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It all comes down to this! Anthony Eckroth comes in finishing 1st place after Day 1, trying to complete a feat no other 1 seed as done at an ARGCS: claim the title. He will have to go through Rosty Elkun, who surely will not go down without a fight! Both players have vanquished many a foe to get to finals, including playing against this same match-up in their Top 4 matches (Buring Abyss vs. Qliphorts). Who will be the newest ARGCS champion and win the crown in Seattle? Rosty wins the dice roll and chooses to go first in this Read more

I’m here with Jackie Bernal and Alyxander Lisgathe on Day 2 of ARGCS Seattle to talk about the Burning Abyss deck that Jackie took all the way to a Top 8 finish!  This is her second ARG Top 8 of the 2014-2015 season, making her easily the best-performing female duelist of the year so far! First, let’s get started with the decklist that she was rocking this event! Jackie Bernal – Burning Abyss 3 Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Rubic, Malebranche of the Burning Read more

Only 8 players remain fighting for first place here in Seattle. In the Top 8 we have Jackie Bernal with Burning Abyss going up against Luka Soskic with Qliphorts. Jackie topped a previous ARGCS event with Burning Abyss, but this is Luka’s first ARGCS top! Luka also had a written feature match yesterday in which he defeated Burning Abyss. Who will prevail? Jackie rolls snake eyes to Luka’s 10. He elects to start. Game 1   Luka begins with Summoner’s Art, grabbing Scout. Scout is put in the pendulum zone, and Luka pays 800 to search his deck for Saqlifice. He Read more

Name: Anthony Eckroth Age: 21 Occupation: I am the Dairy King Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT Deck (MVP Card): BA (Beginning of the End) Previous YGO Accomplishments: 7 premiere event tops Why do you think the turn out was low for this event?: Location.  There aren’t populated surrounding areas Are you going to purchase the Noble Knight Box?: No   Name: Jake Ruger Age: 18 Occupation: Student Hometown: Salem, OR Deck (MVP Card): Satellarknights Previous YGO Accomplishments: Top 8 regionals, Top 2 TCGplayer State Championships Why do you think the turn out was low for this event?: College mid-terms Are you going to purchase the Noble Knight Box?: Maybe   Name: Chris Hentz Age: 22 Occupation: Gamestar/Duelist Hometown: Salem, OR Read more

Welcome to Day 2 of ARGCS Seattle! Nearly 200 duelists came into Day 1 vying for the sole prize of champion, and we have narrowed it down to the Top 16 players. In today’s first round of the playoff cut, we have ARGCS veteran Rosty Elkun with Qliphorts, going up against Jake Ruger with Satellarknights. With some interesting tech choices by both players, will they give someone significant leverage in this match-up? We’re about to find out! Jake rolls a 1 while Rosty rolls a 2, and Rosty will elect to go first. Game 1   Rosty starts off with Read more

Anthony Eckroth – Burning Abyss 3 Scarm, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Cir, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Graff, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Rubic, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss m 2 Calcab, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 1 Alich, Malebranche of the Burning Abyss 3 Tour Guide from the Underworld 1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning 3 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Beginning of the End 1 Raigeki 1 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force 1 Soul Charge 1 Allure of Darkness 1 Foolish Burial 3 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 3 Vanity’s Emptiness 3 Fire Lake of Read more

Place Name Points 1 Eckroth, Anthony 22 2 Ruger, Jake 20 3 Hentz, Chris 20 4 Bernal, Jackie 19 5 Soskic, Luka 19 6 Chung, Justin 19 7 Weicong, Lai 19 8 Ong, NIgel 19 9 Yu, Tyler 18 10 Tabayoyon, Robert 18 11 Deo, Kritin 18 12 Haltom, Diego 18 13 Gidley, Nicholas 18 14 Watton, Chris 18 15 Elkun, Rosty 18 16 Nguyen, Tien 18 17 Gomez, Jonathon 18 18 Naccarato, Trevor 18 19 Wigglestove, Chancy 16 20 Mendez, Eric 16 21 Jiang, Xinyu 16 22 Monterroso, Christopher 16 23 Cheung, Thomas 16 24 Wang, Yuxiang 16 25 Read more

With two rounds remaining in Day 1, many players are playing on the bubble. Both of these players are playing with a record a 5-1, and they both had victories in feature matches earlier today. Prior to the match, both players agreed to draw their match, but they would play it out in hopes of future match-ups against the opposing decks. Luka wins the dice roll and will start game 1. Game 1   Luka starts off with Pot of Duality, revealing Raigeki, MST and Scout. He searches Saqlifice. 8000 (Chancy) – 7200 (Luka) Chancy  plays El Shaddoll Fusion, to Read more

This is the last round of Day 1 at ARG Circuit Series Seattle. For this round’s feature, we have Kritin Deo with Qliphorts and Alexander Lisgathe running Artifact Shaddolls. Both of these players are 5-2 headed into the round, so the winner with tiebreakers may make it into the Top 16! Game 1 Kritin starts off the game by playing Upstart Goblin, followed by another Upstart. He activates Scout, searching for Carrier, Kritin normal summons Carrier, equips it with Saqlifice, sets two backrow and passes. 7200 (Kritin) – 10000 (Alexander) Alexander starts his turn by setting a monster and three Read more

Place Name Points 1 Eckroth, Anthony 21 2 Hentz, Chris 19 3 Bernal, Jackie 18 4 Tabayoyon, Robert 18 5 Ong, NIgel 18 6 Ruger, Jake 17 7 Mendez, Eric 16 8 Wigglestove, Chancy 16 9 Soskic, Luka 16 10 Chung, Justin 16 11 Weicong, Lai 16 12 Wang, Yuxiang 16 13 Yu, Tyler 15 14 Deo, Kritin 15 15 Mushkatblat, Robert 15 16 Haltom, Diego 15 17 Borg, Mason 15 18 Knox, Mason 15 19 Gidley, Nicholas 15 20 Elkun, Rosty 15 21 Anderson, Brandon 15 22 Yoshimura, Koji 15 23 Watton, Chris 15 24 Lisgathe, Alexander 15 25 Read more