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Hey everybody! I’m back this week with a tournament report from YCS Las Vegas. I managed to make it to the Top 32 with a very similar Mermail deck to the one that I played with for the majority of last format. In this article I’ll talk about my deck choice, individual card choices, and give a round-by-round summary of my experiences in the tournament. With Mermail Abyssgunde being limited on the latest forbidden and limited list, I was more than a little skeptical about the playability of Mermails. In fact, I thought the deck was a very subpar choice when Read more


With Circuit Series Richmond coming up this weekend, players are trying their best to find what the best deck to take to the event will be, including me! Today I want to talk about some of the decks that will see a good amount of play at Richmond that will take advantage and utilize of some of the great cards that come out of Dragons of Legend this Friday.   Mythic/Bandit Rulers This deck is probably going to be the most played deck at the ARGCS this weekend, as it can use Soul Charge and Kuribandit to their full potential. Read more


That’s right, duelists, a storm is coming! And I’m not talking about Tempest, either! As I’m sure you already know, the next set, Dragons of Legend, contains some absolutely broken cards in it. Konami has been slowly revealing them one day at a time, and social media has been all the rage ever since. It seems this was their plan all along; this is why the banlist did not really do too much. Between Dragons of Legend and Primal Origins, we don’t actually need a full banlist to change the meta—that will be happening soon enough. Innovation is back, ladies Read more

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So with the new format upon us, I feel like Geargia and Bujins are by far the most popular decks. Not to be counted out, with great showings are still Mermails and Fire Fist variants, but many people have turned to Geargia as they were untouched by the F/L list, as well as Bujins for similar reasons. Of course, not I. I’m always trying to innovate new things, and I’m back this week to show you my updated Ghostrick Spirit deck in which I was able to place 1st at my regional in Garden City this past weekend. For those Read more


Hello, duelists. For today’s article, I decided to do a one-on-one interview with the reigning YCS Chicago Champ, Tom Mak. Tom and I have known each other for years, and I can easily vouch for him as being one of the better players to ever touch a Yu-Gi-Oh card. We’ve been attending the same local for over half a decade, and he’s been pretty consistent throughout his career, despite having played far less than myself. His exemplary list of credentials includes 6 tops in total: 3 YCS, 1 SJC, and 2 Nationals. In 2011, he made the Top4 at the Read more


     A week and a half ago, I was able to place in the Top 32 of YCS Chicago and today I’m here with my tournament report! Right after my poor performance in ARG North Carolina and loosing to 2 Fire Fist decks in Swiss, I immediately dropped Hieratics. I felt that the deck was too fragile and I was loosing because constant streams of back rows/Wolfbarks were too overwhelming. Essentially the first deck I pick up right after is Fire Fists. (As you can tell from the past few articles I’ve written about Fire Fist and giving examples Read more

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When the new forbidden and limited list was announced during the middle of March, it seemed as if the majority of players felt rather underwhelmed by it. There were a total of nine changes on the list this time round. Whilst everyone were in agreement with what decks should be hit (namely, Mermail and Fire Fist), there was a general discordance between the player base as to how to best hit them. When the list was published, a limit to Mermail Abyssgunde was the solitary hit to Mermail, a deck which has been weakened for three successive formats now but still Read more


Good evening everybody! The April 2014 format kicks off in a couple days and I’m sure you’re all busy working hard perfecting your decks for the upcoming format. Today I’d like to present to you a revolutionary deck building concept that I’ve been working on for quite some time. It applies economic concepts to deck building by allowing you to make decisions at the margin. It has a wide range of applications and can be applied in just about every area of deck building. I’m going to start out by giving you some background on the topic to show you Read more

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Hello ARG readers! Before I start I’d like to congratulate all of my friends who managed to top YCS Chicago this past weekend! Unfortunately I myself fell just short of the top cut losing in the final round of swiss. With that event behind us, it is now time to focus on the future! As I’m sure you are aware, the ban list was revealed last Wednesday. While I’ve heard many different opinions on the list, I myself am I huge fan! In this article I will discuss the changes made in the list, and how it is likely to Read more


Greetings, duelists! We’re soaring high after two back-to-back major events in Las Vegas and Chicago, respectively, where Bujins reigned supreme both times! I bet no one saw that one coming; Bujins are definitely a good deck, but the majority of the field was still Water and Fire Fist. It seems the deck is forcing itself into the meta as a serious threat, and I can guarantee that some hardcore side deck tech will be sure to emerge in the coming months, seeing as how it was completely unaffected by the banlist. Regardless of that, though, I’m here today to talk Read more