Circuit Series Coverage Archive Milwaukee, Wisconsin June 14 & 15




Welcome duelists. The ARG Circuit Series returned to the Midwest to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A total of 165 duelists came out for the event.. There were no new releases since the last circuit so many duelists were not expecting drastic changes in the metagame. Players were also more prepared for the new decks that emerged such as HAT and Madolche. However, they were less prepared for Sylvans.  Looking around the room it looked like it was filled with Geargia decks. People were wondering if the deck will finally win a Circuit or would another deck yet again prevail.

Despite the lower turnout there was a strong field of top duelists. Former premier event champions Stephen Silverman, Jeff Jones, Patrick Hoban, Robert Boyajiian, and Datlon Bousman attended the event. At the end of the swiss rounds the top cut was dominated by Geargia as it took almost half the spots. The top cut broke down to 7 Geargia, 2 Sylvan, 2 Spellbooks, 1 Dragon, 1 HAT, 1 Chain Burn, 1 Nurse Burn, and 1 Bujin. In the finals Hin Tin Lee's Sylvan deck beat Matt Kolenda's Geargia to become the first person to win a premiere event with Sylvans. The Circuit Series heads to Philadelphia in two weeks for its final event before the circuit Championship.

ARG Circuit Series Milwaukee Wisconsin Champion Edward Lee!


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