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So over the course of the last two weeks we looked at Rodrigo’s Dragon Ruler and Kye Baker’s Prophecy decklists. Seeing as how they are far and away the top two decks this format, it was only fair to begin our deck analysis by looking at them first. Of course they are not the only decks in which people are playing, so this week I decided we begin looking at some of the Tier 2 decks that have seen some popularity this format. The obvious choice would be Evilswarms. Unfortunately there really hasn’t been a single unique build of Evilswarms Read more

So last week we covered Rodrigo Togores’ build of Dragon Rulers which allow him to take home the WCQ in Spain. This week I decided it would only be fair to focus on the other top deck in the current format – Prophecy. Within the last few weeks we have seen a dramatic shift in the style of Prophecy at the top tables of National events. While the trend has only just begun, Frazier wrote about the Priestess-less version of Prophecy which placed 2nd at the Italian WCQ. Well this past weekend we saw another Prophecy player take the concept Read more

I have never written an article like this before, so feel free to comment below on what you think after reading. Anyway, seeing as how National reason has begun around the world, the Yu-Gi-Oh community suddenly has an array of decklists to devour. With the North American World Championship Qualifier right around the corner, I know I have been keeping an eye out at some of the decks which have found their way in the Top of other country’s nationals. As should have been obvious, Prophecy and Dragon Ruler are head and shoulders above the rest of the competition right Read more

Think about how many sayings there are to describe two equally matched foes. We have all heard about the immovable object meeting the unstoppable force, or… I’ll stop myself now before I get too far on a philosophical tangent. What I really wanted to talk about today transitions our previous topic regarding the new era in Yu-Gi-Oh and relates it to the general premise in the opening line. Now two duelists are obviously going to have advantages over one another, that is simply the way the world works. And we have seen over time how certain decks tend to feast Read more

May I be the first to welcome you to the new age of Yu-Gi-Oh. An era where some of the previously most powerful cards in the games history are now rendered virtually unplayable. A time where the maximum hand size rules are torn to shreds. And perhaps the only time in Yu-Gi-Oh where card advantage really doesn’t matter. Today I am going to be talking about some of the ramifications of the recent releases, and making note of now dramatic of a change they have created in the Yu-Gi-Oh card game. This may not be easy reading for those of Read more

So with YCS New Jersey in the books, I imagine the entire Yu-Gi-Oh community is looking forward to the upcoming Nationals season. But before we start talking about the new releases from this past weekend, I want to give a huge congratulations to Tyree Tinsley for winning his second YCS championship. He really is one of the most impressive players in the game right now. But while Tyree was taking down YCS New Jersey over the weekend, players across the globe were busting open packs searching for Spellbook of Judgment and Dracosack. Oh Nationals season is surely upon us. My Read more

For some unforesaken reason, Konami has perpetually decided to develop formats during Nationals season with a plethora of decks with alarming power. Some of the strongest decks of all time have only existed in the format during which National season was being held. Need I go any further but to remind everyone of the formats with three[ccProd]Substitoad[/ccProd], three [ccProd]Infernity Launcher[/ccProd]s, three [ccProd]Cold Wave[/ccProd]s, three [ccProd]Wind-Up Zenmaity[/ccProd] and so on? It is almost like clockwork that you just assume the sets in the months leading up to Nationals are intentionally going to release collections of cards which could easily make someone faint. Read more

Now that Hidden Arsenal has hit the shelves, the Yu-Gi-Oh world has been graced by release of numerous format shifting cards. From the power and potential of the Evilswarm archtype, to the generic rank 4 XYZ monsters Daigusto Emeral and Laval Chain, there have been some serious releases to prepare for when considering YCS New Jersey. While Daigusto Emeral has found a home in a wide variant of extra decks, such as Fire Fist variants sporting only one set of normal monsters, who can now recycle [ccProd]Rescue Rabbit[/ccProd] twice a game РLaval Chain is in a little bit of a Read more

One of the beauties of my time in the game of Yu-Gi-Oh, is that I have gotten to experience each of the pivotal steps that come across as you improve as a player. From the absolute beginning stages of finally topping your first local, to the adrenaline rush of knowing you Top 8’d your first regional, these moments are sacred in the life of a Yu-Gi-Oh player, and shape who we become as players. Those who grasp each moment as their ultimate goal cap their potential development, while those who strive for the next step have the natural inclination of Read more

The upcoming Hidden Arsenal has obviously caused quite a stir throughout the dueling community. With archtypes like Prophecy, Mermail and Elemental Dragons focusing on spamming Level 7 special summons, the upcoming Iswarm theme is seen as the perfect counter to the mainstream decks. YCS New Jersey may not be filled with Spellbook of Judgment or Elemental Dragons, but the persistence of Mermails will surely not wind down. The unquestionable deck to beat has been the vocal point of players deck choices, as seen by the rise in play of Macro Rabbit and Frog Monarchs. Even with the heaps of hate, Read more