Howdy Partner! - YCS Texas

I know what the title says, and I’m sure you all got excited about an entire article over Gagaga Cowboy, but unfortunately that’s not what I’m here to talk about this week. In this week’s article I’ll be going over YCS Texas, which I will actually be attending this time! This of course gives me a little more incentive to analyze the meta more in-depth and accurately, especially since I don’t get to attend nearly as many events as I used to in the past. I’ve talked about this in a previous article relating to deck choices and what you Read more

How’s it going everybody? Last week I gave you all an inside scoop on the deck of Florida’s defending champion. As it so happens I’m back this week with an article over YCS Miami’s runner up and friend of mine, Elijah Gersten. Many of you may not know Elijah but he is by no means a stranger to the competitive Yugioh scene. In this article Elijah talks about his background in the game and goes on to make some comments over YCS Miami and his deck choice. First I asked Elijah to give me his background on when he first Read more

How’s it going guys? I hope you’re all excited for YCS Miami this weekend. Although I am unable to attend, I’m certainly going to be viewing this YCS’s results, and I have a sneak peak of one of the many strategies that could be used at this event. We’re going to be taking a look at a particular person who plans to remerge here this weekend after previously scoring a big win! Today’s article will be reviewing and discussing the deck of Florida’s defending champion, Travis Massengale. Travis (who goes by Tray) was more than happy to share his deck Read more

Well guys, it’s that time of the year again. That’s right, the ban list. Whenever it becomes close to the banlist people constantly bicker over what will be on it, what new cards might be hit, possibly come back, and so on. I’m not going to go into much depth on it but I will talk about things I think should change. Currently the meta is pretty dominated by Wind-Ups and Water. Even with these two decks being number one, if you took the time to look at them and compare it to previous formats, you’d realize that our current Read more

It’s been pretty slow for me lately in the Yugioh world after summer, and I made my first reappearance in YCS Seattle, now with 2 new YCS’s announced I have a newfound aspiration for Yugioh again. That being said, I am most likely attending Miami as of right now. Today I’m going to talk about everything related to YCS Miami, including analyzing the field for the meta and some things to expect. To get things started, I’m simply going to list all the decks I believe will have a showing and follow it up by giving a general guess on Read more

Nobody starts at the top, so it’s important to remember where you came from. We all have our stories of how we first started out and what we did to improve our game, or how much we enjoyed playing with our friends, and so on. Today I’m going to be sharing my personal background and timeline of my Yugioh career. I still remember the image in my head the first time (I believe) I was ever introduced to the game. I was about 9 years old and I was over at my neighbor’s house and he had 100 cards laid Read more

Hey everybody, I hope you enjoyed your week! I know a lot of you have been back in school for a while now, but for myself I just got back to college this week and man it’s hard to adjust after been gone for a month. So let off some of your steam and enjoy the weekend once again by kicking it off with this article. This week I’m back with part 2 of Beginners Guide to Improving your game: Some Food for Thought and I’ll pick up right where I had previously stopped by continuing with deckbuilding and then Read more

How’s it going on this wonderful Friday? Today for my article I compiled some questions from some of you on facebook and then answered them in the form of an article. If any of you know my personality then it wouldn’t be much of a surprise that not everybody took this very seriously. But I love to put on a good show and give some laughs, so enjoy some serious questions over the game along with some not so serious ones as well. For those of you who were looking forward to: Food For Thought Part 2, don’t worry, I Read more

A lot of players message me asking about deck help or just advice to improve as a player in general. That’s an extremely broad category and almost impossible to address individually, so I decided to turn it into an article. This is not an expert guide on game-play, but rather some general ideas that beginner and intermediate players should focus on. Just think of it as some food for thought. When players try to ‘improve’ their game, they generally think that just means practice. Practice makes permanent, not perfect. Meaning, if you’re not practicing the right things, or changing what Read more

After the World’s tournament I’ve pretty much been out of the Yu-Gi-Oh scene, but that changed this weekend when I was able to finally attend another YCS at Seattle! Although I didn’t get into the top 32, I still managed to finish with a pretty good record and I thought I’d share my experience of the tournament with you all today. Leading up to the even I once again had to figure out what I was going to play, was there some degenerate deck strategy I could once again exploit? After testing and theorizing everything I could think of, it was pretty clear that Read more