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George North is here in the top 8 with the most represented deck of the tournament, Dragon Rulers. Steve Klaus is here representing the version that has seemingly fallen out of favor, Dragunity Rulers. Both of these competitiors have made it this far, and they’re both hoping to advance to the top 4. George is taking first today, and he opened with a hand of Tempest, Card Trooper, Return from the Different Dimension, Debris Dragon, Cards of Consonance and Dark Hole. He summoned Card Trooper and milled Raigeki Break, Sacred Sword of the Seven Stars and Tidal. He passed turn. Read more

Duelists Nathan Ura and Larry Musgrove are both playing Dragon Rulers in Top 16, each bringing their own special tech choices to the game! At the beginning of the match,  Ura offered to side out Return from a Different Dimension for games two and three, but Musgrove refused the offer! Musgrove won three games with Return from a Different Dimension yesterday and wants to capitalize on its explosive power again today! Ura constantly whistled whilst sleeving his deck with the fresh sleeves ARG provided Top 16 players, but it didn’t give him the power to win the die roll. Musgrove Read more