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Hey there, Alter Reality Gamers! I hope you all are doing well after coming off of this intense ARG Circuit Series event-filled weekend. While we definitely encountered some hiccups along the way, the general response I have been seeing about the event coverage has been positive. First off, let’s take a brief review of the event itself! Getting Started The event took a fairly slow start thanks to some technical issues and some jerk throwing the fire alarm, but in the hours leading up to the actual tournament things were moving at a rather nice pace. People were milling about, Read more

  Brady Brink [ccDeck=Monsters: 12] 3 Spellbook Magician of Prophecy 3 Temperance of Prophecy 2 High Priestess of Prophecy 1 World of Prophecy 3 Maxx “C” [/ccDeck] [ccDeck=Spells: 18] 3 Spellbook of Secrets 3 Spellbook Library of Crescent 2 Spellbook of Master 2 Spellbook of Fate 2 Spellbook of Eternity 2 The Grand Spellbook Tower 1 Spellbook of Life 1 Spellbook of Power 1 Mystical Space Typhoon [/ccDeck] [ccDeck=Traps: 10] 2 Mirror Force 2 Fiendish Chain 1 Solemn Warning 1 Bottomless Trap Hole 1 Torrential Tribute 2 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 1 Raigeki Break [/ccDeck] [ccDeck=Side Deck: 15] 1 D.D. Crow Read more

320 Duelists at the very first ARG Circuit Series, and here is the Deck Breakdown. Enjoy  😀 59 Dragon Ruler 40 Prophecy Deck 32 Dragunity Dragon 18 Blackwings 16 Fire Fist 15 Constellar 13 Tidal Mermails 12 Evilswarm 11 Randoms ETC 08 Madolche 08 Bujinn 07 Hieratic 06 Infernity 06 Agents 05 Blue-Eyes Dragon Ruler 05 Chaos Dragons 04 Inzektor 04 Lightsworn 04 Machina Gadget 04 Samurai 04 TG Stun 04 Zombies 03 Dark World 03 Fire King 03 Geargia 02 Chain Beat 02 Dragon Plant 02 Gravekeeper 02 Karakuri 02 Laval Synchro 02 Machina 02 Mecha Phantom Beast 02 Read more

Name: Paul Cooper Age: 23 Occupation: A doguie teacher Hometown: Kansas City, MO Deck with MVP Card: Hiertics mixed with swagg / Curse of Dragon Previous Accomplishments: 7 Major Tops, Most Regional Top 8s in 2012   Name: Frazier Smith Age: 23 Occupation: Accountant Hometown:Philadelphia Deck with MVP Card; Blue-Eyes Dragon Ruler & Azure-Eye Silver Dragon Previous Accomplishments: YCS Atlanta Winner, 12 tops total, topped with 11 different decks Name: Patrick Hoban Age: 20 Occupation: Student Hometown: Athens, GA Deck with MVP Card: Reckless Greed Previous Accomplishments: 8 other SJC/Nats/YCS tops, 2013 North American Champion Name: Desmond Marching Harpist, “Karakuri King” Johnson Age: Read more

Player Name: Jack Belter Hometown: Flowermount, Texas My Locals: Epik Cards and Games, Milo’s Arms and Armory Deck I am Playing Today: Dragon Rulers Why I am Playing it: I just think it’s the best deck of the format Deck I am most Sacred of: Probably Prophecy, even though I have tested against it the most What I Will Spend the Prize Money On: Trip to the next ARG Circuit or YCS event   Player Name: Mason Coulter Hometown: Denton, Texas My Locals: Milo’s Arms and Armory Deck I am Playing Today: Bujins Why I am Playing it: I was Read more

Player Name: Johnny Nguyen Hometown: Wichita, Kansas Shoutouts- “Shouout to Team DKF w/ Dubkdad1 who I have a YouTube with. Also alllllllll of YUGITUBE!” What made you decide to play this deck? I believe the deck is still the best because now you can run traps for defense and no more dead jowgen. Plus World of Prophecy is a card. I chose the Blue Eyes build because maiden is a standalone card. It lets me set up offensively and play my Prophecy cards more freely. It’s also a tuner, which allows me to normal and go into blader and a blue eyes in Read more

  Player Name- Kevin Silva Shoutouts- Kevin Klein “Best deckbuilder, even better than Jeff Jones” What made you decide to play this deck? The deck just has sheer power, and is just quick on it’s feet. The deck can otk while getting rid of problems, Hunting Ground is just so strong with heavy gone. Worst match up/difficult match up- Constellar because you have to keep your Harpie on the field. Pleadies is a huge problem. Dragon Rulers are also a problem because of the sheer size of their monsters. Because of that my side is geared towards beating dragon rulers. Best Read more

Player Name: Mackenzie Hometown: Alberquerque, New Mexico. Originally from Japan My Locals: Noble Collectibles and Kuriboh Card Shop Deck I am Playing Today: Blackwings Why I am Playing it: I play Blackwings because when I came to America I needed a cheaper competitive deck to play. Since the deck did well at YCS Toronto it was an easy choice for me coming into this event. There were a lot of deck choices I didn’t agree with in that deck like main decking Vayu and Blizzard, so I’ve brought my own OCG Flair to the deck as well. Deck I am Read more

Player Name: Leo Anaya Hometown: Alberquerque, New Mexico My Locals: Noble Collectibles, Kaboom Testlabs Shoutouts? I’d like to shout out my locals Noble Collectibles. Also to my friend Justin Lovely and to all my friends from Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming! What made you decide to play this deck?- The deck causes disruption in the mirror match and gets to the element you are missing faster due to Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo. The way the deck is built helps you play out of Crimson Blader.     [ccDeck=”MainDeck”]3 Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms:3 Blaster, Dragon Ruler of Infernos:3 Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls:3 Redox, Dragon Read more

Before the first round started, I decided to sit down with Alex Harris, a player from Little Rock Arkansas, and asked him a few questions about today’s Circuit Event and his deck choice. Now with the money prize being on the mind, the first question I asked Alex was what he would spend his winnings on if he did in fact win, his response? Probably save it and use it to travel to different events throughout the year. For today’s ARG Circuit Series, Alex is busting out the ever popular Dragon Rulers with an awesome twist, he says he’ll get Read more