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A few sets ago, Wizards of the Coast began giving support to local stores around the continent for Set Premieres.  These events take place the weekend of a set release and are typically a few rounds of the Sealed format, in which every player gets a set number of packs, opens them, and then constructs a 30-card minimum deck (as opposed to the usual 40-card minimum).  With WotC heavily hinting at competitive support for limited tournaments (Sealed/Booster Draft), as well as everyone looking forward to “The 5 Mystics” and more future Kaijudo sets, I figured now would be the perfect Read more

Well, fellow Kaijudo duelists, we’ve made it.  2013, the first year that Kaijudo has been around from start to finish, is coming to a close.  It’s been quite the year, starting with the initial announcements of organized play and Kaijudo Master Challenges.  It’s hard to believe that in one short year, we’ve come from that announcement to having two incredibly successful Championship events with future KMC seasons to look forward to.  The game has grown, competition has been fierce, and new sets have been released which allowed the metagame to stay very diverse throughout.  With each of these set releases, Read more

Welcome back, duelists!  Last week, I discussed the controversial topic of netdecking and why I’m of the mindset that it should stop being considered so negative.  This week, I’ll be going in a different direction by taking a look at a couple terms I feel are actually overused in certain contexts: “play-style,” and “preference.”  They both obviously have their place, but I feel that they’re used a lot of the time as a cop-out answer; if players look beyond these terms and find better reasoning, I’m sure it will have a positive effect on them as players.  Though I wrote Read more

Well, the Winter KMC season is behind us.  The second Kaijudo Championship wrapped up two weeks ago (you can find the tournament report I posted last week here on ARG), and aside from some stops on the ARG Circuit Series and other store-hosted events, the community basically has some competitive downtime.  While we’re all waiting for the news and other announcements regarding the upcoming Spring/Summer KMC season, now is as good a time as any to talk about one of the more controversial subjects in card games – one that not only eternally applies to Kaijudo, but all games.  I’m Read more

Welcome back, everybody!  My apologies for the break in content last week, but I was spending all of my time clearing as much schoolwork as possible so my schedule wouldn’t be ruined by the trip to Texas I took last weekend.  In this article, I’ll be discussing that trip and the tournament at its center: the 2013 Winter Kaijudo Championship! After a very solid third place performance at the Summer Championship in Seattle, I felt like I needed a solid performance at this event to further prove I wasn’t a one-hit wonder.  Individual successes are nice, but I always strive Read more

Recently, there was a post on the Kaijudo Dojo Facebook group that caught my eye.  Someone asked what everyone’s picks were for the most overhyped and underhyped cards in Invasion Earth.  This is a fun subject to talk about because as we look back in Kaijudo’s history, every set has had its share of under-appreciated cards that went on to dominate for months as well as cards that everyone thought would dominate that wound up being just a little lackluster.  In this article, I’ve assembled a short list of cards I feel have been slightly over-hyped, as well as a Read more

Ok, ok… before I go any further into this article, I realize that I said Bottle was “banned.”  The term Wizards of the Coast actually used is “retired,” but for the sake of the title, I felt the term “banned” was appropriate so we’re all on the same page.  The effect is the same: [ccProd]Bottle of Wishes[/ccProd] is no longer legal for use in sanctioned constructed Kaijudo events. Wow. Players of other, older trading card games are well accustomed to ban lists, limit lists, and even rotating formats, but the classification of [ccProd]Bottle of Wishes[/ccProd] as “retired” is the first time something Read more

Last weekend, I was able to take part in something I had yet to have the opportunity to experience in Kaijudo.  With a Kaijudo Master Challenge held by my local on Saturday and one three hours away on Sunday, I was in the perfect position to have a full weekend of KMCs.  In this article, I’ll be taking a look at the decks I ran at the two events and some of the more interesting decisions I made with them.  Then, we’ll see how they paid off in the long run! I did most of the testing in regards to Read more

Greetings, fellow Kaijudo duelists!  For today’s article, I’ll be taking a look at an important card in today’s meta that has recently resurfaced after months of being overlooked.  Those of you like me who have been playing Kaijudo for a long time probably have fond memories of the Evo Fury meta where decks like Blurple tempo, Dark Saber-Bolt, and Cobalt Control reigned supreme.  For those of you who might not be familiar with this important time in the game’s history, feel free to check out my past articles from that time period.  [ccProd]Screeching Scaradorable[/ccProd] saw a peak amount of play Read more

If you’ve been reading my articles for a while, you probably already know that watching trends as the metagame constantly evolves is very interesting to me.  Looking at what types of cards are being run in different decks and then comparing those numbers to months past is one of my favorite things to explore in Kaijudo.  This article will follow along that idea, specifically in regards to discard.  Cards that allow you to discard cards out of your opponent’s hand have been used throughout the game’s history and don’t look to ever stop being useful, but in this article, I’ll Read more