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Hello Cardfighters, Chris here once again, after my previous post about my first Bermuda Triangle build, I decided that I have to talk about something  rather important. Cardfight Vanguard has been steadily gaining popularity in the TCG world and is considered to be the underdog that's on the rise. It's showing that it can compete with the more well known TCGs, Magic the Gathering, YuGiOh and the Pokemon TCG (though this one is not as popular as the first two). Here i will discuss my opinions on various matters that contribute to the status of the game.

TCGs can be hard to stick by:

What do I mean by this you ask, I'll tell you. Often when a card game is first released there are usually doubts about how it will do compared to existing games. Some TCGs have a bit of an advantage here, for example the Pokemon TCG. It's based off a long running and widely respected and acclaimed video game series, there's an anime, an astronomical number of merchandise, because of this people give the TCG more of a chance because they know it has the potential to be successful. When people start to play a new card game, they may be initially afraid that it may not do well and disappear, and then they'll be the weird one playing a card game no one else plays. There have been so many card games that failed so miserably people never mention them, anyone remember the Mega Man Battle Network TCG, or even the Naruto TCG? When people want to pick up a new TCG they usually go with the one that everyone is playing because they know that it won't just vanish. Now I'm not saying that vanguard suffers from this problem, it doesn't, it just emans that we the experienced fighters have to do our best to promote the game to attract new players.

Card Stores can be biased:

This is a big one, and I have a story to share about this. I have three card stores near where I live, but only one has the space for tourneys, while the other two just buy and sell cards. That first store has a big crowd for Magic and YuGiOh, but not Cardfight Vanguard. I remember when I first got into Vanguard I went to that store to buy some packs. I tried to tell the worker I wanted two packs of Descent of the King of Knights, and he said to me "that's the blue one with the cool horse on it right?" Bewildered by his response, I also asked for two packs of Onslaught of Dragon Souls, he said "that's the red one with the bad-ass looking brunette and the fire dragon of death right?" I felt like bursting out laughing at his literal descriptions of the packs just because they were so funny. I could not believe that the workers had not even taken the time to familiarize themselves with the new products they were selling. Furthermore, I made the mistake of going there for the Awakening of Twin Blade preview. Only one other person showed up, I felt weird considering he was only eight and with his mother and here I was, the twenty year old, it was kind of awkward. They know that they have a group of us interested in having Vanguard tourneys there, but they don't make any effort to advertise for it and to even keep a good up to date stock for it. The moral of the story is that the stores have to make sure to support and promote new TCGs as best they can as it will keep the game alive and attract new players.

Try to be involved:

This is something we all can definitely do, get people excited and involved in the community. For example, at the college I go to I set up a Cardfight club with the help of my girlfriend and the other members of our Vanguard team. We have open meeting where we teach people how to play, host tournaments and have meetings where we do nothing but watch random episodes from the anime. This is not the only thing we can do, we can go on fan pages on Facebook and try to attract new followers, post videos of fights on Youtube as well as videos of deck lists and even videos designed for beginners. I believe Vanguard has a great community and because of that it has been getting more and more popular. It's popularity can only continue to rise and in order to ensure that we need to continue to improve the community and make it even better than it already is.

Fight hard:

"We have to fight as hard as we can, there is no exception, we'll keep fighting till we reach the shining sky of victory and everyone will see our illustrious glow and follow our example, constantly breaking the limit and Cross-Riding  to stand at the top of the pinnacle as our equals and as the Kings and Queens of the planet Cray!" This was the very emotional and inspirational speech that my girlfriend gave before our team competed in a recent tourney. I felt her words were relevant here because it's up to us the experience players to fight to fight as well as we can. If we can show our dedication  and love for the game, others will follow and pick up the TCG to show what the new players are capable of. By competing in tournaments, having casual fights and creating cool catchphrases and reciting awesome chants when we ride our best unit, we'll be showing non-players what they are missing and why they should play as well. Remember, a TCG is only as good as it's community, by playing hard and showing our love for the game we can make it a big success. This is something we all must do, fight to the best of our ability, break any limits and Cross-Ride to victory. Remember that these are only my opinions, everyone can contribute something. I'll close this with one last awe-inspiring quote from my girlfriend/teammate, " It's easy to accept your limitations, but breaking them can be hard, but we must strive to break them and constantly improve, that's what we must all do, break Vanguard out of the crowd of TCGs and make it shine, we can all do this so get out there and fight, teach and learn, only then will Cardfight Vanguard emerge triumphant, so proudly shout out Stand Up, the Vanguard!"

Christopher Keller

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