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Shattered Alliances brought us plenty of powerful cards, but nothing so over-the-top that it dominates all comers. The field for the opening weekend of KMCs seemed wide open. The results from the ARG Circuit Series in Fort Worth also seemed to support this notion. I really struggled with what I wanted to play for the KMC in Torrington, CT, and the cloudy results of my testing kept pulling me in different directions. I ground out Haven Control mirror matches. How much ramp is too much? Is [ccProd]Wildstrider Ramnoth[/ccProd] only good in the mirror? Do you need a dedicated Darkness package or Read more

It’s safe to say that the first ever ARG Circuit Series event was a rousing success! Hundreds of players from all over the country made their way down to Fort Worth, Texas this past weekend to take part in the excitement. Reviews appear to be positive across the board for the professionalism on display by hard-working ARG employees and freelancers. The coverage we saw on the Facebook page and the ARG Youtube channel was unparalleled for both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Kaijudo! ARG is really pulling out all the stops to please the players of these fine games, and I can’t wait to get out to Read more

Shattered Alliances introduces 90 new cards that are sure to have an immediate impact on the tournament scene, but what about older cards that failed to make their presence known? Overlooked cards from previous sets are often breathed new life as a block continues, and it’s extremely gratifying to identify these “diamonds in the rough” before the rest of the field does. One card in particular that I’m sure everyone has considered after reading the 9SHA set spoiler is Clash of the Duel Masters’ own [ccProd]Slumbering Titan[/ccProd]. Is this card too narrow to see any competitive play, or is it a perfect counter to Read more

In an unprecedented move, Wizards of the Coast made the full Shattered Alliances spoiler available on the Kaijudo website over a week prior to the set’s release. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go right now! I’ll be here when you get back. Soaked it all in? I’m sure you’re marveling at the 10 new Super Rares, but that’s not what I want to talk about today. New toys for control decks are a given in every set. What is in flux, though, is just how much rope those control decks are allowed to have in the metagame. Barring set rotation, Read more

“Variance is good.” Wizards of the Coast staffers made known their love of cards like [ccProd]Bottle of Wishes[/ccProd] in no uncertain terms during the Q&A Session at the first Kaijudo Championship. The designers and developers that work tirelessly to bring us this great game all agree that “luck based” cards are essential to Kaijudo, provided that they are fun. Oh boy. That wasn’t what a lot of top players wanted to hear. Bad beat stories abound. Competitors could find no solace but to throw their hands in the air and attempt to mock Wizards’ position on the matter. Audible screams of Read more

Welcome to the start of another series here on ARG: Whatwoojudo!  The aim of this column is to get players talking about key turns that can arise in certain matchups. I’ll present a hypothetical board state, and a little background as to how the game progressed to that point. I’ll then display Player A’s hand, and the goal will be to determine the optimal line of play on the current turn. After each situation is put on display, I’ll highlight the important factors to consider when deciding on your move. At this point, I encourage you to think about what you Read more

It’s unanimous: the wait for Shattered Alliances is painful. Wizards of the Coast just announced dates and locations for the much-anticipated second season of Kaijudo Master Challenges. Everyone in the community is juiced up and ready to tackle these events head-on, but there’s one problem: the tournaments don’t start until after Shattered Alliances is released, and the set doesn’t come out until September 13! We’re all absorbing data in the aftermath of the Kaijudo Championship, but we can’t put those lessons learned to the test since the metagame will invariably shift yet again. We’re free to plan day trips to the KMCs, but Read more

Welcome back! If you haven’t already done so, please check out part one of this article here. In it, I talk about my experience at the first ever Kaijudo Championship LCQs. To get insight into Day 2 and beyond, however, I sat down to chat with my brother, KMC Poughkeepsie champion Tyler Hine. Zach Hine: Thanks for your time, Ty. Any general thoughts about the event before we get into specifics? Tyler Hine: Sure. I mean, it was pretty cool that it was in Seattle. I had never been to the west coast before, so the free trip was fun. It was Read more

Friendly faces, new challengers, enthusiastic Wizards staff members, and the unique opportunity for players to design brand new cards! If you missed out on the first ever Kaijudo Championship in Seattle this past weekend, you missed a really unique event. The weekend wasn’t without its ups and downs on a personal note, but even after flying out to Seattle on my own dime and ultimately not walking away with the crown, I’d do it all over again. The trip was a whirlwind, so this article is going to follow suit. LCQ #1: Dodging the Landmines, or, “Please Don’t Pair Me Read more

The community is buzzing. The anticipation is mounting. We’re mere days away from the first ever Kaijudo Championship tournament in Seattle! I imagine that most everyone who has already qualified has a pretty good idea about what deck they plan to bring to the table at this point. For those of you out there who may still be unsure, and for those of you (like me) who hope to win one of the LCQs on Friday, here are some last-minute testing tips. Deckbuilding Is a Process Building the right deck is an inexact science, but there are rules of thumb Read more