Circuit Series Coverage Archive Washington, D.C. May 31st & June 1st, 2014


Welcome duelists.  The ARG Circuit Series stopped at the nation's capital, Washington D.C. .  We were just shy of 300 players for the event.  This was the first Circuit where the new set, Primal Origin, was avaiable to play.  With the release of Primal Origin may duelists thought some decks would become top tier.  People were preparing for Madolches, Sylvans, and the new Artifact Traptrix Hand deck.  A lot of duelists were also sticking to decks that have been good since the beginning of the format like Geargia and Dragons.

Once again there was a strong field of Duelists. Many of the same players that attended Richmond also came out to Washington D.C. . Weo had Worlds competitors Hansel Aguero, Joe Bogli, Patrick Hoban, and Stephen Silverman. Former ARG Circuit winners Dalton Bousman and Jerry Williams-Anderson were also in attendance. There were also 6 YCS winners in attendance Sean Coovert, Christian Georges, Chris LeBlanc, Nizar Sarhan, Frazier Smith, and Tyree Tinsley. The Top cut was very diverse as it broke down to 1 Sylvan, 1 Spellbooks, 1 Evilswarm, 1 Traptrix Fire Fist, 1 Geargia Hands, 2 Pure Geargia, 1 Zombie, 2 Bujin, 2 HAT, 2 Dragon Ruler, 2 Madolche. In the end Nate Forte's Madolche deck teching TG's took down Aaron Furman's Geargia Hand deck to become the next ARG Circuit Champion. The next event for the Circuit heads to Milwaukee, Wisconsin in two weeks.

ARG Circuit Series Washington DC Champion Nate Forte!


Finals feature match: Nate Forte vs. Aaron Furman!


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