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Round 4 Feature Match – Nicky Lacaille vs. Joey Matthews – Dragon Ruler Mirror Match As Round 4 of the tournament gets underway we find ourselves with another feature match, this time with Nicky Lacaille and Joey Matthews. Nicky starts the match after winning the die roll and has a starting hand of 2x PWWB, Blaster, Cards of Consonance, Sixth Sense, Tempest and Blaster. He sets three and passed turn to Joey. Joey activates Seven Star Sword, banishing Tidal to draw 2 and using Tidal’s effect to search out another copy of itself. After thinking for a bit, he decides Read more

Now we’re at table 1 in Round 3 of the ARG Metro Series Montreal, looks like we’ve got a Dragon Ruler mirror match upon us! Matthew wins the die roll and starts the duel with the following hand: Debris x2, Tempest x2, Maxx C, Trap Stun. He starts by discarding two Tempests to add a Redox to his hand. He sets one card to his backrow and passes his turn. Marc banishes Tidal for Sacred Sword, draws two and uses Tidal’s effect to search itself. He discards Tempest and Debris Dragon and adds a Blaster to his hand. With Blaster, Read more

Starting Round 1 Vince wins roll to start. He activates Seven Star Sword, Banish Blaster, Draw 2, Search another Blaster.  Sets 1 and passes. Sehabi’s starting hand is Dragunity Dux, Maxx C, Dragon Ravine, Tidal, Blaster, Dragunity Phalanx, he plays Ravine and discards Phalanx to send Tempest to grave. Sehabi banishes tidal from hand an tempest from grave to summon Blaster from hand.  Vinc chains Maxx C to draw 1 off the summon while Sehabi searches another copy of tempest and tidal before attacking Vince directly to deal 2800 points of damage. Vince drws for turn, checks his set card Read more

Sean McCabe Alternate Universe Philedelphia, PA   What would you do with the Prize money if you won? Travel to other events.   Why are you excited about the ARG Metro Series event? I’ve been to Columbus and Worcester, they have great prizes, it’s another high level event and has amazing coverage!   What deck did you play today and why? Constellars, it is all I have.   What deck are you prepared for? Dragons and Spellbooks, maining [ccProd]Imperial Iron Wall[/ccProd], siding hate.   What deck do you not want to play against today and why? Mythic Dragons because of Read more

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