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Round 4 Feature Match Here we go again with some hot, undefeated Round 4 action! Introducing first Tyler Ashlock from Benton, Arkansas playing Psychic Madolche! Yes that’s right guys Psychic Madolche is undefeated at 3-0. Courtel Ruth from Houston, Texas and he’s playing Spellbooks. Tyler wins the roll 2-1 and opts to go first. He leads off with a monster loaded hand of 2 Serene Psychic Witch, Madolche Magileine, Giant Rat, Fiendish chain, and a Psychic Jumper. He T Sets and passes to Courtel. Courtel draws and summons Spellbook Magician of Prophecy activating the effect, Fiendish Chain is activated and Read more

1 Gruchacz, J.p 2 Ruth, Courtel 3 Medrano, Carlos 4 Brake, Billy 5 Johnson, Desmand 6 Zelaya, Oscar 7 Robledo, Eseauiel 8 Hutchinson, Jasa 9 Duren, Justin 10 Hanegan, Keller 11 Kenna, Zeph 12 Pollack, Jordan 13 Gillette, Vincent 14 Smith, Frazer 15 Brink, Brady 16 Winger, Ethan 17 Bousman, Dalton 18 Williams-anderson, Jerry 19 Benjamin, Kelly 20 Avera, Trent 21 Perez, Alex 22 Furman, Aaron 23 Mayoryn, Pierne 24 Reed, Alex 25 Anaya, Leonard 26 Ashlock, Tyler 27 Bockenstedt, Jonathan 28 Muenchow, Craig 29 Jung, Chris 30 Tabora, Ricardo 31 Fernandes, Willian 32 Wilson, Kallam 33 Berrones, Matias 34 Read more

Alright Alter Reality Gamers, we’re back in Round 3 with two Undefeated players. First we have Leo Anaya from Albuquerque, New Mexico who had a deck analysis done before the Event today. He is playing his own spin on the Dragon Ruler deck, he’s added ninjas to his deck to further the decks options. Next we have Christian Lopez from San Antonio, Texas who plays at Heroes and Fantasies and Alien Worlds, his local tourneys. He’s playing Tidal Mermails today. Let’s jump right into the match. Game 1 Leo wins the die roll and opts to start the match. Leo Read more

Player Name: Jack Belter Hometown: Flowermount, Texas My Locals: Epik Cards and Games, Milo’s Arms and Armory Deck I am Playing Today: Dragon Rulers Why I am Playing it: I just think it’s the best deck of the format Deck I am most Sacred of: Probably Prophecy, even though I have tested against it the most What I Will Spend the Prize Money On: Trip to the next ARG Circuit or YCS event   Player Name: Mason Coulter Hometown: Denton, Texas My Locals: Milo’s Arms and Armory Deck I am Playing Today: Bujins Why I am Playing it: I was Read more

1 Gruchacz, J.p 2 Medrano, Carlos 3 Ruth, Courtel 4 Robledo, Eseauiel 5 Johnson, Desmand 6 Zelaya, Oscar 7 Duren, Justin 8 Hanegan, Keller 9 Pollack, Jordan 10 Gillette, Vincent 11 Brink, Brady 12 Winger, Ethan 13 Benjamin, Kelly 14 Bousman, Dalton 15 Kenna, Zeph 16 Smith, Frazer 17 Avera, Trent 18 Perez, Alex 19 Furman, Aaron 20 Mayoryn, Pierne 21 Reed, Alex 22 Jung, Chris 23 Bockenstedt, Jonathan 24 Ashlock, Tyler 25 Page, Scott 26 Fernandes, Willian 27 Wilson, Kallam 28 Berrones, Matias 29 Scott, Timathy 30 Hill, Lenard 31 Quintana, Eric 32 Klasel, Michael 33 Quest, Joshua 34 Read more

Paul Cooper is a pretty big name in the YGO Community. He is well known for playing his signature Hieratic Dragon deck and is back in style with that deck today! Can the mighty Egyptian Dragons defeat the evil power of Sherwin Lakhmani’s Evilswarms? Ophion is a very difficult card for the Hieratic engine to deal with so let’s see how this plays out! Round 1 Paul won the dice roll and elected to start the duel off. His first hand consisted of Hieratic Dragon of Tefnuit, Hieratic Dragon of Su, Wattaildragon, Battle Fader, Pot of Duality and Swift Scarecrow. Read more

Player Name: Johnny Nguyen Hometown: Wichita, Kansas Shoutouts- “Shouout to Team DKF w/ Dubkdad1 who I have a YouTube with. Also alllllllll of YUGITUBE!” What made you decide to play this deck? I believe the deck is still the best because now you can run traps for defense and no more dead jowgen. Plus World of Prophecy is a card. I chose the Blue Eyes build because maiden is a standalone card. It lets me set up offensively and play my Prophecy cards more freely. It’s also a tuner, which allows me to normal and go into blader and a blue eyes in Read more

  Player Name- Kevin Silva Shoutouts- Kevin Klein “Best deckbuilder, even better than Jeff Jones” What made you decide to play this deck? The deck just has sheer power, and is just quick on it’s feet. The deck can otk while getting rid of problems, Hunting Ground is just so strong with heavy gone. Worst match up/difficult match up- Constellar because you have to keep your Harpie on the field. Pleadies is a huge problem. Dragon Rulers are also a problem because of the sheer size of their monsters. Because of that my side is geared towards beating dragon rulers. Best Read more

Fili Luna is a very well known name in this particular game, he once dominated the meta game and has been absent for over 2 years! Today he is piloting Blackwings against Daniel Wainikinea’s Evilswarms. Now, Daniel has the benefit of being able to lock Fili out of his Syncro Summon ability through the use of Evilswarm Ophion. Can the control ability that Evilswarms provide be enough to stop the constant advantage that Black Whirldwind can give a Blackwing player? Round 1 Fili drew to 6 cards in his hand and played Allure of Darkness to draw 2 cards from Read more

1 Washington, Donnell 2 Jung, Chris 3 Furman, Aaron 4 Mayoryn, Pierne 5 Weigle, Jonhhan 6 Luna, Fili 7 Wilson, Kallam 8 Pollack, Jordan 9 Winger, Ethan 10 Vasquez, Sam 11 Martinez, Chris 12 Quintana, Eric 13 Wei, Nicholas 14 Lewilling, Justin 15 Mccrary, Blake 16 Perez, Alex 17 Reed, Alex 18 Augilar, Bryan 19 Tabora, Ricardo 20 Bousman, Dalton 21 Ashlock, Tyler 22 Dang, Michael 23 Lozano, Stephen 24 Perez, Adan 25 Williams-anderson, Jerry 26 Brake, Billy 27 Lakhmani, Sherwin 28 Grucharz, J.p 29 Anaya, Leonard 30 Bockenstedt, Jonathan 31 Mcnett, Robet 32 Robledo, Eseauiel 33 Rodriguez, Christian 34 Read more