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bobby brakeI had such a blast at the 2014 Summer Championship this past weekend. There was so much going on, it was hard to do everything I wanted to do. There were panels, R&D workshop, Side events, Gunslinging, Artists signings, and so much more. Just being there was the real victory. This article is mainly going to be about the actual tournament and how I ended up doing. This was the first tournament where they had draft and standard mixed together. The first 3 rounds were draft and then the next 6 rounds were standard constructed.


            They had all 82 people split up into pods for the first 3 rounds. You only play against the same people in your pod throughout the 3 rounds. It was a little bit stressful drafting because everyone was on a clock for everything you did, so you had to think fast. I am going to do another article about my picks and why I did them, but for now I will post my draft deck list and go through each round.

[ccDeck=”Draft Deck”]1 Sprout:1 Rapscallion: 1 Violet Puffer:3 Bronze-Arm Tribe:1 Snarling Craghorn:1 Ardu Totem:1 Barbed Crusher:2 Bronze-Arm Gladiator:1 Boulderfist the Pulverizer:1 Battlebred Defender1 Ironwill Tree:1 Stratus Dart2 Photon Weaver:1 Nova Cruiser:3 Hover-Talon:1 Battlesworn Seer:1 Skybound Keeper:1 Sunstorm Dreadnaught:1 Pentarc:1 Strobe Flash:2 Glare of Sanction:2 Flux Drone[/ccDeck]

Round 1 vs. WF Aggro

Game 1 I was able to use Violet Puffer on turn 3 and then play Barbed Crusher on turn 4 to attack over his Shore Chomper. He also broke a Flux Drone in my shields early on that caused me to establish good field presence and allow me to swing in pretty early and win the game by turn 5. Game 2 it was more back and forth. I was left with 2 shields, but I had about 4 blockers in my battle zone to protect me. I was able to wait until I got a Sunstorm Dreadnaught and eventually push in for game.

Record 1-0

Round 2 vs. Robert Efseroff LDN Control

Rob is a friend of mine, which I was actually staying with this weekend. I was sad we had to play in the 2nd round. Game 1, I Boulderfist the Pulverizer (13GAU)had 7 mana and a [ccProd]Bronze-Arm Gladiator[/ccProd] in my battle zone. He had about 4 creatures, including a couple blockers and a [ccProd]Lurking Skull Cutter[/ccProd]. I had a Boulderfist the Pulverizer in my hand, ready to play next turn to wipe out his battle zone. He played [ccProd]Strobe Flash[/ccProd] and tapped my Gladiator and banished it with his Skull Cutter. After that it just went downhill when he played [ccProd]Gloom-Hollow Taskmaster[/ccProd] and I lost, Game 2 literally went almost exactly the same. He did the Lurking Skull Cutter, Strobe Flash combo to banish my Gladiator while I had Boulderfist in hand. I was eventually able to play Boulderfist this time though, when I went to break is last 2 shields, I broke an Arbiter he used to tap down my creatures and attack me for game on the following turn.

Record 1-1

Round 3 vs. Ricky Gross LFN Control

            Both these games blended together to me. All I can say is Ricky had a great deck with a lot of synergy. He was able to use his Torhelm to attack over my Bronze-Arm Gladiator. He played [ccProd]Colonel Corn[/ccProd] and [ccProd]Instill Might[/ccProd] to make his Torhelm have 11000 power for the turn. He also had [ccProd]Solstar Commander[/ccProd] that he used when he wanted to be aggressive. He completely destroyed me, but it was so fun. I gave him a high five when he attacked over my Gladiator because outside Sasha and Trox, that is the first time I have seen anyone attack over him.

Record 1-2

Standard Constructed

            So in order to make top 8 I would need to win the next 6 rounds in a row because all 7-2 will make the top cut. I had my work cut out for me, but I am far better at constructed than draft. Here is the deck I used for the Standard Constructed part of the tournament. I will go into detail about card choices in another article.

[ccDeck=”Main Deck”]3 Luminous Shieldwing:3 Rain Cloud Kraken:3 Blinder Beetle Prime:3 Sunmote Field:3 Regent Sasha:3 The Arbiter:3 Aqua Strider:3 Piercing Judgment:1 Reverberate:3 Cyber Lord Corile:2 The Mystic of Water:3 Grip of Despair:2 Squillace Scourge:3 Mesermize:3 Terror Pit:3 Spire Puppet[/ccDeck]

Round 4 vs. Josh Heeter LWFN Control

            Another good friend of mine I did not want to play in the early rounds. I was able to Reverberate both games and get advantage over him. I do not really remember much of this match sadly. He was forced to top deck and I was able to push in for game with Blinder Beetle Prime and Regent Sasha I believe

Record 2-2

Round 5 vs. LWFN Corrupted

            Game 1 I was able to control pretty well with Blinder Beetle Prime and finish off with Squillace Scourge. Game 2 he got Sunmote Field (10INV)aggressive really fast and I was left with 0 shields, 4 creatures that can attack and 2 Aqua Striders in my battle zone with Regent Sasha and Sunmote Field in hand. I played Sunmote Field and broke 4 of his shields, the last one being an Arbiter, he used to tap my 2 Aqua Striders. He tried to attack me for game on his turn, but he did not understand that Sunmote prevents him from attacking me, he can only attack my creatures. After his turn I was left with 2 Aqua Striders and Shieldwing to his 1 Shield his 4 creatures. I drew another Sunmote Field, played it and broke his last Shield with Shieldwing and ended my turn. On his turn he played Luminar Unleashed and was able to banish 1 Aqua Strider and my Shieldwing. I drew and evolved my last Aqua Strider into Regent Sasha and attacked him for game.

Record 3-2

Round 6 vs. Bryan Le LWFDN Pile

            He was using 58 cards so I knew deck out would not be an option, I had 1 strategy, Reverberate. Which worked out, game 1 I
reverberated and just took complete control. I used Squillace and then broke all his shields. He countered with an [ccProd]Absolute Incineration[/ccProd]. I played a lonely Spire Puppet, he played a couple blockers and all I needed was a Piercing Judgment to win the game and I got it right off the top, I sacked it out hard, sorry Bryan! Game 2 I used the Mystic of Water to search out Reverberate and control the game. I did my best to play around Absolute Incineration and was eventually able to win the game with Regent Sasha I believe.

Record 4-2

Round 7 vs. LDF Slayer

            This match up was very difficult because he always had so many slayers in his battle zone, it restricted me on attacking. My only strategy was to build up my field and then play Squillace, that way he could not crash his slayers into my creatures. I ended up doing that and winning game 1. He saw that I used Reverberate to draw 5 on game 1 so he decided to be more aggressive this time. He left me with 2 shields, but I altered those shields with Cyber Lord Corile early in the game and put down an Arbiter and a Piercing Judgment. He had no other option but to attack them and I was able to gain advantage with the Arbiter he broke first and attack in for game.

Record 5-2

Round 8 vs Carl Miciotto LF Rush

            Carl and I have played in every Championship so far. This was a rematch from the finals of the last Championship. I was surprised we did not get featured, but it was less pressure for us I suppose. Game 1 I was able to play Prime on turn 5 and then evolve it into Sasha a couple turns later and use that to attack for game. Game 2 he went first and got the right progression. I only had 1 Shield Blast and he took the game quick. Game 3 went similar to game 1 I played my Sasha on top of my Prime and just went straight after his shields and used her unleash ability twice to protect my shields. He got me down to 1 shield and had to hope I did not have at least 1 creature in my hand, but when he attacked to break my last shield I discarded Rain Cloud Kraken and was able to attack him for game on my next turn.

Record 6-2

Round 9 vs. Richard Yan LF Rush

            The bubble it’s a dangerous place to be. If I win the match I move on to top 8, and I do not if I lose. Game 1 went about as Keeper of Laws (7CLA)perfect as it could for me. I was able to play my early blockers and even play Reverberate on turn 6 and draw 5 cards with it! Game 1 ended pretty quickly with Regent Sasha and Squillace Scourge. Game 2 he played double [ccProd]Metal Max[/ccProd] and Keeper of Laws which turned all my Shield Blast spells into his advantage and won the game with Keeper of Laws. Game 3 I played Corile on turn 3 to put an Arbiter in my shields. I had Rain Cloud Kraken out with 4 mana, ready to play Blinder Beetle Prime on turn 5 to gain control and he drew a [ccProd]Restless Conflagration[/ccProd] and used that to banish my only enforcer bait and the game went quickly in his favor. Eventually all he had was a Keeper of Laws out and I had that 1 Arbiter left in my shields and no blockers, but Regent Sasha in hand. He played [ccProd]Major Ao[/ccProd], broke my Arbiter and I couldn’t target the Keeper of Laws so he attacked for game.

Record 6-3

            I almost made top 8 at the 3rd Championship in a row, but it just was not in the cards for me this time. It is okay though, you do not have to win every time. I had so much fun hanging out and meeting new people. This tournament echoes what I always say, it’s not all about winning, but having fun. The Circuit Series comes to historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on June 27-29, 2014! Click the link below for all the details!




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