CIA- Celestial Intelligent Agents

Sometimes when a new structure deck gets released it’s ignored by most because everyone sticks to the meta. People have changed their mind ever since the Machina Structure deck back in early 2010. Now another structure deck has arrived and it’s much more devastating then a gadget deck could be, it’s the Agents!

There’s one thing you don’t have to worry about if your showing up to YCS Rhode Island and that is T.G. Hyper Librarian, but instead you have to worry about this deck!!

YCS Rhode Island will introduce this new fairy deck to the table and it’s so destructive, it has 3 Dark Armed Dragons, 3 Elemental Hero Stratos, 3 Call of the Mummies, 2 Fossil Dynas (who special summon themselves), and 3 Legendary Six Samurai Kizans! If that wasn’t enough for you, Dimensional Alchemist is thrown in to make the deck even more consistent, check out this build for yourself!

Even if your not going to Rhode Island this is always a good deck to play on Dueling Network or the upcoming regional in your area. It’s a deck that is similar to Dark Armed Return, just not so crazy with Dimension Fusion.

Monsters 21:

3 Master Hyperion

2 Archlord Kristya

3 The Agent of Miracles – Jupiter

3 The Agent of Mystery – Earth

1 Zeradias, Hearld of Heaven

1 Honest

3 Dimensional Alchemist

2 Tethys, Goddess of Light

3 Hecatrice

Spells 12:

3 Cards from the sky

2  The Sanctuary in the Sky

1 Mystical Space typhoon

1 Monster Reborn

1 Dark Hole

2 Valhalla, Hall of the fallen

1 Pot of duality

1 DDR – different dimension reincarnation

Traps 7:

2 Miraculous Descent

1 Mirror Force

2 Solemn Warning

1 Solemn judgment

1 Return from the Different Dimension

Extra Deck:

1 Trishula Dragon of the Ice Barrier

1 Brionac Dragon of the Ice Barrier

2 Black Rose Dragon

1 Gaia Knight the Force of Earth

1 Armory Arm

1 Stardust Dragon

1 Colossal Fighter

2 Scrap Dragon

1 Ancient Sacred Wyvern

1 Avenging knight Parshath

1 Ally of justice Catastor

1 Flamvell Uruquizas

1 Iron Chain Dragon

This is a sample of what will be ran at YCS Rhode Island and for those of you that are going this deck is going to be a huge threat to your samurai deck. So, if you are running Six Samurai you better find as many ways to protect your Shi En as you can because for this type of fairy deck it’s way to easy to summon a 2600+ attack monster down to take the Shi En out. If you are running Gravekeepers, you are going to run into trouble too unless you open up very well. Plants have an okay match up against this deck, but overall this deck will change the meta a lot.

First of all, I want to thank everyone who play tested against me through the these last few days and thank you Kapono Banuelos for playing vs. me while I took notes. I wanted to post a very powerful version of this deck that everyone could use or change a few things for your own play style.  (on the bottom I will have my contact information for any questions or concerns on this deck.)

Second of all, this deck was made assuming it will only play against Gravekeepes, Six samurais, and Plants.

So a sample side deck would be this:

3 Banisher of the Radiance

2 Victoria / Nobleman of Crossout (it’s up to you for this one)

2 Effect Veiler

2 Kinetic Soldier

1 Mystical Space Typhoon

3 Light of Judgment

2 Malevolent Catastrophe

There are quite a few side deck cards you can include which could be cards such as Dimensional Prison, Fossil Dyna Pachychaphelo, D.D. Warrior Lady, and more. However, these are my choices as of now for a side deck.

A lot of people would disagree with my choices, but I’ve tested and this is how it will work according to my play style.

When using this deck it’s difficult to decide when to use Cards from the Sky. If you can’t decide when to use it, as soon as possible is always a good choice unless you benefit from destroying a ton of their cards by Attacking / Special summoning, then of course take that route but this card has serious costs.

Don’t waste the Dimensional Alchemists! Those cards make this deck consistent for 1 reason, they can control the graveyard / remove from play pile.

After this new deck is used it will be copied by many and that will get people to side deck heavily against it. Therefore it might not be a great choice for U.S. Nationals this year but for sure it’s good for Rhode Island.

My contact information:

My email is Tsukuyomi777isKevinSilva@Hotmail.conm

My facebook is

My youtube is

My twitter is Kevin.Silva777

I’ll respond to any questions about the new upcoming meta deck or nearly anything else you have to ask me.

You could even leave a comment with a question if you want me to answer you.

Check out my notes that I’ve taken during some of my play testing games!!

Notes I’ve taken during duels:

This deck counters samurais very easily.

I use 2 Hecatrice and 1 Valhalla for consistency. You see, searching Valhalla then dropping Hyperion is 1 card destruction already.

Dimensional Alchemist fuels this deck so much, controlling the remove from play pile which you should always have Hyperion or Kristya removed.

There are situations where The Agent of Judgment - Jupiter becomes a Legendary Six Samurai Kizan if you have multiple amounts of them removed from play and 1 in the hand coming down to the field or 1 on the field already.

Tethys, Goddess of Light is beyond Good if you want to run this deck. You have to run 3 of these cards, it has so many options all the time and completes this deck with ease.

Works especially well with Miraclous Descent and Monster Reborn.

Even when going 2nd you can still bring out powerful cards with Hecatrice into Valhalla, proceed into Hyperion/Tethys/Archlord Kristya.

Some hands require you to go all out and hope they don’t have options.

When they use cards like Trishula they actually help me most of the time.

One thing to add, never surrender if you opponent has massive advantage they might make a mistake and you will come back. They had Fossil Dyna, 2 Solemn Warning and Royal Oppression and I still managed to come out of it.

Another thing people try to do is cheat their way to win, with fake rulings. Don’t let them tell you what your cards do, you tell them what they do and call a judge if they don’t comply with it.

Don’t summon Alchemist unless you sure you can get something removed from play or you already have something removed from play.

Going all out now a days seems to almost have no punishment. There are only a few cards you have to worry about when you go all out: those 3 cards are Torrential Tribute, Mirror force, and Dark Hole. Usually they only come off top decks, they don’t have those cards most of the time and some people have even cut Mirror or Torrential!!

Remember, Play hard or go Home!!!

Alter Reality Games Writer

Kevin Silva

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