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Hey everybody, I’m back with the final article on my mini-series that investigates whether or not “old school” Yu-Gi-Oh is more skillful than “new school” Yu-Gi-Oh. In the first article, we discovered that this was actually a question of whether or not archetypes produce skillful formats. In the second article, we defined what we meant when we talk about skill. We discovered that skill was not as straightforward as someone might originally think and that there were actually three different layers to it; technical play, deckbuilding, and the mental game. Each of these layers is characterized by two categories. The Read more

How could he do this? That’s so dishonest! That’s cheating! Unethical and morally wrong! Scummy! Why would one of the best need to resort to this? Lacks integrity. Awful character. Unfair advantage.   Hey everybody. I intended this week’s article to be the conclusion to my article mini-series that investigated whether or not archetypes produce skillful competition, but in light of recent events I have decided to postpone that until next week in order to have a discussion on ethics. This past weekend at the ARGCS in Fort Lauderdale I played Nekroz with the intention of gaining an advantage in Read more

Last week I posted a discussion on “old school” vs. “new school” Yu-Gi-Oh. It was the result of my friend and I trying to figure out which created more skillful formats. We concluded last week that asking whether “old school” or “new school” Yu-Gi-Oh was better was really a question of whether or not archetypes produced skillful formats. This week we’re going to continue that discussion. Before we can figure out whether or not archetypes produce skillful formats, we have to define what we actually mean when we say that a format is skillful. It seems like such a straightforward Read more

I was recently debating the comparative skill of “old school” Yu-Gi-Oh and “new school” Yu-Gi-Oh with a friend of mine at locals. The topic came about from a broader discussion on the best formats in the history of the game. Because we had both experienced the two different kinds of Yu-Gi-Oh first hand, we had plenty of insight on the subject. The product of this debate was an excellent discussion that delved into multiple layers of the game’s culture. This discussion is going to be the basis for the first three articles in a new mini-series that will explore and Read more

  Hey everybody! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and the month off of competitive Yu-Gi-Oh as much as I did! This weekend marks the kickoff of the 2015 season with the ARG Circuit Series Orlando. It is the only event after the recent Forbidden and Limited Limited List change, but before the new set is released.   A friend of mine made an interesting observation. He said that it seems like Konami has given us a block format, similar to that of Magic, but without actually telling us that. Having thought about it, there’s quite a bit Read more

The Winter holidays provide not only a much needed break from school, but also a break from competitive Yu-Gi-Oh. There are four full weeks in between the last event this year and the first event, ARGCS Orlando, next year. This gives us a perfect opportunity to reflect on the year as a whole and see what we can learn from our experiences this year. This week, I’ll reflect on my own year.   Let’s start by taking a look at the premier events that occurred this year and how I did:   ARGCS Nashville – Didn’t Top YCS Sydney – Read more

The last time Snatch Steal was legal the original Transformers movie had just been released, everyone was standing under Rihanna’s Umbrella, and George W. Bush was regrettably President of the United States. In all likelihood, most people reading this have never used Snatch Steal in a tournament. In just under two weeks that’s’ going to change as the card makes its return to competitive play as a new Forbidden and Limited List takes effect. Any card that has been forbidden for almost a decade must hold some serious power behind it, right? This week I’m going to evaluate what is Read more

“Why don’t you switch to Magic?”   “You could make a lot of money.”   I get asked this all the time. It’s a perfectly legitimate question. Magic has tournaments every weekend in cities around the world, prizes that reflect an entire middle class family’s total income, and various other admirable qualities such as a Pro Tour and a Hall of Fame. When you consider we’re playing for an oversized mouse pad, a bus fare home, and a pat on the back, the decision seems more than obvious if you were to compare the two. Despite the inherent differences, I Read more

Other TCGs have a long history of awarding byes during the early rounds of even the most competitive tournaments. ARG was the first to incorporate byes into Yu-Gi-Oh at its $20,000 Championship at the end of the summer. It didn’t take long for others to follow suit. TCG Player gave byes at its $10,000 Championship in October and most recently Konami has begun incorporating byes at YCSes as well. Is awarding players literal free wins in competitive tournaments a good or a bad thing? Even if byes are a good thing, how can you go about distributing byes? It would Read more

Hey everybody! I’m back this week after an exciting weekend in Columbus, Ohio for the ARG Circuit Series. The Circuit’s next stop is this weekend in Des Moines. I’ll be there to compete with some amazing players for some terrific prizes. I hope to see you all this weekend in Iowa! To help you all prepare for this weekend’s tournament and any future tournaments you may attend, I’m going to bring you a list of biases that people tend to have when they think about Yu-Gi-Oh. Becoming aware of these biases will allow you to remove them from your playtesting Read more