The Bear Market

What’s up boys and girls, its T-Time! Last time I compared the Yugioh secondary market to basic economic principals of the stock market and US economy. I went over the current state of the game and how it currently reflects a bull market, but today, I am going to talk about what happens when the economy bears. No, not Brotherhood of the Fire Fist-Bear, that card is bullish. Bear cards would be more like a known reprint or a formerly popular card that sees no play anymore. Since we aren’t in a bearing stage of the market, I have to Read more

What’s up boys and girls, its T-Time! Today we will be taking a look at the Yugioh TCG secondary market as a means of investment. If you have taken any econ/finance courses you should be able to follow this pretty easily. For those who haven’t, do your best to intemperate things and you will likely learn a lot. The secondary market of this game has its own economy and operates much like a commodities market. There are cyclical changes that you can buy into and there are short to long term investments that you can make. Also, like the commodities Read more

What’s up boys and girls, its T-Time! Welcome to another Thunder Thursday and I apologize for missing last week. My flight to Miami was on Wednesday so I spent most of my time there and didn’t finish writing my article. However, this week I will cover a very sensitive topic. Everyone seems to have the general consensus that YCS tournaments should have greater prize support, whether in the form of cash or additional electronic product. Today I will explore answers as to whether it is feasible and what barriers there are, if any, for that to become a reality. I Read more

What’s up boys and girls, its T-Time! Its Thunder Thursday again and this week I am going to talk about how to play your power cards. This should seem pretty obvious to more experienced players, but never the less, it cannot be understated. Too often do I see a player waste their power cards and later in the game find themselves overwhelmed and in need of the cards they wasted. Use and conservation of power cards is also how a lot of pro players take advantage of their opponent. It is also the reason that it can seem like a Read more

What’s up boys and girls, its T-Time! Its another Thunder Thursday and I apologize for the silliness of my last article. I was sick and figured I would do a fun one. This year, the vast majority of my articles have been about random decks and how they can be played in the current meta. This time I want to talk about an aspect of the game itself that is a must to understand if you ever want to get better at the game. The title is losers always win, and for the most part that is actually true. I Read more

What’s up boys and girls, its T-Time! Welcome to another Thunder Thursday. So instead of doing another deck like I have been in the past weeks, I have decided to have some fun. Much like Frazier’s article earlier this week, if you came for some Yu-Gi-Oh insight, I have to suggest another article. However, if you are looking for a good read and the answers to the many mysteries of the universe and potentially the meaning of life, then I advise you stay on. So during movies, I can’t help but to watch and compare each character to each person Read more

What’s up boys and girls, it’s T-Time! Welcome to another Thunder Thursday and today we will be talking about Lavals. No, not the Lavals that will be coming out in the unforeseeable future through Hidden Arsenal 7, but rather the ones that can be played after Cosmo Blazer comes out. Is there such a thing? Absolutely there is. Is it as good as the future build? Probably not, but I have managed to make it at least a semi-competitive option in the current meta. Monsters: 23 Laval Lakeside Lady x3 Laval Handmaiden x3 Laval Magma Cannoneer x3 Flamvell Firedog x3 Read more

Whats up boys and girls, its T-Time! Welcome to another Thunder Thursday! This week we are going to take a look at an alternative approach to Spellbooks. This is built for the current meta without any cards being released in the next month. Also, understand that this is not a completely new invention, but nothing really is. My final disclaimer is that this is not a tier deck for the current format, since not enough people commit to the field, but I will get into that later. So here is the deck! Monsters: 23 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy x3 High Read more

What’s up boys and girls, its T-Time! Welcome to the first of many Thunder Thursdays! Today I want to take a look at a deck that will become much better with a format switch in February. When the fire deck becomes more popular, Karakuris will find their place once again. The deck’s ability to quickly summon Naturia Beast makes the deck a great option against the deck, and its ability to summon a 2800 ATK beat stick makes it even better. Without further ado, here is my current Karakuri deck list. Monsters: 26 Karakuri Ninja mdl 919 “Kuick” x3 Karakuri Read more

What’s up boys and girls, it’s T-Time! Rather than doctoring decks, I am going to go ahead and give you a few that are creative and interesting in their own right. Today I am going to talk about a deck idea that I originally got from Brandon Smith, the Vangaurd world champion. I figured that it would only be fair to give him credit, since when I first saw his deck I laughed. Then I drew a few hands with it and realized it is pretty amazing. I made a few changes to make it my own but I am Read more