The Journey into YCS Philadelphia 2014

YCS Philly was one of the craziest events I have ever attended. I would first off like to give a huge congrats to Chris Leblanc for winning his 2nd YCS running Madolche! I ended up making it to the Top 32 of this event with Mythic Dragons maining [ccProd]Skill Drain[/ccProd] and lost in Top 32 to Dragon Plants. Though it was good to get another top it was still a tad disappointing to lose in the first round of top cut. Many people including myself had no clue what they were going to run the weeks and even days leading up Read more

Today I’m back to talk about my tournament experience at ARGCS Richmond with Infernities. I first want to give a huge congrats to Patrick Hoban for winning his fourth major event in under a year, a really impressive feat. Though I ended up short losing on the bubble to the one thing I didn’t want to face which was a mirror match which I had no experience in. My good friend Brandon Wigley ended up making it to the Top 8 of the event with the exact same decklist that we both worked to make, though I was hoping he Read more

With Circuit Series Richmond coming up this weekend, players are trying their best to find what the best deck to take to the event will be, including me! Today I want to talk about some of the decks that will see a good amount of play at Richmond that will take advantage and utilize of some of the great cards that come out of Dragons of Legend this Friday.   Mythic/Bandit Rulers This deck is probably going to be the most played deck at the ARGCS this weekend, as it can use Soul Charge and Kuribandit to their full potential. Read more

With Fire and Water being the two best decks right now and the format coming to an end around a month from now, I want to talk about Bujins, which have seen an increase in tournament play as of late and have been making the Top 8 showings at some recent Regionals that have been held. I feel the deck has gotten popular due it having a solid Cardcar Fire and Mermail matchup for at least G1 because of the Kaiser/Decree Bujin build that has been showing up more lately. I want to take a good look at why that Read more

What’s up Yugioh players? After a long writing hiatus, I’m back to give my thoughts and experiences on Circuit Series Charlotte, NC this past weekend! First I would like give a huge congrats to Patrick Hoban for winning the event making it his 3rd event win in under a year’s span, which is just insane. I ended up making it to the Top 16 of the Circuit Series but unfortunately took my loss in the first round of top cut to my friend Jono running Fire Fist, and Water vs. Fire was the defining matchup over the weekend.  I want Read more

What’s up Yugioh players? I know it’s been a while but there has been a lack of topics to write about with Dragons running rampant this format. Today I’m back today to write about how players can “break the mold” when building their deck, this topic seems fairly appropriate with the way the format is right now with the same decks topping event after event.   With so many of the same deck topping event after event players tend to copy the decks of their favorite players that are put up after the event is over such as Billy Brake, Read more

I know it’s been a while since my last article but with there being just loads of Dragons and Books at every event this season there hasn’t been much to write about. Who knew the format would shape out to be this way after seeing our September list? Well with YCS San Mateo coming up this weekend I thought I might as well give my views on what will make up the majority of the Meta going into the event. I’m going to start off covering Spellbooks. This deck has started to lose popularity within the last few weeks because Read more

With the format starting to take shape it has become clear that Dragon Rulers still reign supreme, with them winning YCS Toronto and the first ARG Online Open Tournament this past weekend. As far as regional results go I’ve seen as many as 7 out of the 8 decks in Top 8 being Dragon variants, the deck is clearly being played in high numbers right now. Even though it hasn’t been that long since the format started, builds of Dragon Rulers have already transformed so much from the early drafts. I want to take a look at the way Dragons Read more

With YCS Toronto behind us and Dragon Rulers taking yet another championship title, I would like to look back on some of the decks that people ran at the event. First off I would like to give my congrats to Patrick Hoban who ended up making Top 4 with Dragunity Rulers and Frazier Smith who made it to the Top 16 with Spellbooks. As many people saw last weekend, a plethora of different decks were played at the event and the Top 32 was very diverse with over ten different decks making the cut. With 11 Dragon, 4 Spellbook, and Read more

I’m sure by now people have all sorts of decks built on Dueling Network under the September banned list; I know I have at least 5 built. The September 2013 list is arguably one of the best lists we’ve had in years. Over 40 cards were put on the list in all, that’s insane! Many people are excited that they can run some of their old favorites such as Blackwings or Zombies; I’ve even seen a few Tele-Dad variants and X-Saber decks being played on DN. As we all know YCS Toronto is this upcoming weekend, much to my regret Read more