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This weekend Quest for the Gauntlet is finally released! These new cards will bring a whole new era into Kaijudo with the beginning of Standard, Open, and Draft formats. The future will only get brighter as players begin to play Kaijudo in many new and different ways while adding more fun and strategy. Before all that excitement happens everyone will be playing in their Set Premiere events this weekend. Set Premieres are always a wonderful experience as we get to open 5 packs of the newest set and build decks from those cards to play with. The Quest for the Read more

I had so much fun as a Corrupted Wild Veggie at the Veil Breach at Magelings that I decided to do my best to build a competitive deck around that theme. Corrupted Veggies have to do a lot with mana ramping so I wanted the focus of the deck to be on some of the powerful high cost spells that we got in the 5 Mystics booster set. My two favorite ones are Absolute Incineration and Swift Regeneration so I decided to build a Water/Fire/Nature deck around those cards. Both of them are extremely handy when you need to get Read more

Drafting Quest

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This past weekend there was a Veil Breach at Magelings in Columbia, Missouri. At this event members of the Kaijudo team at Wizards of the Coast came and brought 24 packs of Quest for the Gauntlet with them, a set that is not released until May 30th. From all the people that came out they selected 8 people to be the first to draft with this set. I was one of the lucky people chosen to participate in the draft. What drafting is, for those who don’t know, is where each player gets 3 packs. You open 1 pack, pick Read more

There are many different races in Kaijudo, anywhere from Angel Command all the way to Zombies. There is one race that stands out amongst all the rest, Wild Veggies! This type of creatures is where myself and many other players have gotten much entertainment from. They have so much flavor to them and just by reading their names and abilities you can’t help but laugh. These little guys deserve more credit than their given and hopefully will play a huge role in competitive play. I am going to go through and talk about some of my favorites and what the Read more

I have played many Trading Card Games since I was 12 years old. They all came and went and had their fun times and their boring, why am I playing this game times expect one, Kaijudo. I started playing Kaijudo in October of 2012. It has been non-stop fun ever since then. The Kaijudo R&D team knows how to always keep the game fresh and make players wanting more. I have never seen a company care more about a game and its players than Kaijudo. They are actively involved in listening and communicating with players. This article really goes out Read more

Blinder Beetle Prime is one of the best cards in Kaijudo right now. It is the best aggressive, tempo, and control card in the game. Being able to use it in all 3 of the main type of decks is why this card is so powerful. You can use it to tap blockers and go straight to shields or tap down 2 creatures and start picking away at your opponent’s battle zone. I think this card will see play for a very long time. It is just one of those cards that can help you get out of the most Read more

I am going to start this article by saying none of this is meant to sound hateful or taking shots at people. All of this is strictly my opinion and how I view card games. If you agree with me then great, if you do not agree with me, then that is great as well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I respect that and hope you do the same. Just because two people do not see eye to eye does not mean that one of them needs to force or convince the other that it’s their way Read more

The DonLee Movement

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I have been testing out LWDN Control this KMC season and it did not seem quite right. It was a bit too clunky and could not get the cards on the turns I really wanted them. It was a good deck, but I felt like I needed to either add or take something out. Good Times Games in Prince Rupert, British Columbia streamed their KMC on March 22nd so I decided to take a look to see what was going on. DonLee Wilson flew all the way out there to play which was awesome of him because I know it Read more

The Mystic Deck

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Before The 5 Mystics was released I did a review on each of them along with their spells. Now that the set is finally out, players get a chance to try them and see what deck they could fit best it. I love building fun decks whenever a new set is released so this time I built The 5 Mystics deck! I am using all of the 5 Mystic creatures and their spells because it does not seem right to use one without the other. Having fun is a reason why Kaijudo is a great game and it is okay Read more

The next set in Kaijudo, The 5 Mystics, was just released. It has been nice playing with cards from Invasion Earth, which was released back in November of 2013, but it is good to get a new fresh pool of cards to use. When a new set comes out the player base reacts a little strange. People are excited for new cards but they are afraid to use them because they are just used to what they have been using and know that it works. I am here to tell you that it is okay to new use cards. Kaijudo Read more