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max reynolds

September is almost over and the new season of competitive play has fired up these past few weeks! With the hiatus of the Circuit Series, I’ve been playing more and more of Konami’s format at regionals in Indianapolis and Chicago. With YCS Dallas quickly approaching, I wanted to begin testing the Nekroz deck I had planned to take to the event. With Norden finally legal in the TCG, I had developed a Nekroz deck based around Norden that slaughtered the mirror match and easily beat Qliphort, which was a deck I personally struggled against. Aside from being strong against the Read more

D. Roberts(1)

Greetings my fellow duelists! I’m glad you’re back here with me after one of the busiest months I’ve ever seen in my life! I’d like to extend a congratulations to Jeff Jones for winning ARGCS Indianapolis with Yang Zing! Quite the performance, Jeff! Everything’s Bigger In Texas! We’re on the road to what looks to be an Ebola-free YCS Dallas, and things have shaken up quite a bit in terms of the game. A couple of additions to the card pool, plus some exciting announcements are all headlining in players minds as they prepare to dethrone Billy Brake as the Read more

circuit series round logo SEASON 3

Name: Eric Mack Age: 19 Occupation: Savage Hometown: Highland MVP Card: Retaliating “C” Previous Accomplishments: I think I topped locals once. Why did you chose the deck you played: Torrential is at two. What change would you like to see in ARG Format: Solemn Judgment Name: Gabe Orosan-Weine Age: 14 Occupation: Professional Yugioh Player Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI MVP Card: Miracle Synchro Fusion Previous Accomplishments: YCS Toronto 2015 Champ Why did you chose the deck you played: Best Deck What change would you like to see in ARG Format: Kill Nekroz of make it more consistent Name: JT Patterson Age: Read more


Chris Leblanc – Nekroz Main Deck: 2 Nekroz of Brionac 1 Nekroz of Unicore 2 Nekroz of Clausolas 3 Nekroz of Valkyrus 1 Nekroz of Gungnir 1 Nekroz of Catastor 3 Menju of the Ten Thousand Hands 3 Senju of the Thousand Hands 2 Performage Trick 2 Performage Damage Juggler 1 Performage Hat Tricker 1 Great Sorcerer of Nekroz 1 Exa Emperor of Nekroz 2 Gem-Knight Garnet 1 Shurit, Strategist of Nekroz 3 Nekroz Cycle 2 Nekroz Mirror 1 Nekroz Kaleidoscope 1 Instant Fusion 1 Preparation of Rites 3 Brilliant Fusion 2 Reinforcement of the Army Side Deck: 3 Retaliating Read more


Place Name Points 1 Jones, Jeff 22 2 Larmie, Brad 21 3 Leblanc, Chris 19 4 Musgrove, Larry Dean 19 5 Wetzler, Andrew 19 6 Hunter, RF 19 7 Mack, Eric 19 8 Oroson – Weine, Gabe 19 9 Patterson, J.T. 18 10 Savignano, Zachary 18 11 Frazier, James 18 12 Nobile, Jason 18 13 Salins, Eden 18 14 Singh, Justin 18 15 Rowe, Tommy 18 16 Lofton, Christopher 18 17 Reid Jr, Mark 18 18 Nappi, Ross 17 19 Mavrer, Ian 16 20 Porter, Jerome 16 21 Reynolds, Maximillian 16 22 Lackey, Jacob 15 23 Land, Clifton 15 24 Read more

frazier smith

ARG recently announced some changes to its custom format, which will be used at the next Circuit Series in Indianapolis. As always, some decks were nerfed while others were buffed, but most importantly more decks are playable. Allow me to share my thoughts. Banned Raigeki Apoqliphort Towers Restricted to 1 Nekroz of Unicore Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Restricted to 2 Compulsory Evacuation Device One for One Elemental Hero Bubbleman El Shaddoll Fusion Monster Gate No Longer Restricted Debris Dragon Rescue Rabbit Tragoedia Artifact Moraltach The biggest deck in Yu-Gi-Oh at the moment is none other than Nekroz. This Read more

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Long gone are the days of 120-card Fusion decks, where the trendy thing to do would be to pack three of every fusion card into existence into your deck for pretty much no reason. No, Master of Oz and Flame Swordsman weren’t likely ever come up and especially not in multiples. Outside of a few select cards like Cyber Stein and Metamorphosis, what we now call the Extra deck was very limited in scope and there wasn’t really a need to limit its use since you weren’t really all that likely to use it very much in the first place. Read more

max reynolds

At long last Season Three of the well-known ARG Circuit Series is finally here! The ARG Circuit Series goes hand in hand with the brand new ARG Format, which has been in place since this past July. ARG Format has seen many shifts in cards that have allowed players to use decks that would have otherwise been obsolete. The latest update to this new format came this past Labor Day, where we saw the following changes take place: Banned Raigeki Apoqliphort Towers   Restricted to 1 Nekroz of Unicore Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier   Restricted to 2 Compulsory Read more

Dominique Roberts

Hello, duelists! Welcome back to The Scoop! The absolute realest Yu-Gi-Oh! News Report on the internet, and of course it’s right here on ARG! Having been in the game as long as I have, I’ve seen the evolution of players, websites, and the community as a whole. One of the things I miss about Yu-Gi-Oh! in the older days was the presence of teams in the game! Compiled of magnificent players, teams like Overdose and Comic Odyssey would come in and completely WRECK Shonen Jump Championships! If you were sitting across from a member of one of those teams, you Read more


Hello Duelists. As explained in the Circuit Series Facebook group we will be updating the ARG Banned/Restricted list on the first Monday of each month. Some months there may not be any changes and we will post no changes. Remember if a card is a major problem we may emergency edit the ARG Banned/Restricted List. The goal of the list is trying to make the format have multiple decks, upwards of five or six as well as bring some decks back that were not viable. For this list there are changes so I will post what they are and the Read more