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Welcome back to the ARG Circuit Series Championship here in Cleveland, OH! First we have James Guerrero from Jersey City, New Jersey and he is playing Water. His opponent is a multiple premier event winner so he is no stranger to being in a tough position, he is from Philadelphia, PA and is playing Geargiartifacts. James rolls a 9 to Tyree’s 6 and will be going first. Game 1 James opts to go first and opens with Atlantean Marksman, Allure of Darkness, Forbidden Lance, Mind Control, and Upstart Goblin. He Upstarts into Genex Controller bringing Tyree to 9000. He sets Read more

Frazier goes first and sets two backrow and passes. Steve draws for turn and plays Mount Sylvania, ditching Sylvan Hermitree to put Sylvan Princessprout on top of his deck.  He then activates Miracle Fertilizer to Special Summon Hermitree, and Frazier chains Maxx “C”.  Hermitree excavates Sylvan Princessprout, netting him a card.  He then uses Sylvan Charity, sending back Hermitree and Sylvan Komushroomo to the top of his deck. Hermitree attacks direct then he sets one and passes. 5300 (Frazier) – 8000 (Steve) Frazier sets one more to his backrow then Normal Summons Kuribandit.  During the End Phase he excavates Kuribandit, Read more

Alright guys we have an awesome match in our final feature match of the day. First off we have Joe Giorlando, who is no stranger to Premier events and the top tables and he is from the Boston area, MA playing Sylvan. His opponent Eaton Guo has topped a couple of Circuit Series and other premier events and he is playing the deck he has had success with…Madolche. This should be an interesting match so lets jump right in! Game 1 Eaton starts with Madolche Anjelly tributing it to Special Summon Madolche Hootcake from the deck, Hootcake banishes Anjelly to Read more

Here we go in our round 8 feature. These players are both 7-1 right now and one will keep that record, the other one will be 7-2. First we have Andrew Paller from Bronx, New York and is playing GeargiaHands. Anthony Eckroth Salt Lake, UT and is playing HAT. Game 1 Anthony wins the roll and will start us off with Cardcar D, setting 2 back row. He activates the Cardcar D tributing itself to draw 2 and end. Andrew opens with 2 Geargiarmor, Fire Hand, Mystical space Typhoon, and Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare. He draws Geargiaccelerator for his turn. Read more

Well we have another awesome match lined up for you. Desmond Johnson from Atlanta, GA is no stranger to playing in premier events and is playing Sylvan. His opponent  Ned Salkovitch from Springfield, NJ got 3rd in our Players Championship yesterday and he is playing Traptrix Artifacts. Round 1 Ned starts with Traptrix Myrmeleo to search bottomless Trap Hole. He sets 3 and ends. Desmond starts with Mount, Blaster, Kuribandit, Hermitree, and Princessprout. He draws Spore for turn. Mount is activated first and then Kuribandit is Normal Summoned. Mount’s effect is activated sending Spore to stack Komushroomo to the top Read more

Alright Alter Reality Gamers we have a stellar feature match here for you in Round 6. We have Alex “My net worth would increase 1% if I won.” Vansant from Dearborn Heights, Michigan playing Bujin. His opponent is none other than Paul “EmptyJar” Cooper from Kansas City, MO and he is playing Herald. This should be an interesting Match so lets jump right into it. Game 1 Paul wins the die roll and opts to go second. Alex opens with Tenki, Crane, Yamato, Kaiser and Upstart. Upstart gives him Compulsory Evacuation Device and Paul 1000 taking him to 9000. He Read more

Ned won the die roll and goes first.  Normal Summons Traptrix Myrmeleo to search out Bottomless Trap Hole.  He then uses Pot of Duality, revealing Artifact Ignition,Wiretap, and Breakthrough Skill, adding Ignition.  He sets two and passes. Nizar starts off his turn with Trade-In to discard Blue-Eyes White Dragon to draw two.  He follows with a Cards of Consonance to ditch Flamvell Guard.  A Sacred Sword of Seven Stars banishes Redox to search Mythic Tree Dragon.  He uses another Trade-in for another Blue-Eyes.  An Upstart Goblin digs him one card deeper.  He then Normal Summons Mythic Tree Dragon, then Special Summons Read more

We have a battle of X-1’s here in Round 4.  Jarred Randolph is running Spellbooks while Dirk Wagner is running HAT.  Spellbooks are notorious for having a good matchup against HAT, so we’ll see if Dirk is able to go against this philosophy and take a win! Dirk elects to go first after winning the die roll.  He Normal Summons Kuribandit then sets three. During the End Phase he excavates Artifact Moralltach, Pot of Duality, Artifact Sanctum, Kuribandit, and Upstart Goblin, adding Sanctum. Jarred draws for turn then Normal Summons Spellbook Magician but Dirk Chains Breakthrough Skill.  During Battle Phase Read more

Welcome to Round 4 everyone we have another awesome feature match for you guys. First we have Brandon Ball from Chicago, IL playing Geargia. Next we have Michael Glowacki who is also from Chicago, IL playing HAT. Who will win this battle of friends? Lets find out! Game 1 Brandon opens with Geargiarsenal tributing it to Special Summon Geargiarmor. Upstart gives him an extra card and bring Micahel to 9000. He sets the Geargiarmor with it’s effect and sets 3 back row to end. Michael opens with Traptrix Myrmeleo, Solemn Warning, Artifact Moralltach, Artifact Ignition, Breakthrough Skill, and he draws Read more

  Welcome back everyone! We have a great match chosen for this Round 3 feature. First we have Marcello Barberi from Rome, Italy playing Mermail. Side note he won our 1k in 1 day yesterday with the same deck, so we’ll be able to see if he can repeat that success. Next his opponent is Jordan Winters from Cincinnati, OH playing HAT. Jordan has had some success in the tournament scene getting 3rd place at two ARG Circuit Series events, so this should be an awesome match. Jordan wins the dice roll and will be going first. Lets jump right Read more