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Greetings cardfighters! Last time I reviewed Chronodragon Nextage and Soaring Divine Knight, Altmile, if you missed it you can check it out HERE. Anyways, I want to spend this week reviewing more cards so let’s dive right into it! Mythical Destroyer Beast, Vanargandr I know Genesis isn’t the most prevalent clan in the game right now and I’m definitely no expert on the clan so my analysis will be of a generic tone, but Vanargandr is in my opinion the most interesting card of this set by card design. Back in the beginning days of Vanguard, Oracle Think Tank’s Goddess of the Full Read more

Meta and tier something you hear a lot about when you first get into card games. When I first started playing this game I was coming from yugioh so I understood. Sadly your average vanguard player looking to hit the bigger series like regionals, or ARG doesn’t understand this sometimes, so I am here to teach you all about meta, coming up to tier, and in general being a better player. What is the “Meta” something you hear the best players talk about. Like a well guarded secret or something. Well I am here to demystify that for you here Read more

Greetings cardfighters! With the national tournament of the ARGCS closing up, there is more time for me to start reviewing cards again. The full card list for the fourth G set: Soul Strike Against the Supreme has been revealed, so now I can adequately review this set. It’s English date of release is scheduled to be on October 2nd, which is about one month away. So let’s dive right to it! Chronodragon Nextage   We start right off the bat with the front runner of this set and it’s a very powerful one. Going off its skill alone, Nextage is Read more

Greetings cardfighters! This weekend was an exciting one as we just finished ARG’s first ever National Tournament for Cardfight Vanguard. This week’s article includes the winner Matthew Day’s decklist and his analysis of how the event went for him and his deck. I also have pie charts for the specific ratios of this tournament! There were 78 recorded participants, but this is not counting the players who had byes though apparently. This is the make-up of all the decks played at the tournament as of round 1 (so the players who had byes are not counted). As expected, Shadow Paladin was the Read more

Greetings cardfighters! As most of you know, normally my articles are coverage on the state of the metagame, new cards, or a tournament report. This week I’m shifting the topic to something entirely different yet I feel it is very important to the Vanguard community. As some of you know, Bushiroad announced Cardfight!! Online earlier this summer and its release is supposed to be sometime around the holidays. If you have not seen the promotional video, you can do so HERE. Now seeing a TCG jump on the online gaming scene isn’t anything new. Magic: The Gathering has Magic Online, Magic Read more

Greetings cardfighters! This week’s tournament report will be on this year’s Team League National Tournament (otherwise known as the Bushiroad Spring Fest). I’ll be covering the winning team’s decklists as well as my commentary on their deck choices in this article so do stick around! This year’s winning team is Team Axios from Texas, who beat Team Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies from California. Team Axios scored in 2nd place in their state’s regional qualifier earlier this year. Without further adieu, here are the names of this year’s Team League National Champions. Team Axios: Christopher Ford (Gold Paladin/Bluish Flame Liberator) Sebastian Edwards (Aqua Read more

Hello once again Card fighters. Today we will be discussing the current Meta breakdown going into the upcoming national championships. Our other Writer Conner Morgan has been giving us information about the past ARG events as well as he is delving into the Bushiroad spring fest events in order to give us the statistics behind each one of these events and which decks are ruling the current format. Unfortunately these results draw a very diverse image of what our current Meta actually is. Last weekend I attended an event by the name of King Of Cardfight. There was 70 people Read more

Greetings cardfighters! So another ARG tournament is in the books and this week we’re going to take a peek at it! For those who are not in the know, this last weekend’s ARGCS event was in Providence, Rhode Island. Unfortunately I was not provided with the clan breakdown so I do not have a pie chart for you all, but I do have the top 8 and it’s quite interesting. Let’s take a look. The top 8 for the event is as follows: 3 Kagero, 1 Royal Paladin (Sanctuary Guard), 1 Revenger, 1 Narukami (Sweep Command), 1 Aqua Force, 1 Read more

Hello once again readers, we will be taking a short break from the Bermuda Series in order to discuss the possibilities that could present themselves in Generation Booster Set 4: Soul Strike Against the Supreme. This set is the fourth set to be released alongside the “Cardfight!! Vanguard G” anime series. Now very little is known about this set since it hasn’t been released overseas in Japan as of yet. However over the past couple of weeks we have seen several images of promo posters, as well as we have recieved a small handful of cards from Bushiroad’s card of the Read more

Greetings cardfighters! Due to popular demand, I’ll now be analyzing the various ARGCS Vanguard tournaments from here on out! So as some of you know, ARGCS Charlotte happened last weekend and had 49 participants. In addition, I also have some commentary from the top 2 players of this event! So what happened in this tournament? Let’s drive right into it! The deck spread for the event will be shown right here! Credit for the information regarding the deck representation numbers belongs to Edward Vanmanz, the judge of this event.   As we can see, Revengers expectedly took a significant portion of the Read more