Circuit Series Coverage Archive Columbus, Ohio October 12th & 13th, 2013


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Eaton Guo (left) vs Sean McCabe, also pictured Head Judge Zak Bishop.

Welcome duelists. We had a very exciting weekend at the 2nd ever ARG Circuit Series Event in Columbus. A total of 308 players from all over the United States and Canada showed up for a shot at the title and $5ooo in prizes. We had a star-studded field that included Pat Hoban who won the first event, Sean McCabe, Frazier Smith, Billy Brake, Desmond Johnson, Thomas Vo, Tray Massengale, Robbie Kohl, Tyree Tinsley, and many others. Over a third of the field played a variant of Dragons (81 Dragon Rules & 31 Dragunity Rules). The deck has dominated the format and a lot of players thought it was going to take another event.

We played 9 rounds of swiss on day one with a top cut of 16 to be played Sunday. As the event progressed Dragons kept winning and winning and the top tables were cluttered with them. It was looking like it was going to be a lock for Dragon Rulers to win the event. As well as Dragon Rulers winning a lot of top level players kept winning. Frazier Smith, Desmond Johnson, and Pat Hoban who made the top cut at Fort Worth also made the top cut in Columbus. We also featured the live stream for the final two rounds of swiss on Saturday. We saw a match between Pat Hoban and Frazier Smith and we saw Sean McCabe win his bubble match to make the top cut. When day 1 was all said and done 14 Dragon variants made the top cut along with Eaton Guo's Evilswarm Deck and Sean McCabe's Constellar Deck.

top 8 fort worth

ARG Circuit Columbus Top 16 Players.

The day began with the top 16 players getting ready to duel for the Championship . Once again we broke out the live stream for the top 16 matches with commentary by Kalen Nelson and included special guest commentators Jeff Jones, Billy Brake, and Frazier Smith. Over 1600 viewers saw the action live and for future events we hope to improve the stream. As the bracket played out there were two players in particular ripping Dragons apart and they were the teched out decks of Evilswarms piloted by Eaton Gao and Constellars piloted by Sean McCabe. Eaton was maining Mystical Refpanel and Sean McCabe was maining mulitple Imperial Iron Walls. These two duelists met in the finals and Eaton took game 1 due to Sean drawing a lot of his tech cards for Dragons and the power of Evilswarm Ophion. Sean was able to come back and take the final two games to become the ARG Circuit Series Columbus Champion.

ARG Circuit Columbus Champion Sean McCabe.

ARG Circuit Columbus Champion Sean McCabe.


Top 8 Match: Eaton Guo Vs Desmond Johnson!
Game 1

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Game 3

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