Braker the Magical Warrior Takes Control! – A Billy Brake Spellbook Story

Hello Yugioh Community! I know all you of duelists out there were expecting a new article from Billy Brake, but this week that is simply not the case! I, Braker the Magical Warrior am here in his place! Let me introduce myself, I am a spellcaster from a far away land and I came here to use Billy Brake as a vessel to unleash and expose the great power of spellbooks and magicians! I am a conjurer of spells and magic, and at a regional this last weekend held in Houston, Texas I attempted to achieve victory! I used a deck containing many powerful spellcasters, including my estranged cousin Breaker the Magical Warrior, and the strongest spellbooks I could find to insure my opponent’s eventual defeat! I will reveal my magical deck list and discuss the different ways I could cast my spells to end duels quickly!

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Why run Spellbooks?
I am not certain how this could even be a question! It is a well known fact that us Spellcasters are the strongest around! Our minds capabilities far pass any of the other archetypes around and with magic spellbooks on our side we are practically invincible! Each piece of our army can handle most situations and if you are fool-hearted and laugh in the face of our little magicians you can expect our boss, High Priestess of Prophecy, to change your tone faster than you can say Abra Kadabra!

The Deck List

Monsters: 15
3 Temperance of Prophecy
3 High Priestess of Prophecy
3 Breaker The Magical Warriror
3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy
3 Effect Veiler

Spells: 16
3 Secret Village of the Spellcasters
3 Spellbook of Secrets
3 Spellbook of Power
2 Spellbook of Life
2 Spellbook of Wisdom
1 Monster Reborn
1 Dark Hole
1 Heavy Storm

Traps: 9
2 Solemn Warning
2 Bottomless Trap hole
2 Compulsory Evacuation Device
2 Dimensional Prison
1 Solemn Judgment

What does this deck do?
An excellent question to ask a magician such as myself! There are many plays in this deck that bring great joy to my face and growing sorrow in the eyes of my opponent. The ideal hand in this deck is to open with Temperance of Prophecy, Secret Village of the Spellcasters, Spellbook of Secrets, and some traps just for protection. Anytime the cards align and come together in this way it is almost certain victory. During the turn a Spellbook is activated, I can tribute my Temperance of Prophecy to special summon a copy of High Priestess of Prophecy from my deck. She has 2500 attack and with her magical ability, once per turn she can banish a spellbook from my grave to destroy any card in her path! With the Spellbook of Secrets I can search the Spellbook of Wisdom that will protect her from any trap my opponent may use to take her off the field, and since my opponent cannot activate spell cards due to Secret Village, it will be one tough mountain to climb for them to get back into this duel. This is the most powerful and enchanting first turn the deck can have and almost will always result with Braker the Magical Warrior conquering his opponent!

If I were to lose the dice roll and end up going second, there are many different setups I can execute depending on the scenario my opponent puts me in. For this example, let’s say my opponent opens up with two face-down spell and trap cards, Solemn Warning and Bottomless Trap hole, and a Thunder King Rai-Oh, the biggest thorn in my side, in face-up attack position. A daunting field indeed! Luckily for me, my enchanted deck runs three copies of most of the cards in my deck and can result in some very consistent openings! I can use my power to summon my ever popular cousin Breaker, The Magical Warrior! My opponent will most likely respond with his set Bottomless Trap hole over Solemn Warning to save life and save the Warning for a bigger threat, but his first mistake was underestimating the power of my spellcasters! A true magician will always have a trick up his sleeve! I can chain Spellbook of Wisdom since it is a quick-play spell, targeting my Breaker the Magical Warrior, making him unaffected by all trap cards for the remainder of the turn, rendering my opponent’s Bottomless Trap hole useless! Next, my Breaker will cast his counter away he gained from his special ability to prematurely to destroy my adversary’s Solemn Warning. A magician’s work is not finished until his challenger is left with nothing! I can then cast the Spellbook of Power, increasing my Breaker’s attack points all the way to 2600, allowing him to demolish the opposing Thunder King Rai-Oh, but my turn is far from over. Since my Breaker was enchanted by the Spellbook of Power and destroyed a monster by battle, I am allowed to search my deck for any Spellbook and add it to my hand, in most cases the Spellbook of Secrets would be the choice! I now have a Breaker on the field, along with 4 cards in my hand and my rival is sitting with three cards in his hand, drawing to draw to four on his next turn. This is just one example of a strong opening from my opponent that can be overcome with the power of spellcasters!

The results in the Tournament
I chose Billy Brake to be my vessel for this event because with the combination of his knowledge of the game and my mastery of alchemy, I thought we would be an unstoppable force! The day began well with a 2-0 start, defeating the legendary warriors of the six samurai and the rivaling power of the dark arts, Dark World. Then the unexpected happened. In this world there are two types of power. There is the power of all that is light and good; this is the magic that I use to cast down my opposition and triumph! Opposite of that, there exist a dark and evil power; this is used by many of the different decks that exist in this game, but Dark World and Inzektors make use of this villainous energy quite well and are a force to be reckoned with as I found out. I suffered my first lost to a duelist wielding Inzektors. During the match I had some confidence since my vessel was the man who brought this deck from the brink of extinction and gave hope to all who used to use them before Konami restricted their power. Unfortunately, the duel quickly went out of my hands and I lost due to the fact I drew too many traps from my side deck that drained his monsters of using their abilities, but nothing to prevent the carnage that ensued from their beat down. The power of the dark arts did not end here; I went on to face three more duelists wielding the power of Dark Worlds. I managed to defeat one more with my Secret Village of the Spellcasters cutting him off from any of his tricks! The other two though made sure to use the most powerful spell in their deck to guarantee my ruin, Card Destruction. This card seemed to always be in my oppositions’ hand at the right time, allowing them to discard multiple copies of Snoww, their leader Grapha, and in some of the cases the henchmen Broww would tag along for the ride down to the grave. The pure advantage my enemy would gain from this one evil spell would prove to be too much for even my most formidable spells and tricks. In the end, I did not achieve the result I most desired, but had a good time alongside Billy Brake attempting to make waves and shake up what many believe to be the meta of Yugioh.

Conclusion/Billy Brake’s Notes:
(Billy Brake Speaking) As you can tell my article this week was from this mystical being that took control of me and had me do his bidding at a regional I attended about a week ago. I thought it would be good to show that this game is still about having from, even from one of the most competitive player’s standpoints. As nice as it is to win, it doesn’t mean everything. This was the biggest regional held in Texas ever with a whopping attendance of 450 players. I could have easily switched to a more meta deck and had a fairly good shot at making top 8, but I had more fun playing a deck full of cards I thought were cool than I would have if I just played Wind-Ups trying to win. I had a great time seeing the look on my opponent’s faces as they would have to read all my cards and watch as the High Priestess of Prophecy went to work! The main point I was trying to get across with this article is that while Yugioh can be a very competitive game, if you aren’t having fun while playing then you are doing it wrong. I wanted to try and give you guys a different kind of article so I tried something new. I hope you guys liked it and if so maybe you can expect some more like this in the future!

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-Braker the Magical Warrior
-Undisputed Greatest Magician of all time! (Much better than that cousin of mine, Breaker!)