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Hello duelists.  This is my 25th article, and may I just say that it has been a pleasure sharing my ideas with the community here for just over a year now.  Tyler and I were recruited to doctor decks last January.  Tyler is a creative thinker with a good grasp of fundamentals which show in each and every article he posts.  Those who have followed him on forums can attest that he is especially an expert at crafting alternate win condition strategies.  At this time, Tyler has stepped down from writing and is discontinuing his work on the deck doctor Read more

Treatise on Competitive Philosophy Contents Book 1: Reasoning Like a Competitor Book 2: Fighting Like a Competitor Book 3: Persisting Like a Competitor Book 1: Reasoning Like a Competitor Abstract In this chapter I lay the groundwork for the objective approach to competition.  I deconstruct the imaginary code people often compete under: a code that is often self-contradictory and halting to player improvement.  The subjective perception of cheapness is a common topic when it comes to game morality.  It’s important to take improvement into your own hands rather than be wrapped up in the unfairness of the game, or life Read more

Contents Book 1: Reasoning Like a Competitor Book 2: Fighting Like a Competitor Book 3: Persisting Like a Competitor   Book 1: Reasoning Like a Competitor Abstract In this chapter, I introduce the book and its general contents, touch on the peculiarity of competition, and share the history of my involvement in competitive play. Chapter 1: To Live and To Compete “Being a fine chef, a good mother, a doctor, a political activist, or a musician are all noble pursuits that may, due to your finite time and effort, prevent you from focusing on something as trivial as winning games. Read more

Entry 22 Hey duelists.  Patrick and Frazier recently wrote on the merits and drawbacks of the Dragunity and Classic (Debris) variants of Dragon Ruler, each offering his own unique conclusion on which deck is better.  While Pat favors the Dragunity deck, Frazier is an advocate of Debris.  Both did a good job of hitting the major points in the debate.  Rather than parrot what’s already been said, I am going to build upon the discussion through a tournament report relaying my experiences.  My one-year anniversary writing for ARG is coming up soon, and I have just a few thoughts to Read more

Hey everyone, at the time of this writing we are nearly halfway (2 months) through the September 2013 banlist.  This season has been a rather different one, as the schedule for the list has changed from the usual 6 months to a now reduced 4 months.  Fun fact: this isn’t the first time the schedule for list updates has changed, though it is the first time in a good while.  It isn’t difficult to see how a shorter term can benefit both Konami as a business trying to move its product as well as the playerbase, who, in general terms, Read more

Welcome to the twentieth installment! Recently we experienced the first event in the ARG Circuit Series in Ft. Worth.  This event took premier event competition to the next level: the match coverage was thorough, statistics were published, interviews were conducted, the prize support was tremendous, and the average player was unusually higher in skill level than what you’d find at typical tournaments this size.  Those who weren’t able to make Ft. Worth will surely want to attend ARG Circuit Series Columbus the weekend of October 12, which will certainly be just as, if not more, successful than its predecessor. Today Read more

Welcome to the ninteenth installment! On the weekend of September 21-22, 2013, the duelist community witnessed the first ever third party premier event the game has ever seen: ARG Circuit Series Fort Worth.  Leading up to this first tournament in the series, players were divided on how well they thought it would turn out.  Naysayers feared that a third party event would not attract as much attention, while others anticipated that lack of experience would lead to a disorganized tournament.  However, most of the playerbase seemed optimistic about the initiative, hoping that the Circuit Series would address the common deficiencies Read more

Welcome to the eighteenth installment! Well, I finally did it; I reached my $1k goal in 2013 local winnings.  It took 19 tournament tops to reach the $1,033 mark.  Sadly, I fell off the face of the Yugi-map afterwards due to exams.  While I do find a little time each week to play some Yugioh, I can’t grind properly for premier event training the way I did earlier in the year.  Oh, to have past luxuries. Since I last attended a local, the ban list has taken effect, and the meta has started to settle.  Like oil and water, the Read more

Worlds 2013: Remembering a Legacy Format (Part 2) 17.  Greetings.  This is the second segment to the three-part discussion on formats that leave behind a strong legacy and how Worlds 2013 is an embodiment of that legacy.  In this article, I provide a simple model of skill curves and how to interpret them.  This model helps to tease apart skillful formats from the more subjective values that influence what people call a “good” or “bad” format and sets the stage for the Worlds analysis in part 3.   Format Skill Curves in Graphic Form There is a thought experiment that Read more

Worlds 2013: Remembering a Legacy Format (Part 1) Hello, my furry friends.  Johnny Bear is back with entry #16.  This format, I have covered the most commonly played decks, such as Evilswarm, Spellbook, and Constellar, as well as a number of odd decks like Gravekeepers, Heroes, and anti-meta.  Suspicously, I have not written on the deck in center-stage of it all, Dragon Ruler, as I have saved the best for last.  In part 1, I will introduce you to what I call “legacy formats” and scratch the surface on the legacy that Dragon Rulers leave behind.  I hope that this Read more