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Hey everyone at ARG this Paul Garn but you can call me, French Pirate84. I am mainly a part-time player right now but looking to get back into TCGs full-time.  I like giving deck help when I was going to the Toys ‘R’ Us Duelist League when they were doing it.

Turbo Deck

Well I say I am going to remove every card from this deck for because if you are going to fix something start it back up from scratch. And what I am going to do is turn it into an envoy turbo deck. This deck can easily run under 300 dollars; this is based off of the cheapest version of the cards.

Deck (Main):

Monsters (Twenty-seven):

I say put in three Apprentice Magicians running thing card with other cards such as Night’s End Sorcerer and Light of Intervention with help create graveyard removal also within the speed of this deck.

Next card I say to put in is three of Night’s End Sorcerer run this card with the Apprentice Magician and Light of Intervention or even throw in some Marauding Captains to get the graveyard removal process going.

Next card is Marauding Captain run three of this in the deck his extra summoning effect helps with summoning any card fast even creating a xyz monster or even synchro monster on the first turn.

Next card is Effect Veiler run three of this card in the deck great tuner for any deck.

Next card is Sangan run only one of this card it is limited and a great card for getting cards out of the deck and into your hand.

Next card is Mystic Tomato run three of this card it is a great card that can help with getting any of your dark monsters with fifteen hundred or less attack points to the field fast.

Next card is Jowgen the Spiritualist run two of this card in the deck. It will help get rid of your opponents special summoned monster as well as yours but in this deck you need to get rid of theirs even at a cost.

Next card is Milla the Temporal Magician run three of this card. Great card to let you look at your opponents’ facedown cards with.

Next card is Junk Synchron run three of this card; it creates some speed for getting other tuners that I have listed from your graveyard. It may negate their effect but it give you a chance to do two synchro summons in one turn.

And for the last monster card is Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning, run only one of this card it is limited. This is a great card to special summon with the other monster cards I listed before.

Spells (Eight):

First spell card is Mystical Space Typhoon run three of this card. This is a great basic card that every deck should run.

Next spell card is Pot of Duality run two of this card. This is a great card for getting cards from your deck that you want but the negate to it you can’t special summon any monster cards that turn so no usage of Monster Reborn, Call of the Haunted, Synchro Summoning or XYZ summoning the turn that you use this card.

Next spell card that will be used is Monster Reborn, only run one of this card for you can only run one for it is limited.

Next spell card to use is Lightning Vortex run two of this card.  It is a great card to use to get rid of your opponents face up cards.

Traps (Five):

First trap card to use is Mirror Force run two of this card. It is a great card to use, now that it is semi-limited you can now use more then one of this card.

Next card is Light of Intervention run two of this card. Running this card with Night’s End Sorcerer and Apprentice Magician is a great combo to remove cards from the Graveyard.

Next card is Solemn Judgment this is a great staple card for any deck the only negate about it is the fact that its cost is half your life points which it can be bad and it can be good depending on what your timing is and what card you choose to use it on.

Side Deck:

For the side deck I want this deck to be versatile so I am going to make the side deck simple.

Side Deck (15):

First card for the side deck is three Breaker the Magical Warrior he is a great card for this deck for destroying your opponents spell and trap cards on the field.

Next card is Pot of Avarice run only one of this card in your side deck for it is a limited card. Great card but easily wasted is not used at the right time.

Next card is Call of the Haunted run one of this card. Even thought this card is unlimited it has its flaws such as Mystical Space Typhoon, Breaker the Magical Warrior and Dust Tornado can easily destroy it. There are other cards that can easily destroy it but they have to be played on your opponents turn like Heavy Storm.

Next card is Copycat this card is a fun card to play and easily turn the tables is used at the right time. So run three of this card for this deck. It can copy the attack and defense of an opponents’ monster.

Next card is Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer, this card is a great substitution for Mystic Tomato because when this card deals damage to your opponents life points you can remove up to two monsters from their graveyard. And it stops them from removing your cards from the graveyard. Run three of this card.

Next card is Swords of Revealing Light in some cases depending on what deck your are going against your are going to need some extra time and/ or defense. Run two of this card even though it is unlimited no deck should run more then two of this card other wise it is too much time wasting.

Next card to run is Draining Shield not only do you negate a monsters attack but you gain life equal to that attack.  I suggest running two of this card.

Extra Deck (15):

Number 39: Utopia run three of this card in your extra deck great card all around

Grenosaurus run three of this card; it is a great card for your extra deck.

Gem-Knight Pearl run two this card it has a great attack even though it has no XYZ material monster effect bonus or anything like that but for being normal it is a great card.

Number 17: Leviathan Dragon run two of this card. It is a great card. But the only negative is when it has no XYZ material monsters with it this card can not attack you opponents’ life points directly.

Ally of Justice Catastor run three of this card this is a great card for destroying non-dark monster pre-damage step.

X-Saber Urbellum run two of this card this is a great card for annoying your opponent when ever this card deals damage, because every time you deal damage to your opponent with this card and as long as they have four of more cards in their hand then you get to put one of those cards back on top of their deck.


Main Deck:


3 Apprentice Magician

3 Night’s End Sorcerer

3 Marauding Captain

3 Effect Veiler

1 Sangan

3 Mystic Tomato

2 Jowgen the Spiritualist

3 Milla the Temporal Magician

3 Junk Synchron

1 Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning


3 Mystical Space Typhoon

2 Pot of Duality

1 Monster Reborn

2 Lightning Vortex


2 Mirror Force

2 Light of Intervention

1 Solemn Judgment

Extra Deck:

3 Number 39: Utopia

3 Grenosaurus

2 Gem - Knight Pearl

2 Number 17: Leviathan Dragon

3 Ally of Justice Catastor

2 X-Saber Urbellum

Side Deck:

3 Breaker the Magical Warrior

1 Pot of Avarice

1 Call of the Haunted

3 Copy Cat

3 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer

2 Swords of Revealing Light

2 Draining Shield

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