Circuit Series Coverage Archive Charlotte, North Carolina February 8th & 9th, 2014


Welcome duelists. The sixth event of the ARG Circuit Series this past weekend took place in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since the last event in Nashville Legacy of the Valiant and the new Cyber Dragon Revolution deck were both introduced and legal for tournament play. A lot of players were wondering if the Cyber Dragon deck would impact the meta or would players be ready for it with their Chimeratech Fortress Dragons. There was also the question if Fire Fist was the best deck of the format? At YCS Atlanta Fire Fists went undefeated in swiss and the first round of top cut before they went to draft. Without playing the full top cut at Atlanta with constructed decks players were wondering if the deck would have been able to win it all. Would Fire Fists take the event once again or would Water, Prophecy, Hieratics, Bujins, Geargia, or Harpies be able to claim the top stop? In total 257 duelists came to take their shot at the $5200 prize pool.

This event was the strongest field the Circuit Series had ever had. Every Champion from the past ARG Circuit Series events was in attendance, Patrick Hoban, Sean McCabe, Jerry Williams-Anderson, Kevin Silva, and Dalton Bousman. In addition to that there were multiple YCS/SJC Champions in attendance as well. There were also some players from Australia that stayed for the event because it was after YCS Atlanta. Day one was nine rounds of swiss with a cut to top 16 to be played on Sunday. As the event progressed it was clear that Fire Fists and Water were taking a stranglehold of the top tables with the edge going to Fire Fist. The top cut broke down to 9 Fire Fist, 4 Water, 1 Fire King, 1 Harpie, and 1 Hieratic. It was looking like the finals was going to be a Fire Fist mirror as 3 of the water decks, the Fire King deck and the Hieratic deck were all knocked out the first round of the top cut. Hoban's Water deck and Ian Scobodianuck's Harpie deck were able to make it to the top 4 along with the Fire Fists decks of Jordan Winters and Bodan Temnyk. In the finals Patrick Hoban's Reckless Greed with Upstart Goblin Water deck was able to take Bodan Temnyk's Fire Fist deck in two games to become the first duelist to win two Alter Reality Games Circuit Series events. In March the series will go out west for the first time to Fabulous Las Vegas.

ARG Circuit Series Charlotte Champion Patrick Hoban



Finals feature match: Patrick Hoban vs Bohdan Temnyk!


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