Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Analyzing ARG Circuit Series Charlotte

Greetings cardfighters! Due to popular demand, I'll now be analyzing the various ARGCS Vanguard tournaments from here on out! So as some of you know, ARGCS Charlotte happened last weekend and had 49 participants. In addition, I also have some commentary from the top 2 players of this event! So what happened in this tournament? Let's drive right into it!

The deck spread for the event will be shown right here! Credit for the information regarding the deck representation numbers belongs to Edward Vanmanz, the judge of this event.


As we can see, Revengers expectedly took a significant portion of the tournament as the most played deck as well as acquiring the most spots in the top 8 cut. Messiah was the 2nd most played deck, although they did not get in top 8. Aqua Force and Royal Paladin as a whole saw more play than Messiah did, but that would entail putting Thavas+Maelstrom and Sanctuary Guard+Thing Saver under one banner respectively, which would be an accurate portrayal of the expected metagame. However, Royal Paladin did not score a spot in the top 8 either.

The top 8 for the event is as follows: 3 Revenger, 2 Dimension Police Variants, 1 Aqua Force, 1 Kagero, 1 Dark Irregular

1st/2nd split - Julia Romero (Aqua Force/Thavas) and Nam Vo (Shadow Paladin/Revenger)

3rd - Trump Nguyen (Dimension Police/Mixed)

4th - Rudro Ghoshal (Dark Irregular/Amon)

5th-8th (in no particular order) -

Nathaniel Drum (Shadow Paladin/Revenger)

Matthew White (Dimension Police/Dimensional Robo)

Josh Stallworth (Kagero/X)

Justin Leopard (Shadow Paladin/Revenger)

The top 2 decklists is as follows:

Julia Romero - Aqua Force

Grade 0: 17

Starting Vanguard: Advance Party Brave Shooter

4x Blue Storm Marine General, Despina (Critical Trigger)

4x Supersonic Sailor (Critical Trigger)

4x Battle Siren, Mallika (Draw Trigger)

4x Blue Storm Soldier, Kitchen Sailor (Heal Trigger)

Grade 1: 14

4x Emerald Shield, Paschal (Perfect Guard)

4x Battle Siren, Stacia

4x Kelpie Rider, Nikki (Stride Enabler)

2x Whirlwind Brave Shooter

Grade 2: 11

4x Magnum Assault

4x Tidal Assault

2x High Tide Sniper

1x Blue Storm Marine General, Milos

Grade 3: 8

4x One Who Surpasses the Storm, Thavas

3x Blue Storm Marine General, Michael

1x Marine General of the Wave-slicing Sword, Max

Grade 4: 8

4x Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Lambros

2x Marine General of Heavenly Silk, Sokrates

2x Marine General of the Heavenly Scales, Tidal Bore Dragon

So I was able to speak with Julia about her deck choices. She mentioned that she chose the Michael/Milos legion over other popular options such as Glory Maelstrom or Tetra-drive Dragon because it allowed her to have other plays if she was unable to stride. That way, she was able to have back-up plays and could return some triggers instead of being placed in a "stride or die" scenario that many G era decks are plagued with. The one-of Max tech put in a surprising amount of work in some of her matches as well. She also said that she found the two-of ratios of High Tide Sniper and Whirlwind Brave Shooter were key cards that put in a lot of work!

Her match-ups in the tournament went as follows:

R1: Pale Moon (win)/R2: Dark Irregular (win)/R3: Thing Saver (loss)/R4: Sanctuary Guard (win)/R5: Brawler (win)/R6: Revenger (win)

Top 8: Revenger (win)/Top 4: Dimension Police (win)

Julia wanted to give a shout out to her group of friends who helped her with playtesting and fine-tuning the deck with just the right amount of tech ratios. Nicely done Julia!


Nam Vo - Shadow Paladin/Revenger

Grade 0: 17

Starting Vanguard: Creeping Dark Goat

4x Revenger, Air Raid Dragon (Critical Trigger)

4x Revenger, Undead Angel (Critical Trigger)

4x Grim Revenger (Critical Trigger)

4x Healing Revenger (Heal Trigger)

Grade 1: 14

4x Dark Revenger, Mac Lir (Perfect Guard)

4x Barrier Troop Revenger, Dorint

2x Transient Revenger, Masquerade

2x Pitch Black Sage, Charon

1x Black-winged Swordbreaker

Grade 2: 11

4x Blaster Dark Revenger "Abyss"

4x Blaster Dark Revenger

3x Fighting Spirit Revenger, Macart

Grade 3: 8

4x Revenger, Phantom Blaster "Abyss"

2x Illusionary Revenger, Mordred Phantom

2x Blaster Dark "Diablo"

Grade 4: 8

4x Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster "Diablo"

2x Supremacy Black Dragon, Aurageyser Dragon

2x Dark Knight, Grim Recruiter

I also had a chance to personally discuss with Nam about his deck, which he went undefeated with throughout the day! He decided on using Creeping Dark Goat as his starting vanguard over other popular choices like Judgebau Revenger or Promising Knight, David to maximize his chances of seeing a second Grade 3 so he could stride more reliably, which is important because he does not run any stride enabler Grade 1s. Because of this choice, he decided to cut Black-winged Swordbreaker down to 1 so he can grab it off Grim Recruiter. The two copies of Blaster Dark "Diablo" were meant to be used to help with deck-thinning in conjunction with Pitch Black Sage, Charon. Because the deck has many different ways to thin itself out, he was able to increase the probability of drive checking multiple triggers, which is quite devastating upon the latter stages of the game with a re-standing Phantom Blaster Abyss or Phantom Blaster "Diablo" pressure.

His match-up's in the tournament went as follows:

R1: No Show (win)/R2: Brawlers (win)/R3: Sanctuary Guard (win)/R4: Revenger (win)/R5: Dimension Police (win)/R6: Dimension Police (win)

Top 8: Revenger (win)/Top 4: Dark Irregular (win)

Nam wanted to give a shoutout to his local card store: The Wasteland Gaming in Duluth, Georgia. The local "[provided him] with the cards and experience for entering this tournament. Its a great place and you should check it out!" Nicely done, Nam.

Well that concludes ARGCS Charlotte! This is a significant event to look at as we head into ARG Nationals next month, so the pie-chart and the top 8 layout can give you a ballpark figure on what to expect for the National next month! This was my first article about a specific tournament so let me know how I did and if there is anything else I can do to improve for the next one! So until next time, Play Hard or Go Home!