The Potential Meta - Looking Ahead to September

With September 1st rapidly approaching, everybody is dying to know what the banned list will look like. Dragon Rulers and Spellbooks are the top decks at the current moment and I’m pretty sure not many people will be sad to see them go. By now most of you have probably heard of or seen the rumored list that’s been floating around for the past few days, and I know many people are wondering if it is true. Many people believe the list to be true because of the trustworthy sources they got it from or scans they saw, others are Read more

With the September Banned/Restricted list being about a month away, I know a lot of players are looking forward to change as many people find the current format a tad boring with Spellbooks and Dragons being at the top. Through various sources such as V-Jump we will most likely know the September list in just a few weeks; I’m here to share my thoughts on what I would like to happen on the list (within the realm of reason)  rather than what I think Konami will do  so keep that in mind while reading. I do not want to see Read more

Two weekends ago was a crazy one as that was the weekend of the North American World Championship Qualifier that was held at Navy Pier Chicago, Illinois! Unfortunately I was not able to make the Top 64 as I took a loss to Spellbooks on the bubble round 11 but I had a lot of fun at the event regardless and we have a great team for Worlds so I can’t be too mad. I would also like to give my congrats to Frazier Smith for making Top 64 for the 3rd year in a row I believe, and a Read more

Hello Yugioh players! I would like to start off thanking everybody who congratulated me on winning YCS Meadowlands New Jersey which happens to be my second YCS win, with the previous one being YCS Rhode Island 2011. With over 1500 players in the tournament it was no easy task taking home the trophy. I might as well start off with the weeks leading up to the YCS and how I prepared for it. About a month before the YCS took place I started to playtest with Mono-Mermails, I never played the deck before that and I figured it was a Read more

Hello Yugioh World! Sorry it’s been a while since my last article but with all these events coming and going I figure it’s time for me to write another one, I’m back this time  with some information that hopefully many people will find useful. Since the the format has been progressing, I’m here today to tell some of my favorite cards at this current point in time that I include in a lot of the decks that I build as well as some cards which I don’t like all that much right now. Fiendish Chain I’m sure that most people Read more

Hey what is going on Yugioh players? Sorry its been awhile, but now I’m back with another article that will hopefully help a lot of players out there who are looking for success in the competitive circuit. With all the 2012 YCSs having been over for a while now and our new YCS and Regional schedule for 2013 just getting announced recently, I figured the downtime between now and the time all the events start rolling around would be a perfect chance for playtesting and practice, which is what this article will be centered on. When I am at my Read more

Hey, what’s up fellow Yugioh Players? It’s me Tyree Tinsley again! Part 2 of my last article (Battle of the Minds) has been temporarily put on hold, since I feel that everybody should know anything and everything about what they can do to defeat the powerful new deck called Mermail-Atlanteans! If you don’t know how to play against this deck, it can devastate you, especially with the many options and plays that it has but hopefully after reading this article you will have learned a thing or two to beat it! First, we need to look how the deck functions Read more

What’s up Yugioh players? Before I start getting ahead of myself and jump right into the article I want to introduce myself. My name is Tyree Tinsley and I have been playing this game since right after Pharaoh’s Servant was released. I didn’t, however, start getting into the game competitively until around the time Cybernetic Revolution came out. Since then I have had some success in the competitive circuit winning YCS Rhode Island 2011 and a top 8 finish at YCS Atlanta earlier this year. I also have gotten almost 20 regional top 8’s, however, despite these accomplishments, I am Read more