Dragonic New Wave: Nouvelle Vague Kagero

History The French New Wave, or “Nouvelle Vague,” was a period in filmmaking during the late 1950s and early 60s in which many traditional conventions were thrown out the window. New Wave films pioneered and popularized many techniques commonly seen today, such as “tracking shots,” “jump cuts,” and “breaking the 4th wall.” It is fitting that the upcoming Kagero sub-archetype, Nouvelle Vague, draws its name from a period of great change in artistry. Set to be released later this month in Japan, the extra booster set Divine Dragon Progression includes the first real grade 4 unit, Transcendence Dragon, Dragonic Nouvelle Read more

History PR♥ISM is a sub-archetype of the Bermuda Triangle clan, introduced in the extra booster Dazzling Divas in mid-2013. It is notable for being the first archetype to feature a Break Ride unit in the North American metagame, and being relatively easy and inexpensive to build as all of its necessary cards are contained in the same, small set. While it is likely not the absolute best option for current tournament play, it is still extremely competitive and quite fun to pilot. We will be looking at the clan’s best options at each grade level, as well as a sample Read more

Ah, March 1st! That wonderful date when players across the world revel in an exciting new format, looking to come out on top with the best decks and the most innovative tech. Alas, this particular anniversary also spells sadness for one young couple, their beautiful romance cut short by the whim of the Powers That Be. On this day, A fiendish lass mourns the loss of her three-eyed soulmate… It’s true – Tour Guide From the Underworld is now single and on the rebound after the imprisonment of her beau Sangan. Her powers have obviously decreased somewhat without her #1 Read more

Last Minute Shopping Making the trip to Atlanta was an extremely last minute decision for me. I had been working out various things for my upcoming move from Michigan to California, and had mentally shelved YGO until the 100th YCS in Long Beach, CA. That is, until I started feeling “the twinge.” That tingling ache to play, to compete… after all, I had requested the weekend off months in advance on the off chance that I might go. What would be the harm? A Facebook post and an empty car spot later, and I was in the midst of a Read more

My last article (Click!) may have been a little pessimistic… Okay, it was very pessimistic. Regardless of your thoughts regarding the current Advanced Format, focusing on the negative is a bad place to be, leading to neither wins nor fun! We’ll be concentrating on the winning aspect a bit more once my new microphone arrives in the mail (“curse you free i.e. SLOW Amazon shipping!”), but first I want to touch on a subject that is both near & dear to my heart, and very fun as well! What might that be you ask? Alternate formats for YGO! Let’s start Read more

Following my previous article (found here), I decided to play a real deck at my local. At least, as “real” a deck as I could manage without owning any “Tour Guide From the Underworld.” I had sold my playset following YCS Columbus, as the next premier event I am likely to enter is the 100th SJC/YCS in Long Beach CA next year. My weapon of choice? Karakuri, a deck which can adjust itself to play at various speeds according to the matchup in question. Karakuri is favored against slower decks, as it plays many “floaters” such as “Karakuri Merchant mdl Read more

It was a typical friday night at my local, and I couldn’t wait to show Rob Cedar my sick new Final Countdown deck. The deck played a full 30 effects that stopped all battle damage for the turn, alongside 3 copies of “Final Countdown” itself & draw spells to find them. I was particularly fond of my brew, as I had eschewed any cards whose activation could be stopped by “Thunder King Rai-Oh,” a popular card in the current Advanced Format. “This deck looks awesome! Would you mind if I borrowed it for a tournament tomorrow?” Rob was clearly impressed, Read more