Bounce back to the top! The return of Dino Rabbit!

Hey everyone! My name is Dylan Stewart and I've been waiting to write an article for a long time. To tell you a little about myself I am a second year History Student at the University of Guelph in Guelph Ontario Canada I've played the Yu-Gi-Oh for a few years. Now I'm not a national champion nor have I topped numerous events but I am a KDE judge and feel that I have some good input when it comes to the game. Over this past weekend at YCS Seattle-Tacoma we witnessed the rise of Dino Rabbit once again! To some this might be a seemingly dire situation as many remember last format's “Laggia set 4 pass”, though this format the situation rarely happens. I've been playing the deck since the beginning of the format and can say Dino Rabbit has clearly evolved from its roots of “Laggia set 4 pass”.

Last format Dino Rabbit was one of the most expensive decks around, the cute little bunny itself reaching upwards of $100.00 a piece. Although not as outrageous as lets say Tele DaD format's $300.00 per Dark Armed Dragon but still quite a pricey deck, not to mention the need to get upwards of 3 ultra/ultimate Evolzar Laggia, two secret rare Evolzar Dolka and upwards of two Leviair the sea dragon. Overall the deck was probably the most expensive deck of the format. With all of that in consideration Dino Rabbit players created a stigma for older players who saw the deck as completely unbalanced as well as a fear for the newer players who saw the deck as too powerful to combat with regular decks. For the most part these ideas were correct with boss monsters that are literally Solemn Judgement and Divine Wrath on legs how else would someone describe it?

The little bunny and it's friend Tour Guide both got hit to two on the most recent banlist and to many players this was a sign of “oh the deck is dead!”. As we now know after this past weekend players like Joe Giorlando decided with the shift in the meta, introduction of Mermails, that the deck had potential. One of the little rabbits old friend made a triumphant return this weekend as well, Jurrac Guiba. A third set of dinos in the deck allows for hard summans of Evolzars as well as puts pressure on players to get rid of the Guiba. Joe himself got to the top 32 but 2 other Dino Rabbit players made it to top 16. The main factor that I could see as to why Dino Rabbit did so well in Seattle was not only the well known Macro Cosmos but also the mental mind game played with cards like Jurrac Guiba and other bait cards. With a fear of constant negation and seemingly one card power plays players tend to try to out control the Dino Rabbit deck, this is where bait cards come in.

What is a “bait” card? Well a bait card is exactly what it sounds like, a card or play that baits the opponent to use resources instead of using them on more key cards or plays. Below i will provide my deck lsit for Dino Rabbit and explain more about bait cards.


2x Rescue Rabbit

2x Tour Guide From the Underworld

3x Sabersaurus

3x Kabazuls

3x Jurrac Guiba

2x Thunder King Rai-oh

1x Doomcaliber Knight

1x Sangan

1x Night Assailant

1x Spirit Reaper



2x Mystical Space Typhoon

2x Dimensional Fissure

2x Forbidden Lance

1x Monster Reborn

1x Dark Hole

1x Mind Control

1x Heavy Storm



2x Solemn Warning

2x Torrential Tribute

2x Bottomless Trap Hole

2x Mirror Force

2x Compulsory Evacuation Device

1x Solemn Judgment

1x Starlight Road


Total (41)

Now as you can see a card light “Doomcaliber Knight” isn't usually played in a conventional Dino Rabbit deck. It's soul purpose in this deck is to bait out bad plays or to force removal. Jurrac Guiba poses a large treat and possible XYZ summan of a Evolzar or other rank 4 and thus puts pressure on the opponent to deal with the card. The same could be said about Thunder King as it is not a “win more card” rather its a “stop me from losing card”. I chose D Fissure over Macro due to the fact it is essential that i get my power plays off, macro takes a turn to set up while I can play D Fissure first turn and avoid Maxx C and Effect Veiler entirely. I did not add a side or extra due to the fact I feel both of those are determined by the meta of your area.

Overall Dino Rabbit has remained a control based deck and even with the loss of a Rabbit and Tour Guide the eck has evolved to cope with the meta. I predict within later YCS and regional events we will se a continued growth of the deck and possibly a win. It's initial negation control holds up well against the new decks and every once and awhile you do see the all powerful “Laggia set 4 pass”.

Thank you for reading my first article and if people enjoyed it I hope to write more and continue with the evolution of Dino Rabbit.




  • R.

    Yo I’m on UoG wanna meet up for some duels?

    • rjagda

      Search up Guelph YGO Group on FaceBook and you can reach us that way.

  • Scott

    nice article, simple concept and easy to understand and good job at not letting all these rude childrens comments bug you

    • Scott

      dont let all these little d*ckbags get you down on your first article

  • Dylan sux

    This build is horrible D fissure over macro?
    Most people with maxx c will chain to it so you only stop a veiler on your rabbit/tgu summon but most decks dont even run hand traps in the current meta.

    Rabbit, Wind-up , Mermail ….dont run

    Dragons, Agents, inzektors… Do run it hand trap

  • carlos

    honestly doom cal suck, and dude where is that macro without it you will loose

    • Eric Hennig

      I love ARG!

      • Eric Hennig

        made me*

  • Bryce

    No one I know claimed Dino-Rabbit was dead. They lost a couple cards; that’s it. They wern’t even the boss monsters, it’s just a little less consistent. If anything, it was one of my top picks for decks to top the first half of the format. Tournament results have confirmed this suspicion. So, yeah, the article is basically “preaching to the choir” so to speak.

  • Zeron

    Article says a whole lot of nothing.

    • Please feel free to write an article about the topic 🙂

  • Jay

    Good article, but you really need to proofread this, too many spelling and grammar mistakes.

    • Oddly enough I sent it to two people to review :/ Next article will be far better, everything is a learning experience and thank you for pointing that out 🙂

  • Rodrigo Togores

    Dck is right now. Trigger hand traps that are not really good against dino deck.
    Rest of article is ok.

    • Rodrego Togorez

      Did you read the article? I’d say veiler hurts rabbit and DCK is a viable bait.

  • Chad Walsh

    Great article man. I agree with you about when you said that people may think decks are dead like Dino rabbit because of TGU and Rabbit to 2, but they aren’t. Also, here’s another example of a deck that people thought was dead; I built inzektors a few weeks ago and several people told me they were dead, but I found a way to make them work.

    • Jordan

      I have a better example. Inzektorz won seattle

    • Thank you for your support!