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1 Furman, Aaron 2 Jung, Chris 3 Wilson, Kallam 4 Luna, Fili 5 Pollack, Jordan 6 Mccrary, Blake 7 Reed, Alex 8 Perez, Adan 9 Mcdormas, Conner 10 Li, Site 11 Weigle, Jonhhan 12 Broadway, Mason 13 Zelaya, Oscar 14 Page, Scott 15 Savoy, Isaiah 16 Dang, Michael 17 Cebrian, Julian 18 Lewilling, Justin 19 Lozano, Stephen 20 Lee, Travis 21 Martinez, Chris 22 Duren, Justin 23 Fiares, Jesse 24 Clayton, Maliik 25 Morris, James 26 Baca, Robert 27 Young, Tyler 28 Oviedo, Javier 29 Ramos, Allan 30 Liu, Eric 31 Verheyen, Jake 32 Nguyen, Andrew L. 33 Lane, Bradley Read more

Player Name: Mackenzie Hometown: Alberquerque, New Mexico. Originally from Japan My Locals: Noble Collectibles and Kuriboh Card Shop Deck I am Playing Today: Blackwings Why I am Playing it: I play Blackwings because when I came to America I needed a cheaper competitive deck to play. Since the deck did well at YCS Toronto it was an easy choice for me coming into this event. There were a lot of deck choices I didn’t agree with in that deck like main decking Vayu and Blizzard, so I’ve brought my own OCG Flair to the deck as well. Deck I am Read more

Player Name: Leo Anaya Hometown: Alberquerque, New Mexico My Locals: Noble Collectibles, Kaboom Testlabs Shoutouts? I’d like to shout out my locals Noble Collectibles. Also to my friend Justin Lovely and to all my friends from Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming! What made you decide to play this deck?- The deck causes disruption in the mirror match and gets to the element you are missing faster due to Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo. The way the deck is built helps you play out of Crimson Blader.     [ccDeck=”MainDeck”]3 Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms:3 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos:3 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls:3 Redox, Dragon Read more

Before the first round started, I decided to sit down with Alex Harris, a player from Little Rock Arkansas, and asked him a few questions about today’s Circuit Event and his deck choice. Now with the money prize being on the mind, the first question I asked Alex was what he would spend his winnings on if he did in fact win, his response? Probably save it and use it to travel to different events throughout the year. For today’s ARG Circuit Series, Alex is busting out the ever popular Dragon Rulers with an awesome twist, he says he’ll get Read more

Patrick Hoban, our most recent National Champion, fresh off of a top 4 finish at YCS Toronto that took place on August 31st-September 1st, how are you doing today? I’m doing well! Thanks for asking. Great to hear, now are you playing in the ARG Circuit Series event today? I am playing in the event today yes. Fantastic, and under this new list you chose to play Dragunity at YCS Toronto. Obviously you did well with the deck, but as we start to see a more defined metagame would you have made the same deck choice if YCS Toronto were Read more

Hey there Alter Reality Gamers, welcome to the inaugural ARG Circuit Series event! MY name is Kalen Nelson, and I will be joined by Corey Encinas, Steven Savelle and Bobby Brake (our National Kaijudo champion) today in bringing you as live as possible coverage of the event in Fort Worth, Texas. Throughout the day we will be bringing round by round feature matches as well as player interviews and deck analysis articles. We will also be interviewing random players throughout the event to check on their progress and see how they are liking the first ARG Circuit event. On Saturday, Read more