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Hello there all of my fellow Kaijudo duelists, do I have a surprise for you! I recently participated in an online quiz that was run by Wizards of the Coast that granted an exclusive preview card to the first correct answer. Not only did I get one of these cards, but it just so happens to be one of the Super Rares in the set and I’m writing this article just so I can share it with all of you out there! Without further ado, let me introduce you to “Supreme Dragon Bolshack!” There’s a lot to take in with Read more

As I’m sure a lot of you have seen by now, there are at least a few cards that have really stood out in the past couple months from the Invasion Earth set. We’ve still haven’t seen  a lot of mainstream success with cards like [ccProd]Almighty Colossus[/ccProd] or [ccProd]Dark Seer Jurlon[/ccProd], but for all we know, there could be cards yet to be released that make these cards even more playable than ever before. But until that happens, we’ll just have to focus on the present, after all, everything else is still speculation. For this week’s article, I want to take Read more

Hello again everyone, it’s been far too long! I’ve recently been busy with some things around the holiday season and more recently, I was able to go out to Wizards of the Coast with a few other members of the Kaijudo community to discuss the future of this amazing game! This was truly an amazing experience that words cannot describe… and in some regard, some of them literally can’t be talked about, well, except for the “Evo-Bomb” that Wizards of the Coast dropped on us earlier today! Wizards of the Coast have just recently announced on and ICv2 that Read more

Hello everyone! It’s been a week since my last article, but I assure you that I was busy attending to important matters such as: the Kaijudo Winter Championships and of course, Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, I hope you all had a great holiday this past week! In this article I want to discuss the experiences that I had while in Texas, as well as my thoughts going forward into the next of four seasons of KMCs. I had never been out to Texas prior to this trip, but it was to my understanding that it was supposed to be warm… So much Read more

In my last article I discussed my opinions on the top 6-10 items on my top ten list of cards from Invasion Earth. Since then I’m sure a lot of us have had the opportunity to become more accustomed to some of the cards in the set. Today though, I’ll be covering some similar concepts as I did last week, but this time I’ll be taking a look at numbers 1-5, completing the list in the process. Let’s get started with number five! 5. [ccProd]Cassiopeia Starborn[/ccProd] The Hype: This card is going to replace [ccProd]Squillace Scourge[/ccProd] in control decks! Cassiopeia is definitely Read more

I want to take a minute to thank all of the veterans and others out there that have served to keep this country as amazing as it is! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy some of the necessities of life or quite possibly even our hobbies! Thank you all for your service to us and this great country. Invasion Earth has only been out a couple days as of now and everyone has already started brewing up new ideas for the Winter Championship and their local Duel Day scene. It’s pretty obvious that with an increased card pool Read more

Hello everyone, my name is Mark Woodin and I’m from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. I am a recent addition to the Alter Reality Games family and I can’t be more excited to be a part of something so amazing. For those of you who haven’t heard of me in the past, I’ll give you a little bit of back story before I get into my article. I’ve been playing trading card games since I was back in middle school, almost fifteen years ago and collecting random cards for even longer before that! I like to see myself as being well-rounded in the Read more