponent play Yugioh. This week I’ll be sharing a deck with you guys that I had tested for quite a while: Floodgate Shaddolls. Let’s get right into it! Here’s the deck list: Monsters: 13 3 Shaddoll Squamata 2 Shaddoll Falco 2 Shaddoll Beast 1 Shaddoll Dragon 1 Shaddoll Hedgehog 3 Mathematician 1 Thunder King Rai Oh Spells: 17 3 El Shaddoll Fusion 1 Shaddoll Fusion 3 Read more

Hello Duelists! As I’m sure you all know, Crush Card Virus is finally legal for play again! It has been brought back with a slightly weaker effect, but it’s still a very powerful card. This week I’m going to be discussing what decks can use Crush Card Virus, and most importantly, when to activate it. Here’s the most updated text of Crush Card Virus: Tribute 1 DARK monster with 1000 or less ATK; your opponent takes no damage until the end of the next turn, also, you look at your opponent’s hand and all monsters they control, and if you Read more

Hello Duelists! Have you ever been playing at locals and then been paired up against a friend? For the majority of the readers that are reading this I’m sure that this is something you’ve experienced at least once. But what happens when you get paired up with a friend while playing at a premier event? This week I’m going to be discussing the importance of being a respectful human being while in a competitive environment. What exactly do I mean by “being a respectful human being while in a competitive environment”? When playing Yugioh in a tournament, sometimes we lose Read more