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Greetings cardfighters. Players constantly ask or argue with each other regarding what clans make up the current best decks in the game. It is admittedly a very gray area as we only have so many events we can look at to determine what is performing and what is not. What makes it even harder is how fast the meta always shifts whenever we get a new set, so its easy to see why many players do not agree on what is tier 1. For example, it was only four months ago when G-BT01: Generation Stride came out and we saw the Read more

Hello once again card fighters, today I bring the second addition to my 3 part article series on the new Bermuda Triangle support. Now in the first part of the series I detailed some of the new cards from the set and introduced you to the new Harmony Mechanic which entitled you having two units in the same row or column in order to gain an effect. Also included was the new support for the PRISM and DUO sub-clans. Today we will go over a build for each and list out one or two combos in order to show the Read more

Greetings cardfighters! Last week, I touched a bit on my projections for the G-BT03 metagame as well as a summarized input on Nebula Dragon, Big Crunch Dragon. If you haven’t checked it out, be sure to do so by clicking right HERE. This week, I want to go into depth on the make-up of the Messiah deck and why I believe it will be a big contender in ARG Charlotte, as well as the ARG National Tournament next month. To summarize in one sentence, I believe the Messiah deck takes the anti-meta slot in the current state of the game because Read more

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all readers from the United States, and for everyone reading from outside the states welcome to yet another Cardfight!! Vanguard Article. Today’s Topic is the new extra booster that is set to come out August 28th. This set is the first extra booster or half set as it is commonly known to come out in the Generation or “G” era. As such it has been given a new name the “Clan Booster”. Over the past couple of years we have seen Bushiroad release extra boosters which would give support to multiple clans as well Read more

Greetings cardfighters! This week I’m going to cover my thoughts on the cards coming out in the next booster pack and their impact on the metagame. G-BT03 Sovereign Star Dragon is the final release of new cards before the Bushiroad Spring Fest Continental Championship as well as the ARG National Tournament in mid-August! The existing metagame in addition to these cards will be what you need to expect if you plan on participating in either of these. For those who would prefer the metagame to stay as it is, you’re in luck. Sovereign Star Dragon unfortunately does not appear to Read more

Greetings cardfighters! Last week, I was delving into cards from the newly released Fighter’s Collection 2015. If you missed it, you can view the article HERE. This week, I’m going to continue where I left off while at the same time covering a few new faces that saw success during last weekend’s ARG State Championships! True Revenger, Dragruler Revenant It’s important to remember that Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo” is a persona stride and needs an already face-up G Unit to use its skill. So, we have to go into a different stride before we can start dunking. As I’ve said, I Read more

With The ARG State Championships this weekend we will be discussing some common techniques in order to beat the Meta. Before we can dive into these techniques we must first understand what exactly the Meta is. Meta refers to the decks that most frequently win and the top 8 large events in our community as a whole. These decks are arranged in a Tier System from zero to three, three being the low tiers and zero being a deck that is invincible. As of right now walking into States we have four decks that are considered tier one. Those Four Read more

Greetings cardfighters! As we know, Fighter’s Collection 2015 launches this week! In my opinion, this is one of the greatest products to come out in a very long time for the game. The quality of the contents received per booster is superb since the set is filled with nothing but Grade 4 units, with one exception of course. The set also insures that every clan has Grade 4s that they can use and several of them are quite powerful to boot! This was not the case before as several clans were still missing strides and had to rely on Cray Elementals. This article Read more

Hello, once again Cardfighters! Today, I come to you with one of the most underrated decks in our current Meta; Gear Chronicle. For those of you who don’t watch the anime, here’s a little bit of background information. Gear Chronicle is the Clan played by the current protagonist in the anime series “Cardfight! Vanguard G.” Even with this kind of notoriety, this clan has been swept under the radar and for the most part completely written off in top tier lists. One of the most recent examples of this situation comes from the results of some of the bigger tournaments Read more

Greetings cardfighters. The month of June is full of new releases as well as one of the strongest G units to date. Dark Dragon, Phantom Blaster “Diablo” is the figurehead of the new Legend Deck: “The Dark” releasing on June 19th, just one day before ARG’s first ever Vanguard State Championships on the 20th! If you are going to one of these events, it is rest assured that Phantom Blaster “Diablo” will definitely be a fierce contender so it is best to know what exactly you are up against. Why is this card a threat? Simply put, this unit sets a new Read more