All posts in Day 2 (7-27)

Welcome to Day 2 of the ARG Circuit Series Championship 20k!  We’re here in Round 10 featuring two X-3 duelists fighting for a chance at Top 32.  Kevin Silva, the ARG St. Louis Champion is running the tried and true HAT deck, while Jose Jones, no stranger to the ARG top tables is piloting the fearsome Infernities.  Will slow and steady win the race?  Or will Jose’s explosive turns be too much to handle? Jose wins the die roll and elects to go first.  He starts off with an Upstart Goblin to dig one card deeper.  He then activates Foolish Read more

Welcome back to the ARG Circuit Series Championship here in Cleveland, OH! First we have James Guerrero from Jersey City, New Jersey and he is playing Water. His opponent is a multiple premier event winner so he is no stranger to being in a tough position, he is from Philadelphia, PA and is playing Geargiartifacts. James rolls a 9 to Tyree’s 6 and will be going first. Game 1 James opts to go first and opens with Atlantean Marksman, Allure of Darkness, Forbidden Lance, Mind Control, and Upstart Goblin. He Upstarts into Genex Controller bringing Tyree to 9000. He sets Read more

Place Name Points 1 Jones, Jeffrey 30 2 Smith, Frazier 27 3 Sheahan, Scott 27 4 Aguero, Hansel 27 5 Roberson, Parker 24 6 Klein, Kevin 24 7 Rowe, Tommy 24 8 Kheireddine, Sehabi 24 9 Parreno, Pedro 24 10 Welden, Roman 24 11 Guo, Eaton 24 12 Ball, Brandon 24 13 Hojnacki, Phillip 24 14 Vansant, Alex 24 15 Shahir, Adrian 24 16 Johnson, Desmond 24 17 Bousman, Dalton 24 18 Yassine, Ali 24 19 Carton, Daniel 24 20 Onapolis, Nikos 24 21 Guerrero, James 24 22 Williams, Admassu 24 23 Russell, Justin 24 24 Nistico, Matthew 21 25 Read more