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Hey everybody! I hope you guys are as excited for the Forbidden and Limited List as I am! This is perhaps the most important list of the year as it is the list that will be used to qualify duelists for the 2015 World Championship!   I hope we can all rejoice in the limitation of certain floodgates; specifically Vanity’s Emptiness, a card that has consistently been thought would surely be hit on the next list, only to consistently remain untouched. Combine this with the hit on Skill Drain and I predict the result is that Nekroz will become even Read more

frazier smith

Banned Snatch Steal It was fun while it lasted, but let’s be honest—this card was degenerate. As soon as it came off the list, you would see ARG live coverage of people savaging each other back and forth with their copies of Snatch Steal. I played in an iPad tournament back in January, and I lost a game to an opponent who was completely top decking because he was able to take my Majesty’s Fiend. When he took it, my lifepoints were at 8000 and I had a total of five cards. That means I was +5 on him in Read more

rosty elkun

Hello Duelists! As I’m sure all of you know, the April 1st Forbidden and Limited list was announced last week, and like always it’s the talk of the community. For the second time in a row, I chose to write about a deck that I had tested for quite a while and post an article about that deck, and then the banlist got released and made that deck completely irrelevant (First Artifact Satellarknight, and now Dragon Rulers). I’m hoping this won’t become a recurring thing. But now onto this week’s article. I’ll be discussing the Forbidden and Limited list and Read more

The other day I read Patrick Hoban’s article “on ethics” and I was greatly disturbed. Frankly it scared me, not for me personally, but for yugioh and its community as a whole. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to bash Hoban, call him a cheat, or even to say he is wrong, but to say that his thought is incomplete in the way that he only looks at one aspect of yugioh: how to win. That is after all his job, to write articles on how to win yugioh no matter what. So if your only goal is Read more

christian gonzalez

A lot of attention has been placed on Patrick Hoban’s actions as of late. This has to do with the fact that such a high-profile individual could so something so (in my view) low and disgraceful. Hoban is a person whom many people look up to as a Yu-Gi-Oh role model, and he generally sets a good example. However, I am here to show you why he set an atrocious example through his actions at ARGCS Fort Lauderdale, and why his argument which he uses to defend himself is quite flawed. Firstly, I’d like to agree with him on the Read more

rosty elkun

Hello Duelists! As many of you know, Gold Series 2: Return of the Bling is being released this Friday! After looking over the cards that we are getting in that set, only one really stuck out to me (and probably the rest of the yugioh community): Number 95: Galaxy Eyes Dark Matter Dragon. This is probably one of the most powerful cards I’ve seen released in a while. It reads as follows: 3 Level 9 Monsters You can also Xyz Summon this card by using a “Galaxy-Eyes” Xyz Monster you control as the Xyz Material . (Xyz Materials attached to Read more

max reynolds

Hello everyone, I’m back this week to talk about the different types of opponents you might come across and how to deal with them. If you’ve ever played in any organized Yugioh tournament you’ve probably come across some pretty interesting people. Often times the way your opponent behaves has a huge affect on how the match will go. If you sit down across from someone and they are nasty towards you, your match is going to be very tense and you will have to play carefully to avoid getting sharked. This past weekend at ARGCS Connecticut, I had the pleasure Read more


Hey everybody, I’m back with the final article on my mini-series that investigates whether or not “old school” Yu-Gi-Oh is more skillful than “new school” Yu-Gi-Oh. In the first article, we discovered that this was actually a question of whether or not archetypes produce skillful formats. In the second article, we defined what we meant when we talk about skill. We discovered that skill was not as straightforward as someone might originally think and that there were actually three different layers to it; technical play, deckbuilding, and the mental game. Each of these layers is characterized by two categories. The Read more




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