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bobby brakeThe Kaijudo Summer Championship was a couple weeks ago and I did a tournament report, but never really talked about the deck I used in the Standard part of the tournament. I would like to go more in depth in this article about the deck and why I decided to go with certain card choices.

Let’s first talk about what I expected to play against. There are a lot of really good aggressive cards in Quest for the Gauntlet so I knew there was going to be a good amount of decks that like to attack a lot. Just off that I knew I was going to use a deck with a good defense in it. I prefer defending than attacking when I play Kaijudo. I was hoping to see a lot of aggro decks, but in the back of my mind I knew that many people will stick with control because it has worked so well in the past. I was unsure how much tempo was going to be in the tournament because it is powerful against control, but not that great against aggro. With that brief look into what I expected to see, here is the deck I came up with.

[ccDeck=”Main Deck”]3 Luminous Shieldwing:3 Rain Cloud Kraken:3 Blinder Beetle Prime:3 Sunmote Field:3 Regent Sasha:3 The Arbiter:3 Aqua Strider:3 Piercing Judgment:1 Reverberate:3 Cyber Lord Corile:2 The Mystic of Water:3 Grip of Despair:2 Squillace Scourge:3 Mesermize:3 Terror Pit:3 Spire Puppet[/ccDeck]

I went with LWD control because it just has the 3 best control mechanics, draw, discard, and tap. Those 3 strategies work so well together to stop your opponent from doing what they want their deck to do. This deck runs very similar to the control of old, just a lot less durdle. Instead of waiting until turn 9-12 to win, I would ideally like to win by turn 7-9.  Time to discuss some interesting cards in the deck!

Luminous Shieldwing

Luminous Shieldwing (12MYS)            This is a really interesting card, it can be amazing in an aggressive or control deck. I chose to use it in this deck for many reasons. It is a turn 2 play that helps me against rush, it is bait for Blinder Beetle Prime, and I can have a lot of fun with it and Cyber Lord Corile. Being able to pick it up and replace it with a Shield Blast later in the game is huge. I could also crash it into one of my opponent’s creature to gain a shield if I need one to protect when I unleash Regent Sasha.

Sunmote Field

            Many people at my local use aggressive decks and with the loss of Stormspark Blast, I wanted to give Sunmote Field (10INV)this a shot. I have found you either love or hate this card. I like it because it is not always dead like Stormspark can be. If they break this in your shields early, you can just hold on to it and cast it later. I played against a Corrupted deck at Champs and I was down to 0 shields. I was able to play back to back Sunmote Fields in my hand in order to win the game because there was nothing he could except try to deal with all my creatures. I prefer to use this as a mini Squillace Scourge. This is also probably the best card to put down with Cyber Lord Corile. At Champs every time I put a card down with Corile, it was always the last one they broke, 100% of the time. So when they would try to go for game I knew I had at least 1 more turn to survive.

The Mystic of Water

The Mystic of Water (12MYS)            My whole strategy against the control mirror was to just Reverberate on turn 6 every time and I wanted to make sure that happened. This card got a lot better since Crystal Memory got rotated out. So 99% of the time I would get Reverberate. People may disagree that I only used 1 Reverberate because it can end up in my shields, but that is the risk I want to take. I had Cyber Lord Corile to help me get it out of shields and I also did not want to draw 2 Reverberate against an aggressive deck and just have dead cards. There were also a few cases when I searched out a Piercing Judgment or Grip of Despair and put them in my shields with Cyber Lord Corile.

What I would Change

            The only thing I would change is probably find room for 1-2 Keeper of Laws and at least 1 Underworld Stalker. I wanted to keep the deck count below 45 to keep it consistent and at the time I did not think the Keeper of Laws was needed. This deck flows like butter though and can be a bit boring because it is the same routine every time.

I ended up going 5-1 in the Standard part of the Championship. It worked just like I wanted and just got unlucky in the last round to Light/Fire rush. Keeper of Laws really tore this deck apart, I had 3 shield blast against the rush deck and it just did not matter because I could not do anything to stop the Keeper of Laws. That is the main reason why I wanted to try Underworld Stalker in this deck because it is big enough to attack over Keeper of Laws and is just a great card in general. I hope you enjoyed this article and though I did not win the Championship with this deck, I had an amazing time just being there. Remember it’s not all about winning, but having fun!

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