Beyond the Veil

Effect Veiler was once a good card, played by many as a tech card to combat power plays by the opponents monsters. Giants like Trishula, Judgment Dragon, and Dark Armed Dragon could all fall victim to Effect Veiler's hindering ability. But before, where Effect Veiler was just an option, it has now become a card where having it is a matter of life and death. In this new format, not opening with an Effect Veiler could easily mean the game is over for you. Its getting more common lately that you hear Yu-Gi-Oh is all about the dice roll, and again now more then ever this holds true. The power card of this format, which everyone should be aware of by now is Tour Guide from the Underworld. Opening up with this card, and it resolving puts you in excellent shape for the rest of the game. This leaves you with a 2500 attack Leviathan Dragon and 6 cards in hand, one of the cards being a card you searched with Sangan (most likely Effect Veiler). This means you can halt your opponents best opening turn plays, forcing them into a corner early on.

This is why I say that not opening with Effect Veiler, to stop an opponent's Tour Guide puts you in a dreadful situation, and its not one I'm looking forward too. Most people have already been using 2 Effect Veiler, but there are those who go even further and run a third Veiler and even Maxx "C", just to make sure the opening Tour Guide play can't resolve. So with the undeniable fact that Effect Veiler will run rampant in just about every deck, what can you do about it? Well now that Mind Crush is at 2, it's an excellent card to use to combat Effect Veiler (Along with Trap Dustshoot). After your opponent adds Effect Veiler to their hand, simply wait till you have no face-up monster the opponent can use Veiler on (Or wait till the opponents turn) and flip your Mind Crush, calling Effect Veiler. This will allow you to dodge the threat of your opponent negating your monster effects, as well as getting a brief glimpse at their hand.

Some times though, you'll be faced with a situation where you won't have Veiler, so there is nothing you can do about your opponents turn 1 2500 attack Leviathan Dragon. Not many decks can deal instantly with the 2500 attack turn 1, so it can cause a problem when your forced to go defensive, or even pass your turn to the opponent to make another play backed by their Effect Veiler. Well lately I've been testing an old card that hasn't seen much play in mainstream decks for quite some time. Normally I don't do release my hidden tech cards, but today I'm feeling charitable!

The card I've been testing is none other then Smashing Ground! So lets get into why this card is relevant.

1) You can force out an opponents Veiler with your Tour Guide, and then Smashing Ground the opponents Leviathan Dragon. This means your opponent lost their beater, and their back-up card while you still have your Tour Guide.
2) Problem Xyz monsters like Utopia and Roach. Utopia will stop you from attacking, while Roach will prevent you from Special Summoning Synchro Monsters and cards like Black Luster Soldier. They are easily dealt with by Smashing Ground allowing you to make your plays.
3) Archlord Kristya is the bane of your deck. Its a fact that once Kristya comes into play, the game is almost over. You are basically forced to either have Book of Moon, or Dark Hole. Smashing Ground is another answer to Kristya which allows you to possibly come back.
4) Hitting any boss like monster in general. Most times players will throw out cards like Judgment Dragon, Black Luster Soldier, or Hyperion backed with their pre-negator monster of choice. This means you cannot rely solely on your monster effects to deal with them. Smashing Ground gives you that extra non-Effect Monster out to those cards.
I've really liked the results I've gotten with testing Smashing Ground, so give it a try!

In conclusion, Tour Guide and Effect Veiler are the most important cards this format. Hopefully Konami does us all a favor and Emergency Bans Sangan. They will see their mistake once the next 2 YCS top players all have triple Tour Guide in their deck.

So until next time readers! Play hard or go home!




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